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  1. Hi everyone Hopefully I am in the right place but couldn't find a section to suit this .... I am really annoyed. My Hive heating set up is broken. After 3 or 4 calls to Hive including 2 resets of the system etc etc (an hour on the phone each time), they have conluded over the phone that my hardware is broken. Now for a start, no engineer has seen it to confirm something is broken - I don't think it is, I think it is on the blink due to an update they did of the system over Christmas. There is no signal between all three components at the same time. Initially the Hub was offline
  2. Hi We had a new central heating system, hot water cylinder and radiators fitted. Total cost was £14.5k We paid £2k before installation and £10k via a government loan, and have been paying the rest in instalments. Theres around £1k left. Part of the package was a check up inspection after installation. We had issues quickly. The heating worked fine and it gives hot water, but intermittently the hot water stops. We often cant run a bath. After about 2inches of water in the bath the water just stops, won't then come out of any of the taps in the house for 30 to 60 minu
  3. Hello yes I am a new be 4 weeks ago we turned our heating on and it seemed we had a problem with the pump. My Partner asked a friend if he could recommend a plumber. ...He was given a phone number he phoned said he had been recommended and could they come to give us an estimate for work that might need to be done. The Plumber came 2 days latter I said hello at the door let him in showed him the tank/ boiler ( boiler is approx. 4 years old) He immediately said our heating was installed all wrong and when he went out side to see the flue he said it needed to be
  4. I would welcome some suggestions from Forum Members please as to what I should with regards to a landlord who is taking her time in restoring central heating in the house which I am renting. I have been without heating now for a week. Prior to this, the boiler had broken down a number of times and the landlord was told by two of the engineers that the boiler was obsolete and needed replacing. I have been in touch with the LL and made the point that the situation is becoming untenable, but all I got back was that she is dealing with the matter. I would be grateful for some suggestions abo
  5. Hello all, Wednesday 14th September 2016 On Wednesday 14th September 2016, I arranged for http://www.powerflush365.co.uk to carry out a power flush of my central heating system, (no heating just hot water), the work duly carried out, on completion of work, time to pay him for the service I requested an invoice for proof of work carried out. He said that he was going to email me the invoice and some sort of certificate for insurance purposes, I then gave him my email address, he wrote it his diary so I handed over the agreed sum and he left. After he left, I realised that I
  6. Hi there, Please help me to sort this out... really appreciated your time and opinion on it. I have come to know about this forum while i was looking for some tips for the appeal to tribunal. I was a tenant of a multiple dwelling home. I was introduced by a college mate to this house and the contract was under 3 names and we were students. The landlord come to introduce three other guys who is also living there and looking after the property, collecting rent on behalf of landlady. Every month we are paying rent and other bills which includes council tax,
  7. The boiler broke down yet again yesterday and the letting agency just keeps saying we have to wait for the LL to OK the repairs and the LL has to provide any portable heaters I may need, this house has no other means of heating than the central heating, only hot water is now from the kettle, I am classed as disabled and this cold house is making me feel unwell to say the least. what I want to know is there anything I can do or say to the letting agency to get some sort of heating device to keep at least one room warm? And am I entitled to any compensation
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding provision of heating in Scotland. I am renting a private accommodation and, as per usual, agent seems not to care, even though has been informed (emailed twice, now I am intending to send them a formal letter) the heating does not work properly. I have no boiler and only electric heating in the whole flat. Problems: 1) the radiator in the living room does not operate, tried all the switches that there are and it will not budge. (There is a small, fixed electric fireplace in the living room but it is only on/of
  9. Hi folks can anyone give advice please, I have cover with this company and my boiler is due a service, first time it was arranged for a Saturday morning between 08.00 and 12.00 they called at 11.0 to say they could not attend as they had a a very high volume of emergency call out's and they take priority over service jobs, ok fair enough. Then they kept phoning to remind me my service was overdue??, it was arranged again for today and they would be here between 08.00 and 12.00 and guess what, they called to say they had a very high volume of, blah blah blah.
  10. Well, to say I am absolutely livid would be an understatement! i've had CHC with e.on for a number of months. The initial inspection was fine apparently, and also last week someone came to fix a fault, said it was fixed and gave the boiler a pass. Lo and behold with in a few hours it broke again, no heat or hot water. Another plumber or whatever you want to call the shower of sharks came out today to repair the boiler. He took the cover off and with one look said he couldn't do the repair as it was a pre-existing fault that had been superglued. if this is the case, why was it no
  11. Shocking service. Been told my wife who is 8 months pregnant with her first child has to go without hot water or heating for 4 days until someone can come and have a look. Apparently we/she is not a priority, and duty manager too busy to speak to us. Stick with what you know folks !
  12. I'm a builder and do a fair bit of plumbing. The below "tip" will not work if you have a combi boiler, only if you have a normal or pressurised cylinder. If you normaly turn on your hot tap and wait ages for HOT water, try this because it works. Turn the hot tap on full blast, then shut it off... wait 10/20 seconds and turn on again... Hot water. This saves water and gas / electric because the small amount of cold water in the pipe has been hydraulically shunted back to the cylinder and replaced by hot. Where as you would be running the hot tap waiting forever and introducing gallon
  13. I am one of 4 adults living in a house provided by Birmingham City Council. I hope you can help Almost 3 weeks ago our combi-boiler broke leaving us without central heating or hot water. The council attended promptly after reporting it (but beyond their 24 hour promised call out) and said that a total replacement would be advised. The boiler has been fixed on average 3 times a year ever since it was fitted and is in a terrible state. After many phone calls, failed promised visits, we are still without heating. They claimed they have to fit scaffolding before a replacement could be ex
  14. Hi, I live in a private let house from an agency with my daughter and partner i am also registered as disabled. My boiler broke down last night which means i have no heating or hot water. I phoned the 24 hr emergency line and informed them of the problem last night at 8pm i was told an engineer would be out first thing in the morning lo and behold he turned up at 14:15 couldnt fix the boiler untill at least monday due to no part. I then phoned up the agency and informed them they told me they would supply fan heaters to arrive today still
  15. I have lived in my property for just over 4 months. i have a baby who is 7 month old. the problem is i have no central heating, no radiators, etc. I only have a boiler for hot water. my lil girl is constantly ill with her chest from it being so cold. i have mithered my landlord asking him when will it be done. He always has an excuse. i pay 450£ PCM for my 2 bed house. I dont even have double glazing. its still not even finished. i have a hole in my kitchen roof, no splash tiles on in the kitchen and only a shower n toliet n sink in my bathroom. he said he was going to provide me wit
  16. I had a combi boiler system put in through the warm front scheme four & half years ago, I am registered disabled & my boiler broke 4 weeks ago but I can find any help anywhere as local plumbers will not touch it because it is an ideal combi boiler system installed through the Warm Front scheme who ceased in January this year but my system is under 5 years old so I don't qualify for any of the new schemes. I have a daughter we have had no heating or running hot water for the last 4 weeks my disability causes loss of feeling from the waist down which means I d
  17. Can someone settle this for me? My flat gets very cold in winter. It's rented, so I'm not in a position to adapt or modify anything. It's also single-glazed, with a lot of windows. I maintain that it uses less gas to have my central heating on all the time, even when I'm out, but very, very low, so that the heat gradually builds up to a constant temperature, and thus means lower bills in the long run. My girlfriend, on the other hand, insists it's better to have the central heating off at times, especially when we're out, but then whack it up to full when we come back in to a fr
  18. I just wanted to share my recent story regarding eon central heating care. I have bin paying for my care for the last 5 years and before my recent issues have had no problems but then never needing it i wouldnt have would i? Anyway in the middle of december(during the very cold spell) our bollier packed up it was losing pressure and needed re pressurising at least once a week untill it stoped working all together i phoned eon and was given a day in 5 days time, bear in mind we have a child of under 1 in the house(hes one now b-day in jan). This was later improved to 3 days but still along
  19. If you have air source heating, what er your experiences using it regarding heating itself, cost of consumption, icing up etc. We had storage heating and this is our first winter with air source heating. Our electric bill has almost doubled in comparison to last year. We also find that the machine ices up on cold days and is not very effective when you really need it. On moderate days it is fine and works okay. We have had to resort to buying a gas heater and only use the central heating in off peak due to the high costs. Your views will be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Hi We live in a 2 bed terraced house with single glazing and night storage heating. We pay £500 rent/month We had to turn off the night store heaters over 2 years ago due to being unable to afford to run them. However wqe have now had to resort to putting them on and have endured some very cold winters. Today, I know it is cold outside but my feet and hands are literally blocks of ice, the heat from the heaters is escaping through the single glazing and poor insulation around windows and doors.....surely we should not have to put up with this? Any help appreciated, cheers x
  21. basically as the title says folks. i am with a local housing association called home housing.. currently residing in durham. this has went on for 11 days what can i do?! thanks in advance rikki
  22. My parents live in a housing association house (over 25 years same house, London). They are an elderly couple, both pensioners, father is 80+ years old. Recently their boiler failed and it's been taking an incredibly long time to get it repaired. It failed right at the end of November, reported on the evening of November 29th, and to date it has not yet been repaired. One of the engineers i talked to (housing association is contracted with a large independent boiler/heating company who handle repairs) told me straight out the reason, he said due to the age of the boiler and the fact that
  23. Previously we had storage heaters, but we had issues keeping the lounge and another front room warm and the lounge was always cold. We complained on numerous occasions that we seem to be losing heat in the lounge and the small front room. In March 2012 they replaced the storage heaters with air source heating and now our electric bill has jumped up from about £82 in winter months to £135! The figures are based on true readings. The lounge and small room still lose heat and the air source heating machine keeps switching on to maintain the temperature hence the high electric bills. The
  24. Hi, I am private tenant living in rented flat. I had my short term lease starting Dec 2011. Since december there was no heat and hot water in the aprtment. I sent many reminder to landlord but he did seem bit intrested in fixing anything. After 2 months, in march 4th, I sent him communication regarding moving out due to these issue and his failure to address the same. He came in couple of days without any information in my absense. My family (Wife and children) were at home. Now, he emailed me that it was my fault that I didn't turned on few switches . Meanwhile, I had already given adva
  25. OFT boosts transparency on heating oil prices 26 July 2012 Following OFT action, GB Oils Limited, the largest supplier of heating oil in the country, has changed its domestic heating oil contracts ensuring quoted prices do not increase from the time an order is made until the customer is billed on delivery. When a consumer orders from a supplier, 'spot' prices are quoted that reflect the current market price of oil. The OFT has today secured legally binding undertakings from GB Oils to change its terms and conditions ensuring prices quoted at order remain fix
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