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  1. Ok I will redact the information and upload. It's legal to upload court documents and ask for advice? I always assumed that was private court information which shouldn't be shared online?
  2. Any chance you can help without that as I don't feel too comfortable putting up the personal case details. Basically they are claiming they aren't the operating carrier. 1. Court has allowed me to add Finnair to the claim as a joint defendant. Can I take them to MCOL though considering they are a Finnish company?
  3. Yes. They are saying the following - "The rebooked flights were subsequently cancelled due to the ongoing restrictions and travel advice on COVID-19." But that doesn't mean they don't have to rebook me. Even if they cancelled due to border restrictions they need to give me the options as per EC261. The claim forms and defence have personal information on there which I would rather not put online. Would be grateful if you can assist without those? I can supply any information that you need.
  4. I took BA to MCOL and they replied to the court. Basically claiming that they weren’t the operating carrier and their terms state tickets only valid for a year which I accepted when I booked ticket.
  5. Had a flight booked via BA but operated by their partner Finnair which was cancelled by them in December 2020. Originally I was told I could leave it pending and call back to rebook when I knew the new dates or claim a refund. Since the flights for Dec 21 were not released then I decided to call back later. When I called back a couple of months back they said my ticket was only valid till September 21 as I bought the ticket in September 20 and refused to rebook me. This is a trip to Lapland and it hardly makes any sense to go before September. It needs to be done around Christmas
  6. They are willing to cancel the order and give the admin fee back but the price of the car is now £100 more a month so was hoping to convince the leasing company to give me at the old price which they had agreed.
  7. It says this in their t&c though. So does that override everything or do regulations still apply regardless of what their terms state?
  8. Although mine is unregulated as its business contract hire so states this I have a email that states I have accepted the quote on the 12th of March.
  9. It doesn’t state that. Mostly talks about when I can cancel and that is 14 days from acceptance. So does this mean the contract was formed when I accepted the quote and processed the finance? Which was on the 12th of March.
  10. The lease company are saying "The supplier did not receive your order in time to apply and have your grant approved before the deadline" They are basically saying that Skoda needs to apply to the govt for the refund which they had not and my order was not confirmed till I made the payment for their admin fee which was done on the 18th morning. Isn't my application for finance considered an order?
  11. I placed an order on the 12th of March. The finance was approved on the 17th and payment taken 18th for their admin fee. The lease broker is now saying that the car price has gone up by £3,000 due to the car costing £35,550 so £550 over the new rules that came into force on the 18th morning. All electric cars over 35k don't qualify for £3,000 govt grant from the 18th. Do I have any rights here? It was a business lease.
  12. I asked them that and even politely complained that this was unfair that they wouldn't tell me the insurance company rates before hand. As I knew I would end up paying either way so if I knew would have preferred to pay direct.
  13. I had to get a few tests done and thought it would be better to get them done through the Insurance company. I spoke with them and they authorised the claim and directed me to their approved location. Asked the question from Insurance company as to how much they would cost as I have a £1000 excess and they said they can't disclose contracted rates and its best if I ask the hospital what their direct rates are for paying customers for comparison. Got the bill through and a scan they charge £400 for has been billed to the insurance company for £650. Basically in total a £500 bill fo
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