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Found 9 results

  1. I received a letter in January this year from 1st credit, I replied with a request for CCA. They have now after 4 months written & said that M&S have now the original debt back & Ist Credit will not communicate further (I thought these companies buy the debt,then sell on etc) By same post there was a letter from Intrum, again I will ask for an original copy of the credit agreement. Then a really curt letter from Rostons solicitors, re another small debt. This letter states that I MAY NOT ask for the original agreement. These debts came about when my husband became so ill that I had to retire from full time employment, he is also in receipt of enhanced PIP. These debts have been sold/re sold resulting in letters from various debt agencies claiming to own the debts. Is this correct that I can no longer request a CCA? also please can you advise me if it is only because the debts are into their 6th (or more) year that I have all this activity? Many thanks
  2. Hello all, Been a while since I've posted; hope you're all well and still fighting the good fight This concerns people who, like myself, still sign on clerically - ie they don't use the electronic data capture pads at the Jobcentre. Keeping it brief, a couple of my JSA payments didn't go through during the past months and I'm convinced this was done deliberately to get me to switch over to electronic signing. The adviser tries to make out it's my fault and that 'these errors wouldn't happen if you used the electronic signing system'. I point out that I've signed via paper for years now with no payments missing and that the problem seems to have started when the pads were introduced and I refused to use them. The payment release procedure takes 20 seconds on a simple dialogue screen; there is no chance of any 'error'...unless the clerk simply doesn't do it. Just finished getting last fortnight's missing money put through as adviser once again didn't complete the release procedure - despite her assuring me payment had been processed (God bless digital voice recorders). So, has anyone else who signs via paper suddenly had payments go missing or problems with their claim they never had before? I'm willing to bet quite a few have..
  3. Some advise please if possible for my Brother in Law. My BIL and his wife about 20 years ago jointly took out a mortgage to buy a house,then about 15 years ago they split up but did not divorce, and she stayed in the house with the children(1 boy and 1 girl)and continued to pay the mortgage herself, eventually the son moved out and the girl stayed and helped pay towards the cost of the house(she now has her own familly and they all live there) My BIL is still on the mortgage papers but has not paid towards it since leaving, he now has a partner and have lived together for many years, at the moment he receives help towards their rent and council tax because of unemployment Now his wife has very suddenly Died (leaving no will)and it has always been her wish that her daughter would inherit the house,but there is nothing on paper, My BIL has said he has no problem signing over the house to his daughter, but will he be allowed to or will there be objections of Depravation as he recieved benefits. Any advice I can give him please
  4. Hi all. I had a student loan / grant for a course started September 2004. I left the course early 2005 and claimed jobseekers. Jobseekers would not pay me anything until the summer as they said I had to live off the grant I had received. I still had to sign on but received no payments. About a year or two later the student loan company wanted me to repay the grant. I phoned them and explained how I was ineligible to jsa because of their grant, so if they wanted a repayment they could get it from the job center. She said she would look into it and that's the last I heard. Today, nearly 10 years later, I have got a letter as follows from the slc This is the first time I have heard from them so I don't know what the recent contact is they are referring to. I have moved house several times, but been in my current house 2 years. When I complete my tax return, if I bump up my income then the loan repayments are automatically added, so they surely know where I have lived all this time! I still have the loan to repay but have not yet met the income requirements. Is this statue barred, or is this type of debt not eligible? I didn't want to ring them until I have some advice as I don't want to open any cans of worms! Thanks
  5. Hi All A new default has just appeared on my credit file for a loan from about 9 years ago, as far as we were aware this was a statute barred debt and it had already defaulted years ago. Is there anything we can do?
  6. My annual gas consumption varied between 402 and 482 cu.ft. between 2007 and 2012. This past year my consumption has increased by 39.4%, which I cannot explain: 1/08/11 to 1/08/12: 437 cu.ft. 1/08/12 to 1/08/13: 609 cu.ft. No changes to my gas installation or my usage of gas have occurred during the past year. I retired in 2004 and live alone. My home had new double glazing fitted to all windows and doors, cavity wall and loft insulation installed in 2005. A new warm air heater was installed in March 2010. My hot water is supplied from an electric immersion heater. My gas meter was manufactured by Parkinson Cowan, modified by George Wilson Industries, type R5. It was installed on 18/05/1999. I tested my gas installation for a leak by comparing full meter readings over a 10 hour period. The reading was unchanged, so I do not think there is a leak present. A graphical analysis of my gas consumption readings for 1/08/12 to 1/08/13 compared with 1/08/11 to 1/08/12 shows a diverging increase throughout the period related to the consumption. I suspected my gas meter was faulty, so I reported this matter to EDF Energy. At its request, I recorded meter readings for two 5-day periods. EDF Energy does not think the meter is faulty. I would appreciate advice on what steps I should take next.
  7. Hey guys, I have an ongoing problem with O2 where the data speed within approx 3 miles of my home post code has all but stopped, everything was running fine for about 5 months until 6 weeks ago when the problems started rearing their ugly little head. Number calls and complaint emails to O2 have solved nothing and left me very frustrated, the last communication I had with them went along the line of "there is nothing that we can do and we wont give you a dead lock letter as we have 8 weeks to investigate the problem even though we don't think there s a problem" What can I do? I emailed their complaints address 5 days ago and asked that my account be marked as in "dispute" and that I will not be making any more bill payments until the problem is resolved. They have not acknowledged my email or replied back . Not impressed with them at all. Their whole attitude is very bullish... Thanks Scott
  8. I have had a disputed debt with Egg for 5 years. Every once and awhile another debt company tries it on. I tell them about the dispute ,no signed credit agreement or default notice ,and they go away. In May 2012 I had a letter from a solicitor ,called Chivers Easton Brown on behalf of Aktiv Kapital. A court hearing was set for 8 June 2012. i submitted my defence on the allocation questionnaire. The court hearing was postponed as the claimant hadnt prepared a witness statement. I have heard nothing until last thursday a think envelope arrived ,dated 25 MArch 2013 with their witness statements. The court hearing is now friday 12th April. I havent the time to draft a witness statement. What do i do? Satsuma
  9. Urgent advice required on this one please, as part of a local rejuvenation scheme run by the local council our landlord has signed up to have the boiler replaced at our property as well as having the outer walls insulated. I don’t know the exact details as everything is discussed between the landlord and council but for the past four months we’ve had scaffolding and builders outside the house working on the walls and it has all been so noisy and messy with drink cans and food wrappers in addition to the usual mess. Today (on the rare occasion I have time off work due to snow) one of the builders tells me that they’ll need to come inside the house to work on the boiler for at least four days from Monday. I told him that four days seemed a bit excessive and I can not guarantee that I’ll be able to get that much leave from work at such short notice but his attitude was tough luck and that they’ll come in whether I like it or not. So if neither my wife or I are able to get time off work, and I certainly don’t like the idea of just handing over the keys (landlord does not have any himself) to a group of builders, where do I stand? As the current boiler is working fine I don’t consider this to be essential but after all the time we’ve had off over Christmas and New Year I wish they could have done it then.
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