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  1. Thanks, I've looked through this. There is nothing that states it would be time barred and it seems to mostly relate to the timeframe immediately after the disposal of a freehold rather than many years later! That is precisely the information I need - whether we are now time barred. Just realised I made a mistake in my original post - the freehold was sold in 1997 not 1987.
  2. We are a group of leaseholders who are in the process of trying to enfranchise. We have just discovered a law whereby the leaseholders are supposed to be offered the first right of refusal if the freehold exchanges hands. Having done some research, our freehold was sold in 1997 and we were not offered it at all. Our solicitor seems not to comprehend the significance of this ruling and believes we would only have had the right to pursue this during the first 6 months of having discovered it was sold. Where do we stand now? Are we able to go to court and purchase the
  3. Hi there, my tuppence worth is that an attachment of earnings would mean you will be dealing with employers and the PO is a bona fide company so they will not mess you around - they will pay you. Whereas in terms of sending a bailiff to the properties, the debtor can easily say all the hi-fi equipment is on hire purchase so it cannot be touched by the bailiff. I think attachment of earning should be the way to go!
  4. I am writing on behalf of one of my neighbours in my block of flats, as I am already registered with CAG. Following the exceptionally heavy rainfall a couple of years ago, my neighbour had a lot of damage in her lounge which needed repair. She had Designers Guild wallpaper on her walls - this was an expensive product. The managing agent is treating her in a very odd way. The firm is refusing to acknowledge that she had the expensive wallpaper and are trying to palm her off with the barest minimum work. Apparently someone they sent over gave her a rock bottom quote including the supply of w
  5. Yes the sum awarded followed a CCJ and was payable immediately. I have written all of this to him. Apparently following the hearing he tried to appeal against the judgment but didnt even pay the fee. Thats the kind of person he is. Now, instead of, as you say, going to court to appeal if he believes he has the grounds, he is trying to "blackmail" and intimidate me with his stupid letters. BTW, the blackmail is coming from him, not him accusing me of it.
  6. Thank you for your advice. I really dont know what to do but I dont mind spending the extra money to make him suffer through a bankruptcy. He probably has a suitcase full of cash under his bed! Before commencing proceedings I checked on the Land Registry and he does own his house, although it still has a mortgage. I also checked other sources. Also I found out he is currently serving a 6 months suspended sentence for money laundering (suspended for 2 years). Would this have any bearing on my enforcement? I'm pretty sure he is the kin
  7. I'm back now with the last leg of this nightmare. After 3 months of non-payment since judgment was awarded in my favour, I served a stat demand on the cowboy. The guy is quite thick and is reacting in the wrong way to it. He has written me two totally dimwitted letters making all sorts of bizarre dishonest accusations and is accusing me of perjury and bordering on blackmail. Following the first letter, I made it pretty clear where he stood and the costs involved if I put him through bankruptcy. He has written yet another totally daft letter without any offer of payment. What I wanted to
  8. Thank you for your support and comments! If I hear of an appeal will keep you posted! I dont envisage he will give up without trying.
  9. Hi, I would like to report following the court hearing. We werent even asked to take oaths. The cowboy turned up and lied from start to finish. The judge mainly listened to him even though he had absolutely no evidence to substantiate anything he said. The judge treated me as if I was an idiot who had misunderstood the cowboy. In the end the judge found in my favour only on the "breach of contract" element but for a very small amount which was just half of the refitting cost of my kitchen plus the court costs. The judge didnt even award me half t
  10. Another development. I dont want to divulge too much here but now the moron has contacted members of my family and I think he is trying to blackmail them. He has discovered something he considers to be an impropriety and is asking the family connection what shall I do with this piece of information - shall I send it to HMRC. The family connection is ignoring him as there is no issue but where is this going to end?
  11. Dear Steampowered Thank you for your response. I feel so much better. I just called the court and they had not even received the defendant's letter and mentioned that if he wants to adjourn the hearing he needs to pay £50 to do so. It looks like the hearing is going ahead as planned. I wonder if he has just sent the letter to me (and not to the court) in the hope that I wouldnt turn up on the day! I take your point that the judge doesnt need to decide whether the guy is nice or not! This is something to remember. I will write to the court about the Google page incident and his misrepr
  12. If I put the bad feedback that I found on the internet relating to this person in my bundle of supporting evidence, is this admissible? Also since my claim was for breach of contract and negligence and the Directions have asked for "a list of works complained of" and I have written about things like the units being crooked, the shelves being crooked, drawers not opening properly but these were not all literally itemised in my POC, I have said that it was done so badly that it needed to be done again. There were so many huge fundamental errors that little detai
  13. Hi, I had a disaster with a kitchen fitter and have started court proceedings against him. He put in a Defence with a whole lot of lies. The court sent Directions last September and the hearing date was due in February. I followed the Directions to the letter and sent quite a substantial witness statement with all the emails and evidence I could find to substantiate my claim. I sent the bundle to the cowboy 2nd class recorded delivery therefore the date that it was received has been logged on the PO site. The cowboy has written to the court stating that th
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