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  1. I had been given a PCN by Park Watch / Defence Systems in June for wheels over the line in a parking bay - £50 going to £100 if appeal fails. I appealed to POPLA, it was rejected so £100 charge stood. I paid £100 in october but they referred my case to Debt Recovery plus because they said the payment was late. The charge is now £160!! Even though I've paid £100...don't understand. I've emailed them and spoken to them and they're just bullying me and threatenign court action. I can't sleep with worry but I've paid £100 after being threatened and now they want more!
  2. Hi all, I'm a young lad, I'm trying to keep things as discrete as possible with my current situation. After leaving college, I went to work with someone that I classified as a friend (Who's a lot older than me) who needed someone in-house to build websites, apps, provide customer service and help in other areas in return for a £500 work retainer. In the beginning the work flow was small and I was happy to help as and when I can. There has never been a formal agreement signed from the outset. For the £500 retainer (Which he classes as good value for money) - He currently has
  3. Hi I'm new to this i was served a section 21 in Aug and the end date is today. Since having this notice my landlord entered my property and changed locks I found out an rung police to which they arrived when he was leaving for him to tell them he was told it was unsecured so he acted on it. This was not the case he was told to hand key over an did so . today is the day the section 21 is over and I've not been able to get a removal company to get my things and I'm starting to panic. I have been reading that if I don't leave he is to apply to court for possession o
  4. Firstly, hello and thank you for taking a moment to consider reading this and helping A close friend used this before, said the advice and support saved him through a very tough time financially, as a result he came out the other side and contributed back to the forum, I hope I'm able to get some advice too. I welcome an experienced user moving this thread to a correct forum, I'm afraid I'm unsure which one is best. I'm reaching out to people to seek advice on a very tricky financial decision we find ourselves stuck in, I'm listening to as much advice as I can get, I hope you'll t
  5. Good day, Am a UK citizen but have been living in Australia for 2 years now. Ive got a bit of debt in the UK with CC's and loans which I've been struggling to pay recently. Just spoken to PayPlan and they recommended I do a do if yourself dept plan. They're sending over a pack to help me complete the letters to each company but what am chasing is any email address to send the letters to as postage from here is extremely shocking! Companies am after are: Barclays Barclay Card RBS Tesco Co-Op Bank Any help is very much appreciated Thanks Steve
  6. Hi! i have been away last couple of months from home and in that time i have recieved 3 letter from lowells of a debt that was apparently in 2005, the last letter havin been sent on 9th march. its has suddenly popped up from nowhere. I can confirm that in that time i have had no dealings, phone calls or letters regarding this debt and i am pretty sure it is statue barred. In this last letter they have stated that if i continue to ignore they might take legal actions in court. I am uncertain on how to go about the steps in responding
  7. Hi guys, I really need some advice at the moment as I'm struggling quite a bit here. Firstly, my boiler broke earlier this month, and I contacted my landlord who sent out a Corgi Registered engineer to check it. The engineer told him that the heating element had blown and there was no way it'd be able to be fixed and needed replacing. I'm currently living with my partner and children, and because we're recieving Child Tax Credit he told me to contact Warm Front who would provide a boiler grant to get us a new boiler because he doesn't want to pay £1500 to get a new one.
  8. My friend got a tv from brighthouse aprox 2 years ago there are still 50 weeks left to run on the agreement, on the 27th of march the tv was hit by lightning she contacted the store and they came for the tv on the 28th march they brought a replacement tv for her of different specs and a smaller screen, the store insisted she continued to pay the origional price of the higher spec tv which she did for about 5 weeks. After numerous calls to the store a replacement tv was found and delivered to her house this tv was unfit for purpose as it would not sit on the stand
  9. I have encountered issues with my employer for the last 2 years, initially after maternity leave. sly remarks regarding absence etc, since returning have had sickness episodes which I have been hospitalised for mainly same issue that I was due an operation for. Several months ago I had an accident in the workplace and had to take time off due to an injury obtained, I was formally reprimanded for this as I hit a trigger, it was escalated to a disciplinary but this was stopped as I involved HR who advised it does not escalate as an injury at work. Since then I have felt intimidat
  10. The other day , I stupidly tried to shoplift from a store. I was caught, and taken into a back room, surrendered the products, apologised profusely etc. The police were called, but took too long to arrive, so the security guard said they were calling them off and that I could leave. He said I was banned from store, and would receive a fine from them. A few questions: -Does them calling off the police mean that there is now no police action? -How long will it take for the letter with the fine to come through (Waiting is horrible) -How much could I be looking at being charged?
  11. Hello, I am a new forum user needing help with house repossession please, thank you
  12. Hi, all. I'm new here and today I have decided to take the bull by the horns and ask for the help that I need. Both myself and my husband have Vanquis credit cards. While I am managing mine, just, my husbands is ridiculous. The credit limit on the card is £2000 but we missed a payment, as we could not afford to pay and now the balance is £2750 and going up by £125.00 per month. My husband is a builder and at present only works a few days a month, probably a week max. I work part time, and this is the only debt that we are not managing to pay. Now Vanquis has passed the debt to Impact, and they
  13. Hi everyone, Fantastic forum with lots of great advice. I have been researching things relevant to my situation but I think the best thing would be to post my queries and hope that some of you can help me clear things up. I am beside myself with worry, and I'm constantly feeling down and really don't see how I can get a proper life back. I fell into arrears with a vanquis credit card when I fell into money troubles through my business not doing very well for a few months. I did contact vanquis to explain my situation and request that they froze any charges / interest
  14. Hi I'm new to the site, so saying hi> I need some advice on Sanctions to my JSA, I'm a single parent of a 13 yr old and missed an appointment at Ingeus due to my kid being off sick, I had no phone credit and couldn't call my advisor but he was back at School the next day and I presented myself at Ingeus at 9am that morning to explain what had happened. I now receive a letter telling me my benefit may be sanctioned unless I have a good excuse for not attending my appointment and I'm pretty sure they won't accept my reason. Does this mean I'm going to lose my housing benefit and CT
  15. Hi i am new to the consumer action group, i am looking for some advice/information on a specific company called Credit Resource solutions. i have revied a number of texts from these people asking me to contact them, when i do contact them i never get any answer sounds like a fax machine?? i have a refrence number for them and also a link to some payments website. i am just wanting some advice on how to deal with these people? i have never recieved a letter from these people. thanks in advance, sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section.
  16. Urgent advice required on this one please, as part of a local rejuvenation scheme run by the local council our landlord has signed up to have the boiler replaced at our property as well as having the outer walls insulated. I don’t know the exact details as everything is discussed between the landlord and council but for the past four months we’ve had scaffolding and builders outside the house working on the walls and it has all been so noisy and messy with drink cans and food wrappers in addition to the usual mess. Today (on the rare occasion I have time off work due to snow) one of the
  17. Hi I've been visited by an enforcement bailiff for overdue council tax and have spoken with him over the phone, I have not let him in my house. I have offered payment in installments but can't afford to pay very much. He has told me the full amount of £2000 needs to be paid by Jan 7th as this is when this years tax ends. He has noted my car details on a notice of seizer. I have also emailed the council today direct with my offer. Can anyone tell me where I stand and what I can do, I just want to pay this off but can't do it all in one go. The bailiff told me he doubted my offer would
  18. Hi i have just recently started to sort out my debt, not much under £2000, i went onto experian to see my credit report and found an account from Sigma red for £826 dated back to 2009. I have no idea who this is and what this is for, all it says is its for a bank but i only have 1 bank account with Bank of scotland and that is already on there. The details on the Sigma red account have my name,dob and old address but i have no idea what this is?? I have read a few forums on here regarding Sigma and they don't seem like a great company ,i have also email
  19. Hi this is my first time on the forum and I need help and don't know where else to turn. I am having trouble with Marston Group Bailiffs. In short I have just received a letter from my old address which was sent on 4th May this year saying I owed £220 which was an outstanding court fine of 135 plus 85 charges from marston. I went to their website to pay the £220 on friday night and was told I couldn't pay it. I rang Marstons yesterday morning to pay by debit card and spoke to a guy who informed the debt has now risen to 400 plus due to it being in the hands of the bail
  20. Ok. I am in the IB to ESA reassessment phase. I am currently awaiting a medical appointment which is delayed as I want it recorded. However I have been told I need to send in regular sicknotes although I have not had any requests in writing and I am not on assessment rate ESA. Is this actual policy? I am sending the sicknotes but its a pain to do and only made easier so far by a local DWP manager handing it all for me. However she now is telling me to deal withe BDC direct which will make things harder as they wont send out envelopes etc.
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