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  1. Hi thanks for your reply. The information on those pages does not specify exactly a situation where a tenant has to wait a long time for urgent repairs to be carried out. Yes it says they can arrange the repairs themselves (if they have the money) but the repairs are now complete. I am asking if compensation is relevant because of no hot water in the flat. I just wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation with their landlord. Its easier if someone else has been through it and successfully brought action or claimed compensation.
  2. She has had health problems. But she has phoned the lettings agents and each time she phones she was given an excuse (e.g. they have to get in touch with landlord to authorise work, getting part etc) But my friend certainly hasnt left it she gets fobbed off you see. I would say since November she has been in touch with them to get action at least 10 times.
  3. Hi there. Writing this on behalf of a friend who is experiencing problems with her letting agents (who operate on behalf of private landlord). Basically has not had hot water for 3 months since she reported it in November 2013. She does however get hot water from the shower. She was finally able to get hot water today but because the water tank is so small she had to heat it twice as she wanted to run a bath. (not enough hot water for the bath) She asked her letting agents if she was due any compensation for being without hot water for such a long time despite her phoning them about it multiple times. She was told that she had hot water via the shower so no compensation is due. Is this true? (Shes based in Scotland if this makes any difference) Another thing the letting agents do is let workmen etc into my friend's flat without letting her know....i thought that they had to give notice of this? thanks for any help
  4. Quick update Council refused my full and final settlement of £900 However they have conceded that the CT banding for the property is wrong! (its too high) So they have put things on hold (ie the sheriff officers) until they can re-calculate the figure. Interestingly i SAR ed the Sheriff Officers (dealing with the CT account to check amount of charges etc) and they have cashed my £10 cheque but no word on receiving anything yet. How long should i wait? And after that point i should send a LBA then? RE: rent. setup monthly payments for a low amount which surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) they readily accepted. But ive still got to get solicitor advice on it (just havent had time atm) But im quite please about the CT re-assessment thing
  5. its not that which is in dispute and which annoys me its this: 1. I was hoping they would have a "duplicate" of the receipt they gave me when i paid the last rent because i was sure i had paid all rent due. They dont so ce's la vies i'll have to pay it because their computer says so. 2. They added on 1 months rent because when i moved i apparently didnt give them 1 months notice. At the time i was advised by a council representative that it was fine for me to move but again ce's la vies. But anyway i just want to put this behind me and out of my face. i'll pay the rent and ill pay £900 of the 1100 CT ( i will -NOT- pay charges added on...because its not right:mad:)
  6. the hard copies taken from a screenshot of their computer records system do have dates and payment amounts yeah.
  7. phoned the council about the rent receipt thing Apparently (according to what someone told me on the phone) they dont keep hardcopy receipts. Their system will register that X has been paid on X date but they dont have a duplicate of the hardcopy receipit they gave me. I thought legally they had to have this? Dont know if it makes any difference anyway.
  8. thanks rory Ok situation at present: Rent: They sent me some hardcopies of their records on this. Basically computer printouts saying how much i owed. They did not send anything with my signature on it. Normally when you pay the rent you get a receipit for it which i thought you signed as well. I wondered if maybe they should have a copy of this? In any case ive agreed to pay back £30 a month in the meantime. So thats that sorted. Council Tax Ive not received any word from the council about the full and final settlement (and complaint) letter i sent to them (which was cced to local councillor) It looks like the summary warrant was not granted? (remember i mentioned before it said on a CT form that it had?) Reason being is that today i received a letter from the Sheriff Officers wanting full payment of £1100 within 7 days or they are applying for summary warrant. EDIT **** my mistake "it says on the letter from the Sheriff Officers " Unless the above amount is remitted to this office within 7 days, enforcement under the Summary Warrant may follow without further notice. I guess i can just phone my local court and ask them if a summary warrant has been granted???? Hopefully i'll be speaking to one of the city councillors today about this issue. Because theres a few things ive complained about a) the delay b) incorrect banding c) the charges on top In any case can i claim back the charges? They arent a bank so im not sure if i can. Basically ive offered to pay £900 in full (approx £200 of the £1100 is charges) So S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) time? (with cheque for £10) to claim back the charges?
  9. sent out the letters today recorded delivery 2 about the council tax (1 cced to councillor) If we dont come to an agreement regarding a full and final payment for council tax then ill just pay them a low monthly amount ...i dont earn a lot of money...i was basically funding this by selling stuff i have and borrowing money from my brother. 2 about the rent (1 cced to councillor)
  10. Godmother why dont you think i can CCA the council with respect to the rent situation? I am just asking them for hardcopy proof that i owe outstanding rent? Or is that an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) ? or just merely a letter asking them for proof that i owe the money?
  11. arghh :/ just checked 1 of the statements from the actual council (which i got about a week before i got the letter above from Scott and Co) and it says on it the summary warrants were granted??? ive heard nothing and been sent nothing with regard to that.
  12. Hi thanks Godmother I'm concerned about the appeals process and i'm quite surprised at the apparent limitation of 6 months timelines to appeal against council tax banding.. was hoping someone could clarify that for me....possibly i read it wrong. Its just because theres been a lot of publicity about the council tax reclaiming thing on other websites.
  13. *bump* ideas anyone? good to send it as above?
  14. COUNCIL TAX typing up the full and final settlement letter send to council including a complaint letter about their lack of communication to me regarding this debt (4 years to get in touch?) which basically was because of a lack of communication between their departments cc ing everything to local councillor + include the letter i have from Jobcentre stating when i was in receipt of JSA (i definately claimed CT benefit as well i think) + should i mention that i think that i was charged at the wrong CT rate? Ie band C when all other properties surrounding mine were Band B. But according to the scottish assessors website its too late for me to appeal this ? RENT also doing the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) for council over the rent cc ing to local councillor because also complaining about length of time it takes for them to get in touch with me regarding the debt. anything else?
  15. removed some of the personal details and four reference numbers (2002, 2002, 2003 and 2004)
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