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  1. Hi Ben and thank you, no you do not sound patronizing, bullet points sound like a good idea I should have used them, I was told prior to the case conference by the solicitor for the bank that I do not need to take notes this is just to arrange dates for trial to organise witness statements etc etc I had a rough idea in my head what I wanted to say but that all fled once the judge started so again I agree bullet points are sensible. The judge said the only thing active is the PPI he has dismissed everything else without mentioning them at all apart from the undue influence. I will of course try again with the FOS but they have not been very helpful each time I contact them. Is it true there is some collusion between the FOS and the banks? I was told whenever a complaint is made there is some insurance payment activated? I do not want to have the same judge at the next hearing, I want to also put in a complaint about his manner and attitude, do you know how I do that? Is there an official route or do I just write a letter? I am still in shock to be honest
  2. Hi Ben, The FOS upheld my complaint about the PPI but then I received a phone call and they said they are retracting the letter I received stating the claim was upheld and C&G have agreed to FOS decision as it was sent in error, I have since been trying to get written confirmation but am still waiting. All I have received so far is a phone call from the FOS apologising for the mishandling of my case, it is being investigated as a priority and I will hear from them soon, that was months ago and I have heard nothing. I would not have been in court if in 2009 I was informed I had PPI when I lost my job through ill health issues. Things are looking bleak now I am very upset at the actions and treatment I have received but I no longer see a way out of being unfairly made homeless but thank you all for the advice it is appreciated
  3. The judge did not even mention the void deed argument at all, I was so shocked at his attitude to everything I tried to say I am going to complain about him and am applying for a copy of the transaction of the case, He lied more than once saying there is no POA and the bank has never signed anything in my name. I am still dazed and confused as to what happened in court I do not know what to do about the void deed issue, how can it be dismissed when it was not even mentioned at all? It was over before I could bring it up myself,the judge would not let me get a word in. I told him I felt bullied for all the good it did, so again I ask can something be dismissed because it was completely ignored and I was not given a chance to bring it up myself? He went straight to my physical duress undue influence part of my claim and dismissed it because I did not tell the bank I was being made to apply for a remortgage against my will and in fear for my life and well being so it is not the banks fault. That is what completely and utterly threw me and stopped me even mentioning the void deed defence. It was an utter farce in that room and how the judge can sleep at night is beyond me.I do not know where I stand now all the judge has left active is the PPI issue so I do not know what to do anymore.Because I did not mention the void deed nor did the judge can it be dismissed along with my undue influence when he said he was dismissing everything?
  4. hi all thankyou for the links, i have not been given a new date for court yet,and i will concentrate on the ppi paperwork, no order has been made for repossession, i have been refused legal aid but will apply again,CAB sent me out some papers with helplines and advice last year but was not really relevant, thank you all again but i think i have lost all my fighting spirit after the attitude and demeanor of the judge on monday it has made me realise its pretty pointless. i said about the excess charges i learnt about on here and he told me they can charge interest on top of interest and it is not ilegal for them to charge for their services, he was not a fair judge and i definitely was not treated equally and fairly at all,without a solicitor you have no voice,and that was made very obvious to me yesterday,he said the bank are not accountable for my physical duress and undue influence because I did not tell them at the time i was being forced to remortgage against my will so he dismissed the claim,and carried on ignoring my objections and questions,it was a farce from start to finish, anyway that is my rant over thanks again all
  5. hi caro, yes i was in court this morning i think the judge was very biased and rude,am i entitled to ask for a copy of the recording of the proceedings? because i do not think i was treated fairly at all, the claimants solicitor has asked for the same judge to hear the next court hearing which i am not happy about, he would not even acknowledge the defence relating to void deeds so it was not mentioned at all, the judge staed on record there is no power of attorney and nothing has been carried out in my name, when i queried this he asked me to provide documentation i said i could not provide documentation until i received full disclosure from the bank he told me without documentation i cannot claim anything. He has dismissed my undue influence claim with physical duress because the bank were not aware i was acting under duress so it is not their fault, he would not let me address any of my complaints it has all been denied the only active thing left is the PPI complaint i have which is I was not informed I had a PPI when I contacted the bank in 2009 when i first lost my job, the bank now have to provide all the documentation regarding PPI
  6. i am now back and fighting fit only to find no new information, where has everyone gone? I was hoping for some last minute tips as i am in court next monday but i can only assume things did not go well for the cases recently heard in the chamber,unless this thread has been moved elsewhere while i have been ill? does anyone have any news whats going on please?
  7. while I do not pretend to understand all the legal stuff I have noticed Mr Fergus is the man who spoke for tilly lamb, I do not know if that is relevant in any way shape or form or just coincidence?
  8. Hi GHAM I'm trying to, thank you, have a few print outs to read now
  9. hi GHAM Just read your simplified very helpful post, T hank you very much
  10. Thank you Apple, I am beginning to understand the main points though I am not very confident about arguing all the counter arguments yet but I am still trying to. I have not been able to do a great deal of reading these past few days I have some spare time this weekend to do some more though and I have no intention of giving up
  11. I have a question please, all this chat about securitization, does that only concern sub prime lenders? being as I am with C&G/Llyoyds is it anything I have to concern myself with or can I just ignore it? Does it involve my case at all?
  12. Thank you givehimamask, apple very much appreciated, i needed that because I had completely lost my focus
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