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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I purchased a hot water cylinder back in march and it has developed a leak. I contacted the manufacturer and I have been told that I need to return it to the retailer and they will send it to the manufacturer. I have also been told I will need to pay for a replacement while the leaking cylinder is being checked for faults, if a fault is found I will get a refund back to me. I'm not very happy about having to pay for another while I wait for them to decide if there is even a fault on the leaking one. I would have expected someone from the manufacturer to come and inspect it.
  2. I had repair or replace insurance on an American style fridge freezer with d&g and had to have it replaced they replaced it with one from hot point and gave me one with water and ice which was a bonus however I had to pay £79.00 for delivery and install and I asked if that was a complete install and was told yes! I phoned hotpoint to book a time and was told it was a special team that had to book it as it was an American style unit I spoke with them and confirmed again it was a full install again I was told yes. Imagine then to my dismay that when it was delivered the delivery
  3. On 18th April I had a new washing machine delivered. As soon as the men left, I tried it out. The washing boiled and I scalded my fingers when I tired to remove it. Immediately I contacted Currys by email. I expected them to send the men straight back, but they did not, and a seven month long battle began. Indesit sent an engineer on 6/9 who told me the machine was working perfectly and the fault was mine. When I heard that, I suggested then that perhaps the machine had been connected to the hot water. Without even checking he said it was not. He tol
  4. If you use electric immersion for your hot water tank, then you will probably have a time switch on it so it uses off peak night rate. This is much cheaper than using your gas boiler. But your hot tank may only have old style insulation, even the spray on foam used by manufacturers is inadequate. I found that by wrapping an additional 6" thick layer fibreglass wool around the tank and taping it up with plastic sheeting made a big difference. How did I know - the difference in temperature drop through out the day, given no usage. I was also able to reduce the thermostat to 40C (muc
  5. Hello, I would be very grateful for any advice. I live in an apartment building and we have a different supplier for our water and hot water services. The hot water supplier is SWEnergy and they were chosen by the building management and I had no choice but to deal with them. My account has always been up to date with them this far. I received a new bill from them on the 5th of September for £73.99 along with a letter asking me to provide them with an updated meter reading as there was a problem with their automatic computer systems due to a thunderstorm. My bill for the previous mo
  6. Hello, I bought a hot air hair styler from Argos a few days ago. When I tried to use it, it was awkward to use and didn't curl my hair as it was supposed to to ( it said that the large roller could be used to produce curls at the ends of the locks of hair, but it didn't curl my hair). Also the attachments were difficult to change( you are supposed to push the attachment in, then twist it to secure it, but this was very difficult) .All in all, I was disappointed with the styler, as it didn't do what I thought it would do(i.e. curl the ends of my hair). In fact, none
  7. Hi please can someone help. I recently got a letter from a debt collecting agency on the 4th dec acting on behalf of PCM UK LTD (parking control management uk ltd) for £160. they say they used a tracing service to find the address we currently live at and that parking control management representing a private landowner had sent a PCN dated the 19 October to my old address for the original amount. (we cannot find this original PCN at the old address even though we regularly retrieve our old mail) We contacted the debt collection agency who say our chance to appe
  8. so i have had the gas disconnected permanently because the standing charge has got too expensive, i still have a water supply and electricity, how can i make 100 litres of 40 degree hot water in 20 minutes? i cant change the instant gas water heater thats screwed on the wall to an electric one bcause i dont own the property
  9. Hi there. Writing this on behalf of a friend who is experiencing problems with her letting agents (who operate on behalf of private landlord). Basically has not had hot water for 3 months since she reported it in November 2013. She does however get hot water from the shower. She was finally able to get hot water today but because the water tank is so small she had to heat it twice as she wanted to run a bath. (not enough hot water for the bath) She asked her letting agents if she was due any compensation for being without hot water for such a long time despite her phoning the
  10. I am one of 4 adults living in a house provided by Birmingham City Council. I hope you can help Almost 3 weeks ago our combi-boiler broke leaving us without central heating or hot water. The council attended promptly after reporting it (but beyond their 24 hour promised call out) and said that a total replacement would be advised. The boiler has been fixed on average 3 times a year ever since it was fitted and is in a terrible state. After many phone calls, failed promised visits, we are still without heating. They claimed they have to fit scaffolding before a replacement could be ex
  11. Hi all, We are in quite a sticky situation that I hope someone here can advise on. We moved into an old house 12 months ago that has a fully electric heating and immersion hot water system. The hot water cylinder is a very old copper tank that is about 4feet tall. It has very little/thin original insulation. In October last year we complained to the letting agency that the water was taking 3 hours to heat and wasn't staying hot. She advised us that the insulation was not the landlords responsibility and that we would have to install our own insulation jacket. I challenged that o
  12. Hello all, My partner and I are living in a private rented property which has now been without hot water (not even warm) for just under two months. We have incurred great expense of having to travel to relatives for our weekly bath/shower and also costs associated with continually boiling kettles for hair washing etc. Now, the problem is that our landlord has messed us (and others) about something chronic. My partner has lost days at work and I myself could well do without the stress at the moment as I am dealing with bipolar. I have spoken to my family and things have gotten to
  13. basically as the title says folks. i am with a local housing association called home housing.. currently residing in durham. this has went on for 11 days what can i do?! thanks in advance rikki
  14. New rules come into force today,following campaigns to axe the proposed "Pastie Tax" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19731923
  15. Hi, I am private tenant living in rented flat. I had my short term lease starting Dec 2011. Since december there was no heat and hot water in the aprtment. I sent many reminder to landlord but he did seem bit intrested in fixing anything. After 2 months, in march 4th, I sent him communication regarding moving out due to these issue and his failure to address the same. He came in couple of days without any information in my absense. My family (Wife and children) were at home. Now, he emailed me that it was my fault that I didn't turned on few switches . Meanwhile, I had already given adva
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