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  1. Thanks yes you’re right. It was a typo. I’d rather not type it as it could be traced by them. It’s a first a i -d organisation. I’m confused about their wording. “However, to note that before we release any data that we may hold we will need to confirm your identity to ensure that you are entitled to receive the data. If you have any further questions or comments relating to this matter......” THEY DO NOT STATE HOW THEY INTEND TO CONFIRM IDENTITY or what will happy next.
  2. I’m still not sure if this is in the correct forum but if it’s nitvcab it please be moved to the correct forum? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I received this reply today to my dated, signed SAR. I also sent a PDF of the SAR to the people manager via e-mail using the internal e-mail system, and it's been acknowledged so they know it's from me. They are clearly messing me around. "Dear **** RE: Subject Access Request Thank you for your letter dated 15 May 2019, regarding your request for data, which we received on 20 May 2019. As you will be aware the timescale to process GDPR (Data Protection Act 2018) Subject Access Requests is one calendar month from the day after which we receive a request. Any personal data that we may hold on you will be sent to you within the permitted time frame. However, to note that before we release any data that we may hold we will need to confirm your identity to ensure that you are entitled to receive the data. If you have any further questions or comments relating to this matter, please contact us on *email address*. Yours sincerely, *scanned signature* Name People manager Organisation
  4. Thank you - it would be an e-mail sent through the official organisation's e-mail system that only members have access to, and they have been liasing with me via e-mail recently. Are they entitled to request I sign the SAR? As I would prefer not to sign anything.
  5. Hello, I couldn't find the right forum for this - so please feel free to move it. I want to send a SAR to a voluntary organisation that I volunteered for for over 6 years. Recently they changed their policies and have been making things very difficult for me and I've decided to leave. But I want to know what information they hold on me. Do I send them the SAR by Bankfodder that is in the debt forums? Can I e-mail it instead of sending by post (do I have to sign it?).
  6. I defaulted it to WiFi for indoors abc has it switched off when out unless I needed to use it.
  7. I don't really care about my credit score, it's shot to pieces anyway. I just don't want the charges to keep going on when I'm not even using the phone and can't afford to pay. I've looked through the e-mails and have found the confirmation from carphone warehouse and the welcome e-mail from vodafone but no agreement and no payment schedule of any kind. Can you please advise what I can do please as I know they're not regulated by the CCA1974. I know it will probably go to a DCA at some point so I can't request a CCA with them but I can dispute it, but on what grounds?
  8. Hi all, In 2011 I took out a mobile contract with vodafone. It was a 24 month contract which I renewed every two years and got an upgrade etc. In 2017 I renewed again and all was fine recently the bills started to increase. We don't get mobile reception where I live (within a 3 mile radius). I used wifi for most of the time, very rarely did I use the internet apps on the phone using 3G when out. I made sure that data roaming was switched off. when my bills started to increase I queried it and was told that I'd exceeded my monthly data allowance. The thing is I barely used the phone (iphone) when out. Two weeks ago I got an email from vodafone to say that I had charged of £79 for data used! I was shocked! I switched my phone off and put it in a cupboard. The next day, I got another e-mail from them to say that they would be restricting my services until I'd paid my bill because my data charges had reached £113! in just one day I'd apparently used £24 of data when my phone wasn't even switched on! I got in touch and they said that I must have used my phone and that I had to pay. I said that I would not pay and that there was no way I could have used that much data, especially in such a a short space of time. I told them to cancel my services and disconnect my number, but they said that they can't do this untill I pay the bill - which had now gone up to £196! I couldn't beleive it so I hung up. I then took the sim card out of the phone and destroyed it. I'm now worried because I have no way of paying this £196, and I don't want the charges to keep increasing but vodafone are not listening to me and just keep telling me that I need to pay it. I don't beleive that I ever signed anything when I took out the contract with them. I really don't know where I stand or what will happen next.
  9. Hello, a couple of years ago I ignored letters from Capquest due to an old shop direct debt (the original debt was 5 years old, so not SB). They passed it onto Restons and I ignored them too. I received a CCJ (in my old name to my old address but it was redirected to me). I admitted liability and agreed £30 a month. Restons contacted me yo set up a standing order. Months past and I paid every month on time. Financially things got worse so I contacted Restons and offered £5 a month. They reluctantly accepted. Today I receive a notice of assignment from capquest to say that Dresden fairfax are now managing “my account”. That I do not have to do anything but change my standing order to the new bank account. My question is, as there’s already s CCJ in place, can I disputed this and CCA them? Or will that lead to trouble and possibly bailiffs?
  10. Still not heard from them so they are now in breach - I assume I now ignore any future requests for payment from them?
  11. Would you mind clarifying, and, also, could be maybe be a little less rude? I appreciate help but I don't appreciate being spoken to as if I'm an idiot.
  12. As Lowell have not fulfilled the CCA request and it is now outside the time scale, I assume I'll not hear back from them and they'll refer the debt to the OC. Do I need to send a letter informing them that they are in breach? The CCA request was signed for two days after I sent it and the letter they sent me saying that they'd request the CCA from the OC was sent a few days later. It has now been 18 days.
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