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  1. Had brand new boiler fitted by British Gas on Tuesday. Since then its broken down three times and I've had two engineer visits. The engineers they send seem clueless and British Gas seem totally uninterested. Its -5 outside and I've got no heating or hot water. Got a 5 year old and an autistic teenager (this is setting him off). Something has got to be done. If this was a physical item I could take back to the shop and demand a refund but its a boiler fitted onto the wall. What are my consumer rights here? Can I reject it, get the boiler removed and ask BG to collect and cancel
  2. Hi, We're renting privately at the moment and our boiler broke on the 18th of January 2019. We informed the estate agent who got an engineer out on Monday 21st January 2019. He informed them and our landlady that the boiler needed replacing and subsequently gave them a quote to do the work. We were then informed on Friday 25th January that our landlady wanted another quote done, so it took her 3-4 days to decide she wanted another quote, this doesn't seem reasonable to me? Surely she should just get a few quotes done as soon as she knew the boiler needed replacing. This second quot
  3. Hi folks, If this isn't in the right place could the mods move it please, it concerns a boiler I had installed in April 2016. When my wife and I moved into our current home in March 2016 we had the heating system replaced by a company called Ecovolve. Ecovolve have subsequently gone out of business. The boiler is an Alpha 28KW model. The boiler has developed a fault whereby it loses pressure over time. I have had my usual heating engineer out to inspect it and he has diagnosed a faulty pressure vessel within the boiler itself. After pressurizing the vessel and filling the system
  4. Dont know if this is the correct section: We have a 13 year old boiler and have paid Boiler care cover for 11 years which also covered pipes, electrics etc... Basically their top cover. Over the past year we have had boiler failures around 4 times and its usually the odd filter, pump etc... although 4 months ago they changed the circuit board. They did advise during the last visit that we would really need a system flush at over £500 but we thought this was steep so didnt get that done but at the same time not advised that failing to get that done could cause damage that would
  5. Hi, the boiler installed in the flat started to loose pressure in March, we notified it to the landlord and, due to he wasn't able to explain us how to refill it, he send a builder to check it. The builder checked the system and find that the valve under the sink to open the circuit was missing, so he used a wrench to open it, and refill the boiler. He checked his tools and said "i'm sorry i don't have a valve fits this junction, this pipe is too old. Don't worry it shouldn't happen again. If it happens again there should be a leak in the system". We reported to the landlord und
  6. Hi All, Need some help with how to proceed with my issues, story below; We have had a boiler installed via Eon earlier this year and about two weeks after having the boiler installed we have noticed an issue when using the shower mainly, I contacted the installers Rothwell Plumbing Services Ltd and they took a while to get back in contact but at the time it would only do it maybe once a week so I didn't chase it too much. What will happen is the water will all of a sudden go ice cold for about 60-90 seconds and then heat back up, there is no pressure drop whil
  7. Good Morning Caggers I got STL Heating to install a New Intergas Boiler for me. The initial Installation was fraught with issues, but they corrected the mistakes I pointed out to them. However, the system has not worked properly for the 2 months since installation. After no HOT Water again, I had to pay £145 for a gas engineer to come out to tell me that their installation was incorrect with several issues. I got this on a finance package with them through HITACHI, however, STL aren't taking my calls. What level of recourse do I have as the local Gas Engineer say
  8. Hello A couple I know have for the last 4 months been rented a 3 bedroomed property. In November their energy company contacted them advising that a £13k bill had accrued since they moved in. The couple had a gas engineer look at the boiler and saw that a condemned sticker had been removed, this was prior to them moving in. The engineer tested the system and it was discovered that the system was burning gas at £35.00 per hour. After this the couple rang the letting agency and explained the situation. It took them 6 weeks to do something about this and the couple
  9. Hi all. Been a good tenant for 10 years now, but have the worst Landlord ever. He has many properties, and trades as a business. We are down to get a new boiler in 2 weeks time, but the old one sprung a leak a couple of weeks ago. It was manageable, and we still had hot water and heating. Unfortunately, the water has got into the electrics and if the boiler is turned on, all the electricity in the house blows. They sent a man out this morning who does all the gas safety checks for them, and without even opening up the boiler, he told us that it is beyond repair, and we will have to try and get
  10. Sorry this may seem like a long winded question, but I have tried to explain as best as I can. In March 2016 I had a new combi (condensing) boiler fitted under the “Green Deal” due to me being disabled and my old boiler being quite old. The company that fitted it was ESI Scotland Ltd. At first I was more than happy with what appeared to be a great job, however, there soon appeared problems. The waste pump failed and water was leaking all over the cupboard. When the company came out to check they stated that it was as a result of condensation on the expos
  11. I have applied for boiler grant through one of the big 6 energy companies. The subcontractor called and told me I can have boiler and installation if I contribute few hundreds of pounds, reduced from around £2000. Then I have applied through [removed] again - as first company didn't want to tell me what boiler exactly will I be getting. Not even output power... [removed] told me that I'm not eligible for grant at all as my current boiler is too effective [above 86%, but leaking]. I met all other conditions. I don't know what to think now. Is first subcontr
  12. Im not sure where to post this but was looking for a bit of advice, my gas boiler started acting up last month, got onto this mybuilder network thing about trades men looking for work ,had a gas boilerman call me, said he would look at it on the Saturday, told him I wanted the boiler servicing and it wasn't working, left him to it. He said the spark initiator wasn't working right after servicing it, he went away to get it, came back twiddled around with it, got the boiler working and asked me for £165, this was for the service, the part and a years
  13. Hi All , Looking for some advice regarding a current issue with Scottish Power and my boiler cover....... My boiler has developed a pressure loss and water loss which SP has put it down to the heat exchanger and due too the boiler age 8 years in there professional option the boiler is beyond economical repair (BER) but can't tell me how they reached that decision The boiler is excellent condition as it has always been serviced mostly by SP and the engineer's boss asked him on the phone regarding the excellent condition I made a complaint to SP and was contacted by a membe
  14. Took out a British Gas homecare agreement a few months back and paid a £99 initial call out charge where they come out and inspect/fix your boiler and then you pay £22 a month for a minimum of 12 months. If they don't want to take on a boiler they reserve the right to not take on the agreement after the initial inspection. They took on my boiler and 4 months down the boiler has broken down again. The engineer came out today and advised that the boiler is not worth throwing more money at and cancelled my agreement. When I spoke with British Gas they said that the Ferr
  15. Hi Folks I am trying to help sort out my father’s finances. He defaulted on a boiler loan, and the loan was sold on to another company who want £3000. Im suggesting he appeal either to fin ombudsman [though I have read here that they are not much use] or court eg. The decision to sell on the loan, the repayment levels. He took out a loan for a new boiler in 2008, and has defaulted. The loan term was 120 months/10yrs. Apr 20.8%. ‘Current monthly rate 1.468%’ My father paid on time by direct debit until he defaulted in late 2013, early2014. He defaulted as he as didn’t keep
  16. Hi, I am new here, but I have an issue that is cause myself and my family quite a bit of stress and I am hoping and Looking for a bit of advise. We have a Boiler service agreement/Insurance with one of UK energy suppliers for a Vaillant Boiler, and have done so for nearly 3 years. Now we have only had to make use of it once (in August this year they replaced the expansion vessel as pressure was dropping), but around a week ago it brought up an F75 error and would not heat central heating system or hot water. I immediatley called the customer service line, and they said they could not g
  17. Please advise...Thanks. Long Story: My cover With Homeserve was nearing expiry. I had a letter from them asking for £555 a year [approx.] to continue my cover. After a chat they were willing to reduce to about £32 a month. Still too expensive. I said I would let the cover expire. I then rang Homeserve servicing department and asked them if this years service was still covered. the lady said yes. I told her that my cover was due to expire. She said it did not matter as I had paid for this service with my cover. I booked a service and pointed out it was after expiry of my c
  18. Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has found the Scottish Power Boiler Service contract to be appalling. A valve in my boiler started leaking in November and an engineer from Scottish Power told me he would order a new one to replace it. However, after two months of repeated phone calls, engineers turning up with the wrong valve (or not at all) it still hadn't been fixed. The leak got more severe and my boiler was becoming damaged. I finally received a phone call from Scottish Power saying that an engineer would come out to replace the valve on the morning of January 30th but no
  19. I have just found this website while browsing, so I have signed up. This, my first post, is both to seek advice and, perhaps, to alert others to the problem I am facing. It does not concern a utility company as such, but the manufacturer/supplier of energy equipment - in this case Viessmann, a well-respected company who make gas, solar and other systems for domestic hot water (DHW) and central heating (CH). Having looked through the forums I am hoping that this is the right sub-forum in which to post: it seems that there are quite a few plumbing and heating expert
  20. The boiler broke down yet again yesterday and the letting agency just keeps saying we have to wait for the LL to OK the repairs and the LL has to provide any portable heaters I may need, this house has no other means of heating than the central heating, only hot water is now from the kettle, I am classed as disabled and this cold house is making me feel unwell to say the least. what I want to know is there anything I can do or say to the letting agency to get some sort of heating device to keep at least one room warm? And am I entitled to any compensation
  21. Help please, anyone... I have an insurance policy on my boiler. it pays for repairs / call outs up to 1500 per year. Made no claims over last three years or so. Have a leak at the moment, called them out, this was last weekend. heard nothing today, until out of the blue I received a phone call asking me if my boiler was working and that he could replace it for free but I had to pay the install charges of £1000!!!!! I asked my he was calling when I was waiting to hear from D&G about a part. He apologised and said that he probably
  22. I had a boiler changed in a property I rent out by a big company. They came in and re-piped the entire system from the gas meter to the boiler in the kitchen. There used to be an old lady living in this two bed flat who didn't like gas cookers and used a microwave to cook everything. So in 10 odd years I never had a need for a gas cooker although the pipes for it were always there. Since then the old lady has moved out and when I came to plugging in a cooker the connection was no longer there. So basically when the plumbers re-piped the entire system they forgot to put in a provision for
  23. I have had an ongoing issue with British Gas since my renewal dropped through the letter box in September 2014 for £340/yr. A fairly simple telephone call you might imagine to negotiate a better deal to compare to competitors at around £200/yr for the same level of cover. Anyway, two telephone calls that failed to result in a new price, due to "computer issues". Followed by various methods of them delivering the same £340/yr renewal quote with no explanation. Plus my complaints via on-line message through the website and to various complaints/customer service email addresses ha
  24. Hi all, I've posted before regarding my idiot landlord and ive got another problem. Thursday night while at work, I get a call saying boiler has packed in- no heat/hot water. I get landlords voicemail. Friday morning, voicemail again. Friday afternoon, I book an engineer. Saturday morning, still again, landlords voicemail. Engineer attended that afternoon and fixed it to the tune of £130. We have a 2 year old in the house and I really couldn't wait for some 20 year old to be bothered to turn his IPhone on. Where do I stand witholding/deducting this from the ren
  25. Have the nightmare scenario of boiler playing up. Local engineer diagnosed two faults, fixed them bit looks like it needs a more thorough diagnosis from a product specialist. BG doing this offer here, has anyone used this or have any negative feedback. https://www.britishgas.co.uk/rc-app-slot-booking/ Its the £99 fixed price repair with HomeCare 200. Have read the t&c's but see no hidden fees - anyone recommend it?
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