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Found 15 results

  1. I would appreciate some advice on the following matter, I am in dispute with a glazing company X that fitted my extension bifolding doors at incorrect floor level, end of last year. The doors come from a reputable factory and are of high quality. The cost of the job was not at all small and the balance was paid in full before the issue became apparent. Certificates and guarantees have been provided. When their surveyor turned up to measure, the screed had not been laid down yet in the extension. He argued that the finished floor level had to be provided and requested a sign off as a condition of the contract. This was liaised with the building contractor who provided the final floor level datum with a laser cross level, based on the existing house floors. I have learnt this is not something uncommon in construction due to the stages of work. It is important to note that the company did not refuse to undertake the work, it only set a condition as it was clearly requested the weather track had to be flush with the floors. Company X put everything on email, including heights of the weather track, screed and floor thickness etc providing four digit millimetre precision measurements for signing. Everything was noted with reference to the fixed support lintel of the opening. After double checking this with the building contractor it was signed off in good faith. Eventually the screed and tiles got in place and it became apparent the weather track was offset higher by about 14mm from the agreed floor level. Thus a 4 meter opening is now showing a nearly 20mm lip sticking out from the last tile. I revisited all measurements with high precision from multiple points of reference against the information provided on the order. Company X provided no plans or drawings for the system itself. There is absolutely no doubt from my end that the doors have been fitted higher by at least 14mm against the agreed floor levels on contract. It is also possible the doors were designed shorter. To make the really long story short, I contacted Company X several times and requested they come out to survey their work. They argued everything was fitted as agreed and blamed the builder. Emails and calls were never returned for weeks. I asked them to provide all the measurements for the door system but it was completely ignored. That was about 3 months ago. I expected they would at least come out to check the work, but that never happened which raised a lot of suspicions. To my understanding this is breach of contract, something they in fact requested to sign off. I decided to give the situation a last chance, submitting the case to the GGF of which they are members. I wrote to their conciliation scheme and sent a all the communications with the company, contract details etc. Company X replied in the same tone at first, "we don't understand why you went to the GGF, everything was done right, there was no screed" etc. The GGF allowed their member 21 days to respond, which the company ignored. Once the deadline passed, I complained that no consideration or reply was provided. The member was given a 14 day notice as part of the scheme, that I could not justify. On the last day of the extended period there was a three line response at about 6pm. Again, pointing out that heights were provided to them, there was no screed etc. They even attached the same contract that I had already forwarded to the GGF. On the last line they add they are willing to come out on site and "if the doors can be lowered" they will do this as "good will". All the building damages to be covered on my end! Full of empty words, they are covering up a cock up with a "good will" proposition while suggesting leaving me cover serious damages to a new building. I wrote back asking that the member submits the door plans requested 3 months ago. The GGF, that merely facilitates the communication and not examining the merits of the case replied, "Please be advised that our Member is simply required to satisfy your contract with them as agreed and signed for" This is not acceptable, although we are prepared to consider compensation we cannot accept this as "resolution". The company failed to inspect the work against the agreed heights and I cannot accept additional damages as a result of their negligence. Patience is running thin, the GGF have an arbitration scheme as a next step but I am not confident of their impartiality. I am also not going to let this company walk away, they acted really unprofessionally, they were given the opportunity to check their work and chose to repeatedly ignore it until I had to escalate the matter. I am now considering a two step proposal, a. they either take full responsibility for the work and damages to the building or, b. compensation reflecting the cost of bringing the work to the standard it should be as in the contract or taking to small claims to recover the cost. This will require a surveyor/expert witness involved which will obviously incur costs. Apologies for the long post Any thoughts are welcome!
  2. Had brand new boiler fitted by British Gas on Tuesday. Since then its broken down three times and I've had two engineer visits. The engineers they send seem clueless and British Gas seem totally uninterested. Its -5 outside and I've got no heating or hot water. Got a 5 year old and an autistic teenager (this is setting him off). Something has got to be done. If this was a physical item I could take back to the shop and demand a refund but its a boiler fitted onto the wall. What are my consumer rights here? Can I reject it, get the boiler removed and ask BG to collect and cancel the entire deal?
  3. Had a new water meter fitted outside my property on the pavement 18 June 18. Water pipe to the house sprung a leak. Confirmed by Portsmouth Water board as being before the internal stop cock. Now they want me to pay for repairs even though there was no leak before fitting.
  4. Our car was involved in an accident a few years ago to the front of the car. Other party admitted liability and was repaired, that part is all settled and no problem. However during the collection of the car for the repair to be carried out, the recovery vehicle driver had to fit the tow bar on the car (it has no tow hook and was stuck) and was very vigorous in his attempts to put the tow bar in place. On return of the vehicle, it was noticed that there was a hole in the panel above which surrounded the access cover to fit the tow bar. I took photographs and said that the car was not like this before it went to the garage. So the attempts to fit the tow bar resulted in cracking of the panel and subsequent falling off. They agreed to replace the parts. And the car came back with a rear bumper with no holes in. However, now comes my problem, I have had no need to tow anything (I don’t have a car trailer) and the car hasn’t been stuck anywhere necessitating use of the tow bar to pull it out of anywhere. Today I did need to fit the tow bar and cannot because the aperture to put the bar in is partially covered by the new surrounding and it is not possible to open the electrical cover for attachment of a trailer. To use the tow bar now requires the dismantling of part of the bumper which is very difficult and time consuming and so far have not been able to do it. So the part they used is not the right one to use with the tow bar that is on the car and the small access panel is useless to access the tow bar fixings Unfortunately my insurance company says they have limited details of the repair as it went through the other party’s insurance but would have been 5 year warranty (within this time scale) if we had gone through our insurance. I have looked up the repair warranty details and it says 3 years and not within time scale. But this wasn’t part of the accident claim, it was damage the repair company’s driver did to the vehicle, so I am a bit unsure if it has been left too long to claim? I am familiar with small claims procedure. Any ideas? Thank you
  5. Elderly parents cold called by British Gas and talked into having Smart Meters fitted with the promise that they could then choose to have free energy either on Saturday or Sunday. Meters duly fitted, told by engineer to call to pick their day, only then are they told they can't have the free energy until they set up an online account. Had they been told that from the outset they wouldn't have bothered as they don't have wifi, don't trust online stuff and are probably beyond learning how to do it now anyway. BG have given them £30 for their failure to mention the online requirement, but they're still disappointed.
  6. The contract between the company and me, of which I signed states: The Purchaser shall not be entitled to withhold payment on account of any alleged defects. The company agrees to investigate any alleged defects after payment in full of the balance. A surcharge of 2.5% per month will be payable on outstanding balances. I paid the deposit of £131 cash in May but they did not put my door in until October, this was after numerous calls to them. The door is black powder coated aluminium. Problem One: Poorly applied caulking, which is difficult to correct because the hinges on the door narrow the gap between the wall and hinge and so no caulking has been applied and will be impossible to apply. The caulking should have been applied before hanging the door. In other places there is no caulking. Where there is caulking, it is a wavy mess. Problem Two: Apparently, the cleaner they used dulled the surface leaving the door looking patchy and dull. I went to the factory. For Problem One: They gave me some white rubber trim to hide the caulking. They did not have any black aluminium trim and they said they could not remove the door so that I might reapply the caulking. I have not attached the white rubber trim because it looks tacky. I have researched and can buy some metal trim, which will cost me about £50 to buy. For Problem Two: I was given some silicone spray and the door appears okay but I find it easily smears. And I am not sure yet if this has cured the problem or if I have to apply the silicone on a regular basis. I said I would pay them because I felt it was the best they could do. But when I got home, I noticed the insulation trim which is screwed to the frame has defective powder coat. The finish has fine lumps over it and the top layer of coat has started to peel. Also, the bottom trim which has been cut on site now shows aluminium along that cut, they could have attempted to paint it. Also, they did not paint the cut edge of the wood doorstep. Now that it is inserted into the brickwork, it will be difficult to paint, but is do-able. I was hoping they would remove the old door frame intact so that I might use door and frame for my garage. This was not agreed before hand and so frame was destroyed. The door was removed from my property. I asked them to return it. They said they always remove rubbish. I pointed out that a handmade door with solid brass hinges and hand forged handle was not rubbish. They refused to return the door but they did remove all door furniture, which I collected from them. I still have not paid them and last Monday, I rang them to tell them about the defective insulation strip and asked them to replace it, but they have gone quiet on me. My question is, shall I pay them the £1,000 and hope they at least replace the insulation strip after the payment is cleared. I should have read the small print - darn it. Guidance will be appreciated - but I fear it is pay up and shut up. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Yesterday I had my timing belt changed at Trust group. Today I was driving to work with about 3 miles to go when the car lost all power. I managed to get the car into a lay-by and waited for recovery. When the roadside assistance arrived I told him what happened and he thought my alternator had gone (I thought this at the time too), when he tried to start the car he said it does not sound good, it sounds like the timing belt. He moved the engine cover and we both could see that the timing belt cover was not installed correctly. The belt was not even attached anymore. I called the garage to tell them what happened and that I was bringing the back. When I got back to the garage and they were more than apologetic. They gave me a courtesy car while they investigate what has happened. I have not been told how long they will have the car for, I am guessing that they will do an investigation and check for any damage to the engine which they have said they will fix. If the engine is damaged, will they rebuild it or will they put a replacement engine in? Also should I push for compensation, as you know it is not cheap to maintain and service a car, I took it to a VAG group expecting work to be carried out to the highest standard and I have been left very disappointed.
  8. we have a three year old house which has the nhbc certificate.however the clause for interior fittings expired after 2 years. in the block of 9 houses 6 have had issues with laminate surfaces cracking or falling off the kitchen units. we have had the kitchen manufacturer visit the site who was suggesting a heat and moisture issue. to date they have offered to supply only replacement panels. we have to collect them from the retailer the builders purchased them from and obviously have to pay for removal and refitting. to my mind this does not sound fair when these units are nearly 3 years old. can anyone suggest a course of action we can take as a management group?
  9. Hi, Last year i put my car (Vauxhall Corsa 08 plate) in for its service to a local family run garage (Garage A) that we have used for years. It was found that i had a slight oil leak coming from the sump plug, i was advised that they would re-tap and fit a new sump plug. Having moved away from the area i have today put my car into a Vauxhall Dealership (Garage B) for its service. I have been advised that i have a large leak from the sump plug caused by Garage A fitting the wrong sump plug, causing irreversable damage to the sump and a new sump, at a cost of £367 is required. Garage B is also saying they are unwilling to let me take the car away, so i am unable to take it back to Garage A for them to have a look at and fix it themselves. What are my options? Can i go to Garage A and ask if they would be willing as a goodwill gesture refund some of the cost I haven't yet spoken to Garage A about this as i do not know where i stand and dont want to go making claims without getting some advise beforehand. Kind Regards,
  10. Please help. I had hair nano ring hair extensions fitted yesterday and they look awful. They are placed incorrectly and do not blend in with my hair at all. I am unable to wear my hair up or down with it like this and do not know what to do. I purchased a Wowcher for £99 to pay for these extensions. I want them taken out and a full refund given. Is this likely? And is this poor service ?
  11. My car's windscreen had cracked right across the bottom the past winter. I had it replaced on my insurance by Auto Windscreens in Romford / Harold Hill. It was done at closing time on a Friday, and was told not to drive the car for a couple of hours to make sure it sets. Which I done. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that there was a whistling sound coming from the passenger side of the windscreen when driving on the motorway. It's very distracting and quite loud. Then today I took my car through a car wash, and water literally poured in from the top of the windscreen, literally soaking the seats and carpet, and also causing my dash camera to stop functioning. I took pictures of the water. I sent them an email asking for them to take another look, but so far haven't heard anything back. Should they fix this or is this "acceptable"?
  12. Please can anyone advice me as I am in a right mess. A month ago I bought myself a Golf 1.6 16v on a 2001 plate, the car was sound but due to my job working for Domino's as a delivery driver I decided to have a new cambelt kit fitted by a mobile mechanic. Two weeks later when on my way home from a hospital appointment 10 miles from home, a bolt in the engine sheared off wrecking all 16 valves, I called out the mechanic who stratched his head and help to push the car onto a side street where is stayed for a week, every day he said he was going to recover, it finally came back to my drive on Tues its now Saturday. He's taken the engine out and taken it to his house, he's also now saying that it isnt his fault the timing belt had failed and "not to worry as it is under guarantee". A few days later he told me that the parts company (not the manufacturer) was going to supply all the parts to fix it? Within the conversation he mentioned the parts company name, so I called them. They knew of this incident but had not agreed anything as it will need a full investigation, which could take months however this mechanic had ordered parts (don't know what though) they arrived on Thursday and my car was promised back yesterday, then I got my ex-partner to call him today and he then said it will be done today. I have lost £300 in wages and my little girls follow up appointment in Manchester is Monday, I am a single parent and running out of money fast as I can no longer work been without my car for 2 weeks now? And the mechanic isn't answering his phone now!
  13. Hi CAggers I've been battling with Southern Water for some time now (since last Oct) as when they installed meters in the other properties around me, they had to drill holes in the pavement outside my property. THeir pneumatic hammers and their vibrations knocked quite a few plates, jars and ornaments off the dresser which subsequently broke. 1) I reported it to them and they sent out a Customer Liaison Manager (Steve Manning) which showed up, had a quick chat at the gate despite being invited in to investigate further he left his card and promised to call me back in a week. This never happened, despite calling and leaving various voicemails. 2) I then contacted southern water again, and was told, they wouldn't compensate for the damages. A general template-styled letter was sent out, with no further information. 3) Contacted them repeatedly to get through to someone, and they promised another Area Manager would sewing by (this is over 6 weeks later) 4) THe Manager showed up unannounced (while I was asleep thanks to nightshift), I spoke with her briefly at the door, invited her in to show her the dresser, the plates which I LEFT there to show them where they fell off from (as well as the jars), but she declined and left. 5) Souther water then wrote another standard letter stating that they have decided not to compensate. (Just before Christmas) 6) After CHristmas, I wrote 3 x letters, each 14 days apart, asking them for an exact breakdown as to what the findings were. ---The answer was 'that I didn't seem interested in speaking to the manager when she showed up'. (Bear in mind she got me up after a long nightshift). 7) Volleyed several phone calls and letters and eventually got through to someone who said they'd help me, this is now in March and since then my kitchen has been rearranged as I've started to replater it and no longer have insecure items on the wall unit (despite that never being a problem in the last 3 years of living here). 8) I sent pictures of the dresser, PUT all the plates back in the positions they were in so they could see what it was like, took photos of the distance from where they were using the pneumatics (5 meters from the wall the dresser is mounted on). 9) I get this letter today: What can I do about this? It's VERY evident that it was their fault as I had left for the day, when I came back there was carnage in my kitchen as everything had fallen off. Furthermore, my neighbour had pointed out that both 5 and 10 meters in the other direction, all of the unripe pears were knocked off of the pear trees. Cheers, A
  14. Well, My tumble dryer decided not to dry clothes any more Monday passed. Realised it was blowing cold air. I had a repair guy out 4 months ago for same problem and he supplied and fitted new heat stats. So i called the shop and it was the actual guy who replaced the parts, told him what was happening to which he instantly replied it would be the heat stats needing replaced, I said great you only replaced then 4 months ago so i assume you will come out and replace them free of charge. He proceed to inform me of my rights which are none as they do not give any warranty with their parts and told me to call back the next day and speak to the boss and hung up So i sent a wee message to a lovely person to clarify that i am not being dumb and logged it with the new CAB service and got a ref no (our TS guys are very active here ) So little me calls up the boss next day who was very shirty with me and told me I have no right to free replacements etc etc etc. Was a little shocked at his attitude as used him for years. Anyhoose, popped a wee recorded delivery letter in the post on Friday 03/08 giving him 10 days to organise the heats stats to be replaced at no cost to me or refund me the £50 i paid. Wonder what response if any i will get
  15. It's a long story so I'll make it brief. We agreed to buy a van down the country which needed a new engine. The van had been stored at a garage and we asked the garage if we sourced an engine, would they fit it for us? They agreed, gave us a price to fit the engine, plus a price to replace the cam belt at the same time. We found a suitable engine, sent it direct to the garage to fit. During the fitting I phoned and asked if they could MOT the van too and then we could arrange to drive it home when it was ready. They agreed, fitted the engine last week, told me it needed a new hose on the thermostat, and a new windscreen wiper switch, I asked when it would be ready they said it hadn't been on the ramps yet but they thought it would go through ok. I rang on Tuesday this week to be told it was ready to test, I told them I would collect at the weekend, they said fine. At this point nothing was mentioned by them about any additional work. They rang me this morning, asked me how I would be paying tomorrow, I said cash why? They then announced I owe them £800 more than the original verbal quote and they've had to replace other parts on the van! So in the past 2 weeks I've spoken to them maybe 5 or 6 times, nothing has been mentioned about other parts. So they now want an extra £800 for an exhaust, a battery, heater plugs,and a water pump I was gob smacked and said the bill was more than he said originally, to which he said he would knock the vat off!!!! Where do I stand???? I never asked him to do the extra work, nor did he tell me, or give me prices before he went ahead I'm furious as I think because I'm female he's trying it on I only asked him to test the van, if it failed he should have given me an advisory and then an estimate for the required work. I've supposed to be going tomorrow to collect it, my father who is a chartered accountant thinks they are on the make and is alarmed that he is knocking the vat off for cash!!! What will I do, what if I turn up and he won't give me my van unless I pay in full?? Help!!!!
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