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  1. As you advised. Sent them a letter before action with the guidance received in post 36. They advised they have requested the charges back and would forward in due course which they have now forwarded to me.
  2. They are now saying I will get the funds within a week. So looks like its all good. Any further issues I will make sure to upload the agreement but hopefully this matter is now finished. Once again I thank you and Aequitas for your assistance. Honestly you both have been so helpful.
  3. I am glad to say they have responded and will pay the rent. They have raised a dispute and once they get the money back they will pay me. Not sure how long this could take as they are now in 2 months arrears. I would like to thank the both of you for your help. Both gave fantastic guidance.
  4. Ok I am currently travelling for work and should be back home by the weekend. Will scan and upload then? I haven't sent the SAR yet but was aiming to get it out in the post today.
  5. Sorry, I would rather not do that. I don't really want to get them out as they have 3 more years left and other than roof they pay for all repairs. So as long as I keep on top of any further roof repairs its a decent contract. So if they fail to reply then I am assuming that I need to MCOL them for unpaid rent and then let the judge decide who is right or wrong?
  6. I have already sent them a notice before action asking similar questions to what is posted by Stu above. Given them 14 days to respond. What should my next step be? Ideally I don't want to get them out as they pay their rent fine otherwise. Should it be a MCOL for the rent?
  7. I have not issued a AST to anyone else in the property. Only contract I have signed is with the the Mears who state they will be putting Asylum seekers in the property. Are you suggesting that Mears then make a separate contract with the tenant and sign it as the landlord themselves? It says this in the contract
  8. I have spoken with the downstairs tenants who can't recall any work having been done. Requested the paperwork and have heard nothing back. Have asked them to clarify why did they get the rood fixed without informing me. They only informed me that the flat roof was leaking. According to the terms of the AST they need to inform me and give me 5 days notice. No reply.
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