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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, On a low budget so wondered if anyone could recommend any kind of product which might help my lad cover the surface of this outside wall of his? To remove all the plaster and have it redone will be expensive so he's hoping to DIY and try and get a decent finish which hides up most of the crass mess made by the people he bought his place from. Any idea's of any product which he can paint onto this surface which might hold for a year or two? Thoughts appreciated.
  2. I had builder coming in to do extension work Cut long story to short we agreed on price they came and worked 8 hours in 2 days and one of them asked me for some payment i paid £500 and they didn't come for 2 days turned up on 3rd day and made an excuse that they cant find the required doorframe i called them they promised to come after a week as one is sick and other one on holiday When the week finished i ask them what are you guys up to they start making excuses like they needed a skip so they could clear rubbish in the garden i told them that's not the
  3. Back in 2016 we commissioned a builder to undertake extensive renovation works in our house. He originally was a limited company but this company was dissolved in June 2016. He then started work for us as a partnership. His father has been involved with our job in that he came to our house a couple of times and the kitchen supplied was in the fathers name and address on the invoice. To cut a long story short, the building works went on far longer than they should and weren't completed until we sacked them. We asked for a partial refund and this was refused.
  4. HELLO your advice would be highly appreciated please as I don't know how to handle this .. Late last year, we had a guy knocked at our door and proposed to fix our driveway, we told him we couldn't afford it as we were getting our windows replaced in a couple of weeks. . He said we could spread payments that he understands besides he has many people owing him anyway that he knows we would eventually balance him .. he said it would cost £1800 , bear in mind that we already had the cobbles kept in our garden which we agreed would be for half part of the drive way. He came 1 week earl
  5. I need some help with building regulations. I live in sheltered housing and have a patio door which leads out on to a path which is just over 1 metre wide before a fence. I think that the step down from my patio door is in violation of the rules but I cannot be certain so this is where you builders may be able to help. BTW, this is not for me as such as I can get out of the door in the event of an emergency but my neighbour who has the same step cannot get out. The dimensions are. The patio door has a lip which is 41mm high The threshhold is 65 mm wide The drop to
  6. Builders merchant "Credit Account Application Form" had no terms and conditions printed on it or attached to it but stated "by signing this agreement you are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions of ************, a copy of which is available on request". I did not suspect there to be any onerous conditions and certainly not a personal guarantee clause, so I did not request a copy of the terms and conditions. It would now appear that under their clause headed "Financial Condition" the following wording appears. "If the company becomes insolvent or goes into liqu
  7. I will try and keep this short. My son moved into his bedsit 3 yrs ago since then there was immense problems in the bedsit, damp, smelling of mould, leakages, his belongings ruined by mould and damp, ect., we engaged a solicitor, after some time, he had endless visits from all and sundry denying the problems, various tests were done and repairs carried out, hence solicitor liaised with the council for compensation, the case fell because apparently the council corrected the problems and he would not have a good case to fight. Now they have employed Mullaley to renovate the block, new b
  8. Hello My company was wound up last year and as director I am now being chased for a debt of roughly £20k from Travis Perkins, based on me having signed what they purport to be a personal guarantee. When they wrote to chase the debt initially I offered them £3500 settlement which they declined. They then issued a Statutory Demand which I had set aside based on the arguement that I did not agree I had signed a personal guarantee. Travis Perkins agreed to have the SD set aside as it had raised a trialable issue. They then wote saying they would take our offer of
  9. We bought a new build property in September 2013 and moved in in December. When we moved in the underfloor heating was not working, the sheds were no built along with other snags they still had to finish. Since then we have had hardly any luck getting in touch with the builders to finish the work to the house. They have confirmed that the kitchen floor will all need to be taken up to fix the underfloor heating, but fail to ever commit to a date to do the work. Now they ignore any of our efforts to get in contact with them. We have all the email correspondence saved including them admittin
  10. The builders demanded payment from a vulnerable member of the family who paid the final payment in full. There were problems with the build from before the time the final payment was made, but we were not aware of the real nature of the problems until after payment. From the time the bills were paid in full, the builders work has been very poor. In summary, the builders have not stuck to the contract or the plans. Building control have a long list of outstanding issues including the roof and floors being inadequately supported. We have a solicitor who said the first step was to ge
  11. Hello – I hope this is the correct place to seek advice regarding a Party Wall dispute. Any help greatly appreciated! To cut a long story short, our neighbours recently employed a loft conversion company to build a dormer conversion. We expressed some concerns about the nature and timing of the work but they went ahead anyway, without a signed Party Wall Agreement (PWA) and without allowing the 2 months notice etc. Because we raised concerns, the builders decided that they would change the structure of the conversion so that there would be no need for the PWA (even though it had already b
  12. Hi All, looking to a bit of advise. My Limited company is now insolvent. I am being per sued personally from a couple of trade creditors. THEY SAY I SIGNED A PERSONAL GUARANTEE WHEN I OPENED A TRADING ACOUNT. I was the managing director and signed the account forms in that capacity. They are pursuing me personally. What do i do and are they right to pursue me ?
  13. Urgent advice required on this one please, as part of a local rejuvenation scheme run by the local council our landlord has signed up to have the boiler replaced at our property as well as having the outer walls insulated. I don’t know the exact details as everything is discussed between the landlord and council but for the past four months we’ve had scaffolding and builders outside the house working on the walls and it has all been so noisy and messy with drink cans and food wrappers in addition to the usual mess. Today (on the rare occasion I have time off work due to snow) one of the
  14. Hi there - i took out a public liability & general construction insurance policy last November for me as I was self employed and have been paying monthly eversince but I recently took a full time job. I now no longer need the insurance. I have emailed the broker about 5 times and asked them if it is possible for me to cancel the policy and if there was a cancellation charge but i still have no reply. The policy was financed by 'PRemium Credit'. Im quite happy to pay for the policy if this is what i need to do I am not trying to get out of it in any way but i have read through the
  15. Okay - help comments and advise desperately needed here people, so thanks in advance. looking to install a rather large conservatory in the back, and had a super chap come quote me etc. as per normal did a bit of background research before agreeing to go ahead, and got a bit worried, companies house has them as registered last year not 26 yrs of trading - his answer is the new co name has bought out the old co name... no web site - his answer is it is being rebuilt and goes live tomorrow. no Fensa registration - his answer dont need it for conservatories, but he has got it for the
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