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  1. Thank you. I have other debts with Lowell, one of which is a CCJ. I have sent them a CCA request and I very much doubt they will have it. the debt is for under £200.
  2. Last payment was in 2015, so less than 6 years ago. I have sent Lowell a CCA request.
  3. Thanks for the info so far. I've sent a CCA request with postal order. I want to write to Capquest aswell to complain about them passing on my data (direct debit details) to another company, as from what I understand after a little bit of research, they have breached GDPR laws. Is there a template for this?
  4. Because, Restons got a CCJ against me for ANOTHER debt I didn’t pay, not only that but all correspondence was sent to my old address and CCJ was without my knowing until the new owner of my old house moved in and forwarded the mail to me (house was empty for a year). When I received letter regarding this debt, I was scared and Restons bullied me. I’d been very ill, and wasn’t able to fight, so I just agreed to pay it. Stupid thing is, in the past I’ve foufhg loads of debts and had them either written off or just left, and are now statute barred. So I know what to do I’m just rusty at it and need a bit of help and support.
  5. Capquest, or restons, passed my bank details onto another company without my consent. Min my opinion, that should not happen. This means they must have stored my bank account details, which is illegal.
  6. They are part of the arrow group, however Capquest passed it onto Drydens and passed them my bank account details, which is wrong.
  7. Thank you. With regards to the original creditor passing my bank details and personal details onto a third party, what can I do? It also has my old name on and on the bank details that they said they held for me, my old name, which of course is not the name on my bank account. Anyway I've cancelled that DD now so they're not getting anything from me. But I do want to take action against Capquest for passing on my bank details.
  8. I have no idea when the last payment was made. I think the letter I need to send is one stating that I do not acknowledge any debt to them. I also bet they don't have a valid CCA.
  9. Yesterday, I received a letter from Lowell portfolio, and with it in the same envelope was a letter from Look Again catalogue regarding what I believe to be a debt older than 6 years. The letter from Look again said that they had sold my debt to Lowell. The letter from Lowell in the same envelope said that they were now dealing with my account that that it was sold to them on 25th February. I don't believe that they can enforce the debt as I think it's statute barred, however it may be just under 6 years which is possibly why they're chasing me for it now. They also have my old surname on the letter and I haven't used that name in over 4 years. I don't want the company to have my new name or indeed any of my details really. If I write to them I'm not sure what name to use on the letter but can anyone advise me which template to use please?
  10. For a while now I've been paying small amounts "owed" to Capquest, directly to Restons who were dealing with it. I was paying via direct debit. Last week my bank informed me via e-mail that a new direct debit had been set up to a company called "AllPay ltd RE DFS Ltd". As I didn't recognised it I phoned my bank and cancelled it. Yesterday I received a letter from Drydens Fairfax saying that they had bought the debt from Capquest and that any correspondence now had to be made to them, and also that I didn't have to do anything as the direct debits would now go to their bank account via Allpay Ltd! So that explained the direct debit that appeared on my bank account without my consent. I also received a letter from Capquest yesterday infoming me of the same, and that they had "Passed my account details and payment history" to Drydens Fairfax. I am outraged that a company would pass on my BANK DETAILS to a third party without my consent. Not only did I not agree to this but surely this is against data protection laws? I intend to fight this as I did not ask for this company to buy my debt, and I bet they don't have a CCA. My question is, what template letter should I start with?
  11. Thank you. The thing is I do not want to give them more information by writing to them with my full name and address.
  12. Hi. They don't have our personal details. Just our shortened nanes, because as I said above we are well known locally and in the store.
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