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Found 13 results

  1. I have a mobile account with o2, my bill is late by 1 1/2 months at this point as ive had a few financial issues this month. I am expecting a bit of a cash boost into my account this week due to selling a few items and the money being transferred via paypal. I expect to have it in my account by monday. However in the space of this month 1/2 I havnt paid my bill ive had a disconnection notice last week on the Thursday saying the account had been disconnected but if action is taken that can be reversed if the monies owed are paid, thats happened slightly fast (because its not
  2. I own a pub last year got hammered with rate rises which has had a pretty rough impact on the business.... even though they aren't yet at the peak of the new ones the amount on rent and rates leaves cashflow very tight. I've had Engage services contact me for a debt of just over a grand they've refused any payment plan saying they intend to disconnect. The account is a business account, however the pub is downstairs and we live above it with 2 young children there too. I know residential addresses cannot be cutoff but business can be but we only have one source o
  3. Hi, I'm looking for advice on the least painful way to deal with this. We received a letter from npower addressed to a company at our residential address. The letter is a threat to apply for a warrant to disconnect the electricity supply at this address. The letter is addressed to "XXX trading as YYY" at our address. We've lived here for two years and have not been an npower customer at any point. Checking our "Meter Point Administration Number" shows we're a customer of another supplier. About 100 metres away is the location of the company the letter should have b
  4. Hello, I would be very grateful for any advice. I live in an apartment building and we have a different supplier for our water and hot water services. The hot water supplier is SWEnergy and they were chosen by the building management and I had no choice but to deal with them. My account has always been up to date with them this far. I received a new bill from them on the 5th of September for £73.99 along with a letter asking me to provide them with an updated meter reading as there was a problem with their automatic computer systems due to a thunderstorm. My bill for the previous mo
  5. Hi Everyone A friend of mine has Virgin TV, Internet and Phone line, Big kahuna On Saturday I rang him to see if he was OK, has serious heath issues. Went to see him and nothing was working, phone line not working so on. Anyway after a long phone call to Virgin this morning on friends behalf today Found out that some one had Maliciously phoned Virgin saying my friend had Died sometime at the end of March this year. Yes that's right told Virgin my friend was Deceased. My friend is very much alive and kicking this morning. I got Virgin to reconnect his te
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer any advice or point me to an organization that can help. The story is as follows, rightly or wrongly. I sent BG a letter stating they have 28 days to object or I would commence with having my own meter installed into the property under Schedule 7 Electricity Act 1989. They failed to object so I commenced, Had the meter installed August this year. I provided meter serial numbers, start readings etc etc to BG. Then a chap requested to inspect the meters at 9pm Monday night (10/11/14) which I let him do, he said it was unsafe and then had
  7. I have recently taken over a business and switched electricity to British Gas from the previous owners supplier N-power. Today I returned to my business after having a few days break to see that my business had been broken into and my electric switched off. After ringing the police and asking my neighbours if they seen anyone I was informed it was someone from an electric company. I then rang British Gas who told me my supplier was N-power. I then rang N-power and was told they had gained entry and switched off my electric. They left the door to my business dam
  8. Hi all, Posting this on behalf of my father who today received a hand delivered letter from Meterplus with a big orange sticker claiming" Disconnection Notice Gas/Electricity. My father recently moved suppliers from Npower to E-on and the Disconnection Notice is from Npower where there is a balance of £300+ owing. He moved his duel fuel supply to E-on in Oct 2013 and has received his first bill from them. My father is getting on and rather forgetful lately but this has scared him somewhat. I have tried to assure him that Npower can't disconnect him as they are no longer hi
  9. We moved into this house in March this year the supplier was for the gas supply was with British Gas, I had tried to change suppliers to another company, however they blocked it claiming a bill hadn't been paid, this bill was for £16.68, and yes I had missed it, the letter they wrote stated that the reason for blocking the supply was this unpaid bill which was fair enough even if it was only for a pathetic £16, this was then paid and I thought nothing more of it, and expected the transfer process to go ahead. I next received a bill at the beginning of August from B
  10. Hi, Having major problems with Talktalk, have been speaking with them today to cancel the phone and broadband service after being with them for 15 years. They have told me I have to pay £35 disconnection fee as somehow my contract was renewed in March this year, although I don't see how or why. They advised they phoned to renew the contract as they do each year, but I strongly deny this as it would have gone onto a rolling contract like any other service. Is this something you guys have heard of? Edit: To add, we won't be moving to a property with a fixed landline as i
  11. hi all, not really got time to go into too much detail right now with the background of how this all came up (will give details tomorrow when I can) but due to changes in circumstances certain benefits got stopped last year and took quite a few months to be restarted again. .the same has happened over the summer this year and both of these instances have resulted in a build up of debt. I am on the verge of being taken to court for repossession of my home (local authority) but have paid the majority of what I owe with back payments of the benefits I have just had reinstate
  12. Having moved house i am using the energy suppliers that the seller used after moving out of my last house making the cut from British gas they have billed me for a disconnection fee and now a late payment fee(£14)! they claim i had a contract i never sighed anything.I only agreed to pay them for energy used The disconnection fee(£50) it never was disconnected as my buyers have picked up the supply can they charge this Have written to BG they have failed to respond Thanks:-D
  13. Hi all, Long time member of this Forum but 1st post I moved into this flat back in July 2009. The previous tenant had left a while previous owing a lot in rent and utilities - in particular her Electric bills. I have never met the woman and her current whereabouts are unknown to my landlord (he would like to catch up with her as well) British Gas have been sending regular letters to her which i have always returned as "No longer at this address, return to sender" Up till now I was quite unconcerned by the whole thing, however.......... A couple of days ago i recieved a lett
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