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  1. Still receiving letters from Lowell who now claim that they are OWNERS of the debt and also another debt to an electricity company that went into liquidation a few years ago.
  2. I emailed them and their reply was to apologise and send me pictures of their cat. I’m absolutely not kidding!
  3. Hi all, we live in a rural area and our heating system runs on kerosene which we have delivered when needed. The company we use have been delivering to us for years. Last year before Christmas we had a delivery of kerosene which is pumped straight into our oil tank in our garden. After the delivery was made our cat came into the house STINKING of kerosene- she was covered in it. I complained to the company who apologised and said they would speak to the driver. today we had a delivery and it was the same driver. I saw through the window that after
  4. I’ve resent the email that I sent them on 30th December with a note saying that no reply was received but they did send an auto acknowledgement. Dear Mr. Jeffery, Complaint Reference: 410244 I write regarding your letter dated 18th December 2019. I thank you for closing the Capital One account, which was unenforceable due to the lack of a valid CCA. I have noticed that the default still remains on my credit file. Can you please advise when it will be removed? Regarding the Eon Energy account. I have contacted Eon Energy regarding the estima
  5. See above. CCA request sent last Summer and they couldn’t provide a signed, true copy. They insist that it’s valid as the alleged debt was taken out online. But as said above, it says sign and return which it clearly wasn’t. as also stated above, I do t even recall opening the catalogue account. along with the sorry excuse for a CCA, thry also sent a “statement” listing a bunch of things that I supposedly bought . None of which were even my size.
  6. Had a letter from Lowell last week informing me that they are now the owners of the debt (both JDW and Eon). It’s shocking that they are still pursuing this without the valid paperwork and in this current time of crisis.
  7. Heard nothing since my letter. I am also thinking that now, during this coronavirus outbreak, they would have a bloody cheek to contact me for payment.
  8. Since when do VF not do court? I’ve seen a thread in which a member was served court papers by Lowell as instructed by VF.
  9. So do VF not go to court? As I’ve read in previous posts that they have taken customers to court over alleged debts.
  10. I sent VF a letter of deadlock and they “replied” by email with a generic script, requesting that I upload documents to prove my identity! Shocking!
  11. As I said, I don’t remember having an account with JD W. The payments I made to Lowell in respect of this alleged account were only because I was scared into doing so and now I’m better informed.
  12. Please can anyone else advise? Vodafone are ignoring my letters disputing the amount and as such Moorcroft are still harassing me.
  13. I got the CCJ because I was ill with depression and hadn’t the strength to fight it. I ignored all the letters and ended up getting a letter from the court which I also ignored and ended up with a judgement. In the letter from Lowell, they state that the evidence they provided is a "reconstituted copy" along with a list of transactions, which they regard as proof. As I said, no signature or date by myself. My former name and address are printed above but not in the signature box. Therefore I can't see how it can be legal? lowell cca return.pdf
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