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  1. Am I in the same boat as the thread you have referenced to? My first letter was from NPS and the one I got this week is also from NPS. Have attached the letter I got this week Letter 10 Nov.pdf
  2. Lex Autolease have advised me that I do have the 14 day cooling off period. It's in their business contract t&c's. I would like to cancel the finance part of it before the period is over but they won't let me and Lex are saying that I can't do it direct as they don't have paperwork yet.
  3. I have asked the company to cancel my finance within the 14 days and they are refusing to do so until I pay the cancellation charges which I don't agree with as I was advised that I could cancel. They agree that I am allowed to cancel it as per the terms but won't do it till I pay their fee. I want to dispute this fee but don't want to end up with two finance agreements as I have bought car from other agent. Are they doing anything illegal by refusing to cancel a finance document that legally I am allowed to cancel within 14 days?
  4. Oh well. I thought that since they allow the 14 days cooling off period for the lease that should also apply to the admin fee.
  5. It does state that. The reason why I am asking is I have seen people meantion 14 days cooling of period for contract hire which includes the agents charges.
  6. Booked a contract hire last week via an internet company. Had a change of mind and called up the admin department who advised that I was within the 14 day cooling off period since the car was not due till Sep. Today I got a email from the sales team that they want £360 cancellation charges plus they won't refund my £180 admin fee. I have been advised by a different broker that they can't charge me anything since I was within my 14 day cooling off period. Can anyone advise?
  7. This was the first payment on the account for the tax year. So the returns were filed online on time it’s just the payment was late.
  8. Sent them a email and followed it up with a phone call to a senior member of staff who assured me that she had opened up a case and had sent it over to her senior. Since then I have made two phone calls for an update on the case and have been advised it’s being looked into.
  9. Two weeks along since I complained to them and they are not really bothered. No one has acknowledged the complaint since they have got their money. How long should I give before I take this further? Also I was wondering is this something that I can discuss with the credit card company since the bill wasn't my liability but I was pressured into paying it by a 20 stone tough guy.
  10. I had posted off my Tax return in early Feb but the cheque never cashed so I guessed it must have got lost as I got a reminder at the end of Feb. Took the cheque in physically this time to the bank which cashed fine. Got a letter today to say I have been charge 5% which is a few hundred that I can't afford. Can I appeal this? Spoke with them on the phone and they weren't to accommodating.
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