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  1. Since when do VF not do court? I’ve seen a thread in which a member was served court papers by Lowell as instructed by VF.
  2. So do VF not go to court? As I’ve read in previous posts that they have taken customers to court over alleged debts.
  3. I sent VF a letter of deadlock and they “replied” by email with a generic script, requesting that I upload documents to prove my identity! Shocking!
  4. As I said, I don’t remember having an account with JD W. The payments I made to Lowell in respect of this alleged account were only because I was scared into doing so and now I’m better informed.
  5. Please can anyone else advise? Vodafone are ignoring my letters disputing the amount and as such Moorcroft are still harassing me.
  6. I got the CCJ because I was ill with depression and hadn’t the strength to fight it. I ignored all the letters and ended up getting a letter from the court which I also ignored and ended up with a judgement. In the letter from Lowell, they state that the evidence they provided is a "reconstituted copy" along with a list of transactions, which they regard as proof. As I said, no signature or date by myself. My former name and address are printed above but not in the signature box. Therefore I can't see how it can be legal? lowell cca return.pdf
  7. All I can say without uploading is that there was NO SIGNATURE in the signature box
  8. Like I said though, Dx, I don’t want to ignore them. I want to send a letter to them so that if they decide to take me to court as they have in the past, I have as much evidence that I have done everything I can to prove that the debt is not enforceable. It’s easy enough for you to say it’s pointless but I am remaining honourable by stating my rights in writing and reminding them of their lawful (and legal) obligations.
  9. Hi, for several years I was paying an old catalogue debt from 2012 through Lowell (I know, I shouldn’t have but I was ill). I was paying £5 a month. Earlier this year I stopped paying because I couldn’t afford it and couldn’t even remember what the debt was. Lowell pursued me for it and I sent a CCA request which they took over 8 weeks to fulfil. What they did send me was a brief statement printout from the catalogue, listing items I don’t ever remember purchasing, and a digital agreement with NO SIGNATURE, not even printed or typed (they claim this is a valid CCA). I challenged this in writing and said it is not a valid CCA and they are arguing that because the agreement was apparently taken out online, then there wouldn’t be a signature, and also that because I have been making payments in the past then that constitutes acknowledgement of the debt and that I am liable. Next steps please? Please don’t advise me to ignore it because in the past when I’ve DOB that Lowell have got a CCJ against me. I know that this debt is unenforceable and as I said I don’t even remember what it was but could someone advise what to write to them or is there a template? thanks.
  10. So Vodafone still haven’t responded to my complaint even though they signed for the letter 6 weeks ago. Moorcroft are now sending letters and adding admin fees saying that Vodafone have instructed them to pursue the debt, and that my complaint was satisfied in July which it was not!
  11. Ah, but there is absolutely NO mobile network (any network) in this Valley, so it’s impossible that it picked up mobile signal at home. And also the SIM card was taken out before this data was allegedly used and texts were allegedly sent.
  12. Yes if I was to use the phone it would be on WiFi. Switched off when not in use. As I said I took the SIM card out in early April.
  13. I always turn the router off at night. We have no network coverage at home. On the dates on the statement, I’d already taken the SIM card out so there’s no way I could have used any data.. the phone was switched off and left at home.
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