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  1. Hi bill They are asking as a contractual charge. I am relatively new to the site but now I believe I have enough knowledge now to counter there demand with a solid argument. I will be writing them a stern letter and will keep everyone updated as the situation progresses . Thankyou for your advice Jaz
  2. hello Cardiff devil cool name by the way!! No because the only correspondence we received was from there debt collection agency called DRP LTD acting on there behalf 6 weeks later from the alleged date. They say they represent PCM LTD and say a charge was original sent at the time by PCM to my original address so whatever was in this original letter we do not know. Only by visiting PCM's website through a google search did we find the CCTV footage in there "view evidence section". When we called them they reckon they sent a notice 2 days after the event but we never got it in the mail. regards jaz
  3. Hi martin no it uses the word charge . Also we were visiting private flats. I'm not a resident there. The parking bay is outside of the flats but within the confines of the land. The signage is adequately and clearly displayed next to the parking bay. Can PCM Ltd send a NTK based solely on CCTV and if so does it not have to be sent within 14 or 28 days to be valid ?
  4. hi dx many thanks for your reply. yes moved over a year ago but had not informed DVLA. funny thing is did not get the original invoice from them. The people who live at our old address are very good with keeping any mail in our names. Can you elaborate about markings having no legal standing on parking on private land? I've never heard this before. The land is a block of flats by the way. The sign also was very clear about the terms of parking and what the fine would be. Do you speak from experience in this. kind regards jaz
  5. Hi please can someone help. I recently got a letter from a debt collecting agency on the 4th dec acting on behalf of PCM UK LTD (parking control management uk ltd) for £160. they say they used a tracing service to find the address we currently live at and that parking control management representing a private landowner had sent a PCN dated the 19 October to my old address for the original amount. (we cannot find this original PCN at the old address even though we regularly retrieve our old mail) We contacted the debt collection agency who say our chance to appeal is now gone as we did not respond to the original notice at the time. PCM have a website where you can put in the claim reference number and car reg. it shows photographic evidence of my car not parked strictly within the confines of the parking bay (i.e outside of the white line potentially causing obstruction) I was only there for 3 minutes max. There are no charges for parking there as your allowed 20 minutes. First question is- what can I do if I did not receive the original notice? how can they prove they sent it to me? after viewing the photographic evidence online and reading the parking notice on the lamppost it says that the fine will be £50 if paid within 14 days going up to £100 after. (now its £160 via the debt agency) Can you only appeal in the first 28 days ? Is the fee they are asking excessive ? The car is registered in my name but I was not the driver of the vehicle my partner was. Many thanks for your help
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