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  1. they tried to tell me cos i have a "ravenheat" boiler the parts have to be ordered in which is aboslute garbage. 11 days is bad enough for adults but with my son its an absolute shambles
  2. we have been ringing them for days lads.. yes the pump has been broken since the 16/12 they were coming to fix it on the 18/12 and came on afternoon and they said morning... we werent in. we then rang on the 19/12 and said we be in all day thurs 21/12 and then noone been since then. we have temporary blow heaters which are no good for my son. im just looking for advice
  3. basically as the title says folks. i am with a local housing association called home housing.. currently residing in durham. this has went on for 11 days what can i do?! thanks in advance rikki
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