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  1. many thanks for your speedy reply no direct debit was in force it was paid monthly on demand . stopped payments i had no money to pay the account only had £94.00 per week tried to keep them informed by e mail would not reply by letter or e mail. nothing i can do at all re payment plan ??
  2. letter sent to me today weve terminated your aqua classic credit card agreement demand issued for full final payment of £3,994.69p' i missed 4 monthly payments due to ill health under the care of a cardilogist . then the covid 19 arrived so self isolation i e mailed these telling them of my situation i requested they helped me and kept our corrospondence via letter or e mail. this they did not and rang me 7 to 8 times a day 7 days per week , i did try to ring them back but was put on hold. also told they was busy dealing with other customers . please advise me me on what is open to me to resolve this matter what can they do to me in respect of enforcement regards
  3. reply from ibis tonight at 18.47 pm The details for you to contact are on the enforcement notice, I hope this helps
  4. 2nd september 2019 is the date on the letter .we do have the booking details also the confirmation and booking reference no .dated regards
  5. yes have about a workforce of 50 asked about 2 weeks ago to date not spoke to the owner yet would i loose my entitlement to holidays thought holidays were protected during sickness
  6. had heart problems collapsed at work undergone tests under cardiologist. had 26 weeks off work with a valid sick note returned to work 3 weeks ago under light duties. asked about holidays that was due for the year. was told that the manager would have to consult the owners to see what the score is on this. seems like im no longer entitled to holidays due to my health. can anyone advise me what my entitlement is or is not please
  7. parking charge notice issued remains un paid classing this as a debt .the outstanding debt £100
  8. received a parking charge notice from civil enforcement ltd liverpool. this was a charge for parking at the ibis hotel bramley rotherham on 26/07/2019. parked in breach & terms of conditions. i was dropping my girlfreind and her sister off at the hotel as they had booked in as guests for the weekend. the vehicle was there for about 60 mins there demanding a fine under the schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms act 2012. the fine is £100.00 please advise what i need to do about this please
  9. As discussed earlier, please find a copy of the Low Income Tariff for Eligible households (LITE) application form attached. Please complete the form and return to us by post. Alternatively you can visit our website https://www.anglianwater.co.uk/household/your-account/bills-and-payments/tariffs/lite/lite-application-form.aspx and complete the form.
  10. have had contact with debt enforcement at anglian water. stated agreement was not paid on time and on the dates required. due to this they cancelled the agreement. they do not deny the balance was reducing to the originol debt. notice was given they state in writing enforcement action would be commenced. situation we have today arrived at. we have confirmed that on no occasion have we had letters from anglian water re this matter. they said we sent these you should contact the postal service and raise the matter with them . they will not be blamed for this failure. anglian water have asked me to make a lite application to them they will forward this via e mail.. they have my e mail address . they have agreed to call off the bailiffs until they decide the lite application. they will respond on the SAR request within 1 month.
  11. this ccj is from march 2013 judgment date 21/03/2013 Amount £ 1,347 Court name Northampton Ccbc we agreed a payment plan of £5 per month. on 12 june 2017 the debt on this account was £844.37. we agreed the payment plan with anglian water not the court.
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