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Found 25 results

  1. Paid off a secured loan with this bunch around 5 years ago. They are now requesting payment of interest, late payment charges etc. Any good letter available to tell them where to get off would be much appreciated? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, need some urgent help please, have been asked to post here by suggestion. Noticed CCJ issued on my credit report prior to applying for mortgage. Found out that it is for PCN issued on 12/11/16 by PCM UK LTD in Academy Central Development. Passed onto Gladstones and onto DCBL. I recall this moment where I parked near my friends apartment and was not aware of signs or did I know I needed to pay. I did not update my DVLA or V5 until recently which is very stupid of me. I moved out of my apartment on 01/12/16 to temporary accommodation. 01/03/17 I moved int
  3. Hi am after some advice. About three years ago My wife and I were struggling on just my wage and running up quite a few small debts. We foolishly took out two secure loans of 12 and 14k. We have been paying these regulary. When it all started going t*ts up with the banking industry they raised the interest rate. We carried on as before but last week we received a letter saying they would probably be forced to raise the rate again as they were only a small company and borrowing was becoming increasingly expensive for them. As well as that they incl
  4. Hi We had a new central heating system, hot water cylinder and radiators fitted. Total cost was £14.5k We paid £2k before installation and £10k via a government loan, and have been paying the rest in instalments. Theres around £1k left. Part of the package was a check up inspection after installation. We had issues quickly. The heating worked fine and it gives hot water, but intermittently the hot water stops. We often cant run a bath. After about 2inches of water in the bath the water just stops, won't then come out of any of the taps in the house for 30 to 60 minu
  5. Hello all, Wednesday 14th September 2016 On Wednesday 14th September 2016, I arranged for http://www.powerflush365.co.uk to carry out a power flush of my central heating system, (no heating just hot water), the work duly carried out, on completion of work, time to pay him for the service I requested an invoice for proof of work carried out. He said that he was going to email me the invoice and some sort of certificate for insurance purposes, I then gave him my email address, he wrote it his diary so I handed over the agreed sum and he left. After he left, I realised that I
  6. Hi all i would like some advice on my next course of action. In Sep 2006 i took out a second mortgage for £16k with central trust and the payments are £237 per month over 10 years. Between approx 2008-2010 i was off sick for a while and then in-between jobs and this resulted in me falling behind with all the bills. I would sometime pay late by a few weeks and sometimes miss a month and catch up the month after. This happened until January 2011 when i paid my arrears off and have never missed a payment since. During the missed payment times i was never more than 3 mo
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12017438/City-worker-charged-3700-for-parking-in-central-London-for-six-hours.html I would hope he received more than just a refund.
  8. In 2007 i guaranteed a limited company's hire agreement said on the face of the document to be none regulated. Total payable with interest was £26,903. The finance company are now suing me under the guarantee There is a dispute about how long the guarantee was for But that is not why i am on here posting The Company claims the Agreement was signed at a dealership - whereas it certainly was not. Im just trying to find out if they are saying that because for it to be a genuine none regulated agreement the agreement needed to be signed on trade premises. As it wasn't, does that change
  9. Hi folks can anyone give advice please, I have cover with this company and my boiler is due a service, first time it was arranged for a Saturday morning between 08.00 and 12.00 they called at 11.0 to say they could not attend as they had a a very high volume of emergency call out's and they take priority over service jobs, ok fair enough. Then they kept phoning to remind me my service was overdue??, it was arranged again for today and they would be here between 08.00 and 12.00 and guess what, they called to say they had a very high volume of, blah blah blah.
  10. Well, to say I am absolutely livid would be an understatement! i've had CHC with e.on for a number of months. The initial inspection was fine apparently, and also last week someone came to fix a fault, said it was fixed and gave the boiler a pass. Lo and behold with in a few hours it broke again, no heat or hot water. Another plumber or whatever you want to call the shower of sharks came out today to repair the boiler. He took the cover off and with one look said he couldn't do the repair as it was a pre-existing fault that had been superglued. if this is the case, why was it no
  11. Shocking service. Been told my wife who is 8 months pregnant with her first child has to go without hot water or heating for 4 days until someone can come and have a look. Apparently we/she is not a priority, and duty manager too busy to speak to us. Stick with what you know folks !
  12. Mortgage Arrears and Simple Interest - Is it fair? Took out a secured loan for £10,000 6 years ago. After initial application was accepted we were offered an extra £6000 which we agreed to. At the time I was concerned that we had been issued with two loan separate loan agreements - I wasnt happy with this and voiced this to the loan advisor and was basically reassured that this was just an administration technicality and would not make any difference. He even sent me argos vouchers as a sweetner. 12 months later my husband left me and our business collapsed leaving myself and 3
  13. i am seeking help from anyone on the forum who may be able to help with this difficult PPI claim against GE Money and Central Capital. we borrowed a total of £183,292 remortgaged in november 2005. during a time of financial dificulties, we applied for the mortgage through Central Capital , and GE money approved the mortgage, the total amount borrowed includes paying off for 2 other mortgages. other charges on the agreement is: central capital £1,995, GE money £25, processing and completion costs £575, telegraphic tramsfer fee, £50. and Central Capital Limited£6197. Further letters fro
  14. hi just won 2 cases of ppi against central trust I took out the loans for a total of £22k in 2007 secured on my home. all was going well until I lost my job in 2009. for the next 12 months I struggled to make my repayments to them and fell into arrears eventually giving up and decided to sell the house. with the housing market at rock bottom in dec 2010 I sold it to a property company for two thirds its value. when I came to settle the loans with central trust I had to pay them just short of £30k which they said was for charges of being in arrears le
  15. I am after some advice on PPI on a loan. I made an approach to question the sale of PPI to the loan company Central Trust in 2008 some time after the loan was paid off and then subsequently referred the claim to the FOS in 2009 when Central Trust rejected the claim. The FOS also rejected the claim as they say Central Trust was not under their jurisdiction as the loan was taken out prior to 14th January 2005. Despite this and the time elapsed I still think that I have a really solid case for a claim that the PPI was miss-sold. Is the ruling of the FOS final or do I have another option
  16. I insured my car with 1st Central Insurance Group knowing they had an auto renewal policy. 6 weeks before the policy ran out I received a quote from another company over £100 cheaper. I checked all the term and conditions for cancelling and followed them to the letter. I then called the company and they confirmed the policy had be cancelled. I have just received 3 emails confirming direct debit payment details, policy document and renewal confirmation. I now find this is common with them They deny all knowledge of cancellation and take an admin fee to rectify it. Take my advice - avoid
  17. Can someone settle this for me? My flat gets very cold in winter. It's rented, so I'm not in a position to adapt or modify anything. It's also single-glazed, with a lot of windows. I maintain that it uses less gas to have my central heating on all the time, even when I'm out, but very, very low, so that the heat gradually builds up to a constant temperature, and thus means lower bills in the long run. My girlfriend, on the other hand, insists it's better to have the central heating off at times, especially when we're out, but then whack it up to full when we come back in to a fr
  18. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2013/mar/18/eurozone-crisis-cyprus-bailout-savers-markets#block-514731da95cb3037f5c82a1f The only reason banks function is because of trust, this decision is crazy people are going to lose trust in the system if this plan is enforced. It's basic theft. Time to buy gold and bury it in your garden? Only time will tell but if this gets enforced I'd be very wary about keeping savings in the bank.
  19. I just wanted to share my recent story regarding eon central heating care. I have bin paying for my care for the last 5 years and before my recent issues have had no problems but then never needing it i wouldnt have would i? Anyway in the middle of december(during the very cold spell) our bollier packed up it was losing pressure and needed re pressurising at least once a week untill it stoped working all together i phoned eon and was given a day in 5 days time, bear in mind we have a child of under 1 in the house(hes one now b-day in jan). This was later improved to 3 days but still along
  20. My daughter crashed her car on the 26th May 2012. She swerved to miss a rabbit hit a grass verge which bounced her into th emiddle of the road. She did a 360 turn before crashing through a dry stonewall. She is very lucjy to have got out of the car alive. The car was assessed as a write off and the assessor told her the car was worth £1100. She put in her claim to 1st Central and everything has gone well until now!! Today she received a call from the claims department to say to her that after all the deductions were made there is a payout of £0.00. Out of £1100 there was
  21. Hi just looking for some advice... on two things Firstly, 9 years ago, i took out a loan with sothern pacific finance brokered by central trust. The original loan amount was £5k, over a five year term. I was told that unless i took out ppi, i would not get the the loan. Reluctantly on my part they added £900 to the loan amount for this. Then, 18 months later, i made a further advance on the loan. This loan was with central trust themselves. They paid the earlier loan off which we had taken out, (inc the £900 ppi). So we ended up with a completely new loan,
  22. Central Trust charge £60.00 per month on an account that is in arrears each month.Is this unfair?Could I claim it back from them?i.e by taking it off the arrears?
  23. Hi All Have a secured loan with endeavour personal finance and its got PPI. we dont ever remember taking it out on the loan and at the time were in a major financial crisis so know we would have been aiming to get the lowest repayment per month possible. Called endeavour yesterday to ask about it to be told they never sold it to us a broker did called central capital. I have never heard freom them and dont have any documentation from them either. They only way I seen we had PPI is because we have just had a PPI statement from Endeavour. So I have written to Central c
  24. Hi all, Does anyone know who Broker Central Ltd are ? I have been fighting a very long battle with my PPi insurance and the latestest instalment is that Broker Central were the brokers. I have never heard of them and cannot find anything about them. Thanks:-x
  25. Hi again friends, I am getting really confused with two of my debts, but refuse to ring the numbers given on these letters... I have two debts outstanding with HSBC, one was a current account overdraft and the other was a credit card. I have been paying these off at a very low rate for quite a while now, one with MKPD and the other with metropolitan. I have had a letter this morning telling me that the debt has been referred for immediate collection with central debt recovery unit. and that I must pay the balance by 18.10.12 I see on the bottom of
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