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Found 8 results

  1. Had a new water meter fitted outside my property on the pavement 18 June 18. Water pipe to the house sprung a leak. Confirmed by Portsmouth Water board as being before the internal stop cock. Now they want me to pay for repairs even though there was no leak before fitting.
  2. Hello I might share a water supply pipe that enters my house, with a neighbour. I live in Wales. I say might as there is no branch pipe to their house in my cellar, so the branch off would have to be under my dining room. their house unlike most in the street, has no external stopvalve in the pavement, and there is no water supply pipe in their cellar [ a tenant of the house and i investigated] my deeds do not show that we have a shared water supply pipe. i have asked the landlord and the water company to determine if they have their own supply pipe, and if they do not to make arrangement. the landlord has not replied. i first alerted them to the shared-pipe possibility in late spring 2015. i intend to replace my water pipes, and for it to feed only my house [if we are indeed on a shared pipe]. the water company is trying to avoid giving the neighbour a new supply, and is giving me laughable guff that the neighbours water supply is my responsibility lololol [ive never heard such nonsense] --- my question/s: 1. i have read that, if the shared supply is not mentioned on my deeds, that i have no legal duty to supply the neighbour with water thru my pipes. i need to quote the statute, or regulation number. what is this please? 2. when i replace my pipe and feed only my house. can the water company get a court order to force me to reattach the old water supply pipe? 3. more generally, how should i proceed thanks Jon
  3. I had a boiler changed in a property I rent out by a big company. They came in and re-piped the entire system from the gas meter to the boiler in the kitchen. There used to be an old lady living in this two bed flat who didn't like gas cookers and used a microwave to cook everything. So in 10 odd years I never had a need for a gas cooker although the pipes for it were always there. Since then the old lady has moved out and when I came to plugging in a cooker the connection was no longer there. So basically when the plumbers re-piped the entire system they forgot to put in a provision for a gas cooker. I should mention that this work was carried out 6 months back for a set fee which I think was £800 and the rest was covered under a grant that the lady qualified for. The installers are now saying that there was no provision for a cooker in the first place which is wrong. Is there anything I can do?
  4. Hi, As above; Southern water fitted a meter to my 76yr Mother's house a few months ago, after 2 leaks at the meter point, the last one a few weeks ago, repaired all seemed well. Firstly; it looks like the yearly water will now rise from £290 to around £440 per yr. Secondly; she's now told the meter cannot be removed after being told if she didn't like it in a year's time, it could be removed. Thirdly; the last straw, because they increased the water pressure a few weeks ago for some reason, it appears this has burst a water pipe under the kitchen floor, and flooded the kitchen. They say they are not responsible for water damage inside the property. Questions; Are they responsible? Is they any action that can be taken? Can she get the water meter removed? Thankfully she has insurance, but how much work and £££ they cover is yet to be found out. Please, any help/answers will be gratefully received, Cheers.
  5. ive had a water meter fitted a few months back.. .couple of weeks back wife showed me a wet patch on the kitchen floor, assumed as it was behind fridge freezer that would be the cause. Long story short its now pretty bad and ive ruled out fridge freezer so that only left a very hard to access stop cock/water pipe. ..its housed at the very back of a right angle cupboard. Crawled inside and blow me its leaking bad from it looks like from behind the stop cock. ..im now wondering as there was no leak before water meter was fitted and there is most certainly a bad one now, would the company who fitted the meter be liable. Or is it a case of bad luck.... The amount of water that's leaked will have ruined the carcasses of the cupboards and most likely ruined the screed floor ...cupboards would need ripping out to allow the area to dry at a minimum. any thoughts who is liable...no leak before meter...now a pretty major leak.
  6. Hope I've posted this in the right place and someone can advise me. Last year on my annual gas check, a leak was detected so the independant contractor capped my supply to the gas hob and fire. I finally got a quote for the work last month and this was based on replacing the pipework to both appliances - seemed reasonable so I agreed to the work being done. When the guys turned up they found the leak was in the actual gas fire so the pipework there didn't need to be replaced (which was the awkward bit of the job) - the hob pipework was replaced as it was apparently illegal. Finally got the bill last week and I have been charged the full quote, which doesn't seem right as it was lot less of a job than I was quoted for. Can I challenge them on this or was me agreeing to the quote a binding contract that I would pay £x regardless of the amount of work involved? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some advice... I bought a new-build flat (for my sins) on the Hyde Housing shared ownership scheme in 2007. Since then, my water bill has continually increased year on year from £13 to £98 per month. Early last year, Thames Water confirmed there was a leak in underground pipework feeding the property. In December, following a lot of further investigation and heel dragging, they confirmed it was a customer side leak and that I would have to arrange for repair. On review of my water bills, it seems that the leak started in year 3. Despite initially arranging for investigation, Hyde Housing are now washing their hands of the matter advising that I am responsible for the repair as leaseholder. Whilst that might be so, I can't help thinking that new pipework should last longer than 3 years. Does anyone know what rights, if any, I might have to pursue this and whether I should be forcing this issue on Hyde (or Rydon Construction as builders, or via the Zurich Warranty)? Yours very stressed and fed up, Laura
  8. Hi Guys, I have recently replaced the lead water supply pipe in my property as I was receiving poor water pressure. I only got 8l/s and apparently should be getting 12l/s. I applied to Portsmouth Water (my supplier) to do this and they said they will replace the water supply from the road (which I have to replace up to) to the mains supply in the middle of the road. They said they were doing this as it was also lead too, meaning I would then have a lead free supply. They sent me some paper work to fill in about how much water I use. From the calculations it said I need a 25mm supply pipe. I sent the forms off then received back an agreement with a note saying sign and return. I read the agreement which said I was agreeing to a water meter to be installed as it was a new supply. I do not agree with a water meter as I dont want one. Am I in my right as this is only a replacement supply and not a new supply? Now they are saying that I will only get a 20mm pipe unless I pay for the additional works digging the road up which they would be doing anyway. I have already replaced my supply to the edge of my property with 25mm pipe. Surely the supplier has a duty to supply my property with the connection I need? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
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