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  1. Thanks folks for replies. They are Just waiting on a reply from the FOS to see if they cover this. Thanks
  2. Yep the council have stated that they are the client so not possible to communicate with the insurer. According to their letter they have reached deadlock so not budging. My mother in law has asked the council to repair the damage although they refused and said their insurers would deal with it. The shortfall is £2500 and not £500. The council offered £2000 but the cheapest quote is £4550. The reason I thought the financial Ombudsman would get involved was because there was an Insurance Issue . £2500 is alot of money to make up especially when not their fault. Thanks
  3. The council have stated that this was their insurance companies final offer. Two offers have been made although £2500 less than 3 private quotes obtained. A huge shortfall. They also stated in the letter that the LGO would not be able to negotiate on the price and would only look at whether the correct procedures were followed.
  4. Hi, the council caused collapse of a wall while working on another property. The council have claimed through their insurance after admitting liability. They have made two offers which were declined and they have given their final response. I was thinking that because this was through their insurance and a financial matter then the fos would get involved, although unsure because it was a local authority ? Thanks
  5. I have emailed to Ombudsman Service and waiting on a reply from them so thought i would post on here in the meantime as I know they are busy. Can anyone tell me if the Financial Ombudsman Service will get involved with a Local Authority Council ? It is regarding a Liability claim to a building that my in laws made against them to which they admit liability. The issue is with the amount they have offered which is £2500 less than quotes obtained from 3 different builders. They have given their final offer. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. Great. Many thanks for your help from the start.
  7. Thanks fkofilee, what are the parts that show a drop out ? Just so that I can understand what they sent. Do you also know why they would only supply 2019 ? Thanks again
  8. I have received a SAR from plusnet but just cant make any of the info out. I have contacted them to see if they can put it into laymans terms although they have said this is the info requested. I also asked for specific dates although they have said they only have 2019 on file. Can anyone tell me what this info is that they have sent. Thanks
  9. We are in the process of changing from them anyway but i suggested that we we were paying £35 a month for speeds of 35mbps with guaranteed speeds of 17 but only getting upto 15 nd sometimes 5
  10. Ive said to them that we've had nothing but issues with speeds and times where we have not had any internet. They have replied saying that tests carried out matched the speeds estimated which were 35mbps. When the internet goes slow i always screenshot the test speed so that i have a log. i must have at least 30 tests that range from 5 - 15,bps. They know im clueless with this so told them just to put it into email form. They must be peeing themselves laughing at me lol
  11. These were a few month go. Have had loads of issues and we were going through our account log and found them. Also go this Provisioning of your ADSL Account Information New Action 21CN Modify Submitted added (via ADSL2+ Order System Interface)
  12. This - Provisioning of your ADSL Account Information BT Reference Number changed from BBEU13049787 to BBEU22743704. BT Circuit Number changed from BBEU13049787 to BBEU22743704
  13. Aint got a clue. It was on the message log on our account I have raised a complaint and they know i dont have a scooby doo what im talking about so trying to decode their info that they are feeding me. What does FTTC 40Megs Down 200 k up mean ? They have loads of other stuff on there that look the same as this
  14. We have received this from plusnet on our online account. Could someone translate Please............Its like a foreign language to me Provisioning of your ADSL Account Information Pending Provisioned Service 'WBC FTTC Annex A 02Mbit/s Up, 40Mbit/s Down, Standard Stability' added as a part of Account Change process
  15. Cheers folks .......... Settled for Vodafone................Its cheaper so thats a good start
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