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Found 23 results

  1. Back in late October 2014 we purchased an Hitachi Fridge Freezer. One of those amazing offers reduced from £499 to £349. In mid April it failed with a code (5r) being displayed. I called Argos and was advised that I should find a company to check it out and produce a report then they would make a decision. The mention of 3 and a half years was an obstacle I was told. Just how hard to find someone anyhow eventually (and a mini fridge purchase later) I find a local company. 2 visits and 2 hours later they decided it was an exceptionally small leak over time and repaired it. They had a charge whatever plus an additional charge for the re-gassing. Come late May I write to Argos and get a fobbed off reply that I used an unauthorised company (what?!) and they offer me a £30 store voucher. This is NOT April the 1st. I then reply again and again I get a letter after a month still offering a voucher and it appears I've been 'dismissed'. On Sunday 5th August and two months has passed we are back to that '5r' fault display. The unit has totally failed and I'm in despair. What can I do?
  2. My new fridge freezer was due for delivery yesterday, but the delivery guy said that he noticed that it was broken as he was about to take it off the van. He said that he would order another one and that it would be delivered today. However, this morning I recieved a phone call from currys saying that this new Samsung freedge freezer is also damaged and that they will order another one, and that they will deliver this on Friday. I told them that the fridge freezer that I was supposed to get yesterday was broken, to which they said that this one is also broken. I have to say that I do not believe them, but said that this was okay, but if they fail to deliver on Friday then I will cancel. The only reason I did not cancel today is that John Lewis does not have any Samsung fridge freezers of the same type and price in stock, but this is not giving me any confidence in currys. I am also lucky in that I am on sickness benefits or else I would have had to take three days off work.
  3. Hi can anyone tell me what my rights are regarding a Fridge Freezer which was noisy from day one. According to the manual some noise of the refrigerant is 'normal' but the noise is meant to stop after a 'couple of weeks' once everything has 'settled down'. It hasn't! It crackles and pops like a bowl of Rice Crispies with Tourettes! It is in the kitchen but can be heard in the lounge and upstairs when we are in bed. I was willing to wait a while to see if it stopped but it is clear now it has not improved. Not sure if this is relevant but this is the second one we have had. The first one was not the same as the one in the picture on the website and the door was dented. I spent ages (and lots of 10p's per minute) on the phone trying to find out which model was the one in the picture. After assurances that the first one must have been old stock the second one turned up and was the same. I informed the driver this was not the one we were told we were getting and he phoned his 'office/depot' and told them as well as writing this on the delivery note we signed. Would this count as rejection of the item at delivery? If not/so what action should I take? Thanks in advance PS It is less than 6 months old.
  4. Hello All, I had a Beko Fridge Freezer delivered on 18th February and as advised, left it for 8 hours before switching on. On turning it on, there were strange sounds, some clicking and loud screeching sound, a bit like a cat being strangled. I called Currys and was asked to talk to Beko, which I did. I was told this could be due to gases in the system and that I ought to wait a few weeks. It is now coming up to a month and the noise has not stopped. I asked for a Beko engineer, who came out today and said this was not faulty but the sounds were something found in the frost free type fridge freezers. While he acknowledged that it was problem, said nothing could be done as it is not listed as a fault. I have called Currys to say that under the Sale of Goods act I wish to return the item. The have replied that it is now a used item and also as they cannot power the fridges in-store , the noise is not their responsibility. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I had repair or replace insurance on an American style fridge freezer with d&g and had to have it replaced they replaced it with one from hot point and gave me one with water and ice which was a bonus however I had to pay £79.00 for delivery and install and I asked if that was a complete install and was told yes! I phoned hotpoint to book a time and was told it was a special team that had to book it as it was an American style unit I spoke with them and confirmed again it was a full install again I was told yes. Imagine then to my dismay that when it was delivered the delivery guy said they couldn't install it as there was supposed to already be a tap plumbed in to attach it to no one hade ever mentioned this I was furious but hotpoint stated I should have known this ( I'm not an engineer how was I supposed to know )I had to pay a plumber £80.00 pound to install it . However the fridge then died the next day and ruined all my food I had to fight to get a replacement as they couldn't get me an engineer to assess it for 5 weeks what a joke. They came to replace after much arguing and lo and behold when the moved the fridge out there was a large tear in my flooring underneath which wasn't there before they delivered the first fridge they then proceeded to drag the fridge across my flooring putting to long and deep dents across my kitchen diner floor. I called them about it and had to get an engineer as the second replacement fridge handle came off in my hand I was assured that the engineer would also inspect the floor damage when he attended and we could resolve that issue. The engineer arrived and when I asked him to inspect the floor as per customer services instructions and he laughed and said it wasn't his his job to do that and customer services at hotpoint were always saying stuff like that to get people off the phone I called customer services furious and was told to email my complaint in writing and the escalation department would deal with it that was six weeks ago and still no phone call I emailed again 3 weeks ago and received a reply from an alleged customer service director apologising and stating that someone would contact me shortly I am at my wits end as still have had no call my flooring covers a large kitchen/ dining area and will be expensive to replace can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction of what my options are to force them to resolve this as I am at a loss any help would be gratefully appreciated I Would certainly not recommend a hotpoint product to anyone and I would never buy from them again as their customer service department are a comple and utter joke
  6. Back in February we bought a fridge freezer from our local John Lewis store. We noticed around June that there was an excessive build up of ice on the back of the fridge. We called out the engineer and he said it was normal. He also showed me where the ice goes when it melted. We then noticed in July that the ice was melting and the water was landing/dripping onto food on the shelves beneath it. I sent another email to JL and they arranged for the engineer to return - his response was that because of all the fridge magnets on the front of the fridge door had caused the door to become misaligned, due to the weight of all the magnets, preventing the door from sealing properly! I did have to laugh ! What a pathetic excuse. Ironically, it was the same engineer who came before and hadnt said anything about the magnets then ! Hmmm ! I have now told the store that I am now exercising my rights under the sales of Goods act 1979 to either repair or replace the defective fridge freezer. However, should this fail would I have any redress from the bank as I used my debit card to pay ? How long do you have before you are no longer entitled to claim ? thanks Dean
  7. After a little bit of advice at the moment… I am concerned our integrated Neff Fridge Freezer may not be fit for purpose (as opposed to faulty). I purchased it from AO.com roughly 18 months ago and paid via credit card. For the moment I have been following the manufactures warranty claim procedure. I am aware my contract is with the retailer but elected to contact the manufacture as I deemed this the path of least resistance and quickest route to a working fridge freezer. To their credit, they have been very quick in despatching engineers and overall I am pleased with their response. Unfortunately however it hasn’t necessarily resolved my concern. To put it into context, last Wednesday was the hottest day for several years, I believe temperatures peaked around 34c in the hottest parts of the country, and that’s when problems started. I came downstairs at roughly 10PM and heard the fridge freezer alarm sounding. I went to check and the freezer was at -10 (it should be -18). I attributed it to what had been a hot day (though by this point it was obviously much cooler), put the freezer on to ‘super’ mode and assumed it would be back to normal in the morning. By the morning it was still alarming, this time at -2! That’s despite being on ‘super’ freezing all night! I contact Neff who advise me to do a manual defrost (turn it off for 8 hours). Once I had done this (pretty inconvenient) I turned it back on. The fridge very quickly reached its set temperature of 4c. The freezer did absolutely nothing for at least 5 hours until we went to bed. I contact Neff who arrange an engineer visit. Annoyingly, at some point during the night the freezer miraculously started working and by breakfast time it was at -7. By evening it was back to -18. At this point I prepared to put it down to ‘weirdness’ and hope that it’s just a one off. Not wanting to end up paying for an engineer to find “no fault” I cancel the visit. Saturday comes and it’s also a pretty warm day. Early afternoon the freezer alarm sounds again, its back at -7. I clear the alarm and reside myself to the fact it really is faulty. I did not monitor the temperature beyond this but noted the alarm light was on until my last observation in the evening. I call Neff once again and schedule an engineer visit. But, once again come the next morning it’s back at -18. Being quite convinced there is something wrong with it I see through with the engineer visit. The engineer has today visited and whilst being helpful and thorough, unable to isolate any particular fault putting it down to a “glitch with the weather”. I attempt to clarify this, but don’t really get anywhere – the freezer is rated for ambient conditions up to 38c – even in the hottest parts of the country it’s only touched 34c. To my mind a £1000 Neff fridge freezer should be the best of the best, I shouldn’t get nonsense like this just because it gets a bit warm – a freezer should by definition keep food frozen (within its rated environment). If no individual component is faulty yet the system as a whole does not meet specification surely this renders the device not fit for purpose? My question is; if I ever wanted to bring a claim against the retailer under the sale of goods act how would I substantiate this? Even an independent engineer may not be able to document a specific fault - It appears to be a result of an under specification in the units design. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not like this is a cheap and cheerful fridge freezer – it really should be able to cope with the extremes of a British summer, as indeed significantly cheaper models do.
  8. I bought the Beko CDA648FS which is a double fridge freezer for £80 on eBay. I found that it is running constantly and doesn't turn off, which points to a faulty thermostat. Anyway, after searching parts, I found that the particular model is due for a recall because of a house fire a similar model caused. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011322/Beko-fridge-freezer-recall-Bermondsey-tower-block-warning-half-million-families.html Do I have any hope in a refund, or even replacement from Beko? EDIT: Nevermind! I used the Beko checker and it said my one is not affected. Feel free to delete!
  9. Here goes my story, I ordered a fridge from Curry's to be delivered on a Saturday. Because their website had a problem on that day, I ordered over the phone to check delivery schedules (this is not affecting the rest of the story but is noted in case relevant). The truck arrived at the allocated time, I had also scheduled to have my old fridge taken away. It was a fully functioning fridge for the record, but small and wanted to save the trouble of disposal. The fridge was packaged and unpacked in front of me, all looking good and in perfect condition externally. They moved it inside my kitchen and I was told to wait for two hours before running for the oil to settle from transit. As soon as they were gone, I took notice of the motor at the rear. The positioning of the motor appeared wrong and a closer look revealed the motor had been misplaced from its base. The base had two long steel pins were the motor was originally sitting upon. At the same time I found a round rubber piece, which I understand to be a vibration absorber, lying around. The other one was missing. Also noted a 2 inch crack on the plastic back of the fridge, behind the motor, indicating the motor had come off it's position and hit the back of the fridge. All this a clear indication of impact, either by a fall on transit or carriage. I immediately called their customer support to speak to a very polite lady, who informed me they could offer a 10% discount for the damage and further replace the appliance if a fault was presented within 28 days. And beyond that period I would be dealing with the manufacturer warranty. Or, process the appliance for a return and replacement, but with absolutely no guarantee of having a new fridge on the same or the next day. They also said that if I plugged the appliance on the mains and operated it, then it would mean acceptance of the appliance. My response was that I paid for a new fridge and I could not speculate whether the motor would be working properly, leaking, present a fault due course, make noise or fail due to prior damage and/or imbalanced operation, as it was obviously not in place according to the manufacturer's design. So, the sort answer was "no, I will not take a risk, I'd rather have a new one as per description and please make it quick". At the same time, it was even more frustrating to be told that I cannot use it while having my old -perfectly working- fridge removed and nearly £200 worth of shopping to keep cool (fresh meat and fish included), I would have to waste all my food. After all, I was getting a new fridge and was planning to store my shopping in there. Plus I could not possibly test it due to the settling time involved. I basically told them they would either have to return my old fridge back as it was minutes away or take responsibility for my shopping. But there is more... They asked me to read them the serial number of the appliance in order to process the return, which is located in the fridge compartment. I removed the protection tape from the door and still couldn't open the door! Here comes the fun part, I managed to open the door slightly, risking to break something only to realise that two of the glass shelves inside the fridge had lodged into the door (yes believe it or not) revealing the insulation foam inside the door. At that point the conversation turned to "fully damaged appliance"! They accepted the fridge was damaged and would be replaced, but they could not process the return over the weekend because the department responsible was closed. I said that the shopping needed to be stored or someone with a managerial position would have to take responsibility for this amount of food going to waste. They eventually said that I could use the appliance to store food but had to make sure it doesn't look like it had been "used". What on earth is that supposed to mean, it's like telling someone to use a saucepan and then try to put it back in the box and return it as new. It was a really frustrating situation, I wasn't even sure if the fridge was working after all. They promised to deal with it asap and call first thing on Monday, so we left it at that as I was fuming. The damage is clearly due to a fall in transit, I have never seen a glass shelf slicing through the plastic of the door, it could only happen from inertia and a very hard braking...bang. I managed to run the fridge (even the light was gone) as no alternatives were coming to mind, otherwise had to spend all weekend without a fridge. The problem is that the entire situation has been a great inconvenience and just having a new appliance will not cut it. I will have to take time off work to resolve this asap, which means losing income and I also don't know how they will handle the situation when it gets picked up. AFAIK all the communication was being recorded. Needless to add that I have taken a thorough set of photos from all the damages.
  10. Hi All Today l recieved a letter from argos re a larder fridge l brought in November 2012. It was in regards to the energy efficiency rating it was given. TBH l was not fully concerned re this when l brought it just that it was big enough to go in the space it was the second thought re the fridge. Todays letter, I have summerised it, says the National Measurement office (NMO) and Argos conducted a investigation into the energy efficiency of the fridge and concluded that the product was using more than stated on the table. It was rated a + but it is actually a As part of the discussions between the NMO and Argos it was agreed it would be appropriate to compensate customers for the additional energy costs that l would incur over the anticipated lifespan of the appliance. The NMO has calculated that over the estimated life of the product it was likely to cost customer up to a additional £25 in electricity charges based on current tariffs and usage. As result they have enclosed a cheque for £25 to cover the additional expenditure. Please be assured that there is no saftey or other issue affecting your product. Please accept our appologies for this issue. Argos strives to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and meet all technical and enviromental standards working with the industry and regulators to continually improve performance. Its signed by a contact centre manager. I have a few questions naturally. l have tried to speak to someone on the phone at Argos but the customer services staff cant give me more info as they can only tell me whats in the letter. The department that deals with these things does not take phonecalls or make phone calls and they cant be contacted by email or contacted in any way by customers nor can they contact customers. Also the customer services lady did not give me the details of the department l needed she said she would find out off her supervisor but cut me off. I decided that another 2 hours trying to get answers/being on hold was not worth being hung up on. I was not aware of the problem before and no one has contact me re electricity company or tariff were on tho l would assume they could easily find that out. * How do the work out what the anticipated lifespan of the appliance is * How do they no what the estimated life of the product is. * How did they come to the conculsion the additional cost is £25 * What tariff and usage did they use. * How did they determin how l use it. It might be a back up or second fridge. * How do l no this is correct as not every company charges the same. * If l accept the cheque, they sent it with the letter as said above, and put it in my bank can l still challenge there findings re the tariffs etc. * I understand the warrenty is only a year but l did read a while back about a judge ruling the Sofa, I think, should have lasted longer than that and a reasonable period of time tho l dont no what a reasonable amount of time is or if this applys to other goods like fridges. The fridge is still working I expect it to work for several more years to come. My last one lasted about 7 years and TBH was and still is fine, l sold it to a lady down road, just it was clogging up a bit. Also have a freezer of the same style that is 7 yrs old and a chest freezer that is 9 yrs old. Am l to then assume these have gone on longer than there anticipated lifespan and the estimated life of the product. Any advice would be great.
  11. Hi there I purchased a Samsung Fridge / Freezer in October 2010 through Laskys. I paid for it using my M&S Credit card. About 6 months ago, I noticed that the internal white plastic at the back of the fridge had developed a number of cracks, some hairline in nature, others about 3/4 mm wide. Looks like old, cracking paint does. As Laskys (part of Comet) is now bankrupt, I contacted Samsung. They informed me that the fridge was out of warranty and they would not repair it. They referred me to an authorised repairer, but I opted not to go down this route as the repair would probably cost more than a new fridge considering the whole plastic interior would have to be replaced. After a recent TV program regarding faulty goods and how long they should last, I decided to contact my credit card provider and see what they have to say. No point in going after Laskys in this case. M&S have now sent me a letter about my claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. They state that in order to make a claim, the onus lies with me to prove that there is a manufacturing defect with the product and they want me to provide an independent inspection report. Having spoken to a few companies, it looks like such a report is going to cost in the region of £150. As the type of damage is clearly a manufacturing defect or material failure, do I need to have the report done and who pays for it? Is the bank trying to make things difficult in the hope that I go away. Advice on next steps would be appreciated.
  12. Can anyone figure this one out. I recently defrosted the freezer part of a fridge/freezer and have since worked out that the fridge part uses less electricity when the thermostat is set to a lower temperature. For some reason the fridge is much better at sustaining a lower temperature, than it was when I thought I had it set at a more economic setting. Is it just that the thermostat is dodgy or that with a higher temperature setting, the fridge is having to turn of/off to try to obtain a temperature that it is difficult to manage, as part of a fridge/freezer set up. i.e if the fridge temperature is closer to that of the freezer, it is easier to manage in the overall set up.
  13. Evening all Was wantin to pick your brains over an issue I have with Samsung. I bought an american style fridge freezer in december of 2007, which turned out to have dangerous manufacturing defects, samsung sent out an engineer to rectify this. When it was 3 and a half years old it packed in , with what turned out to be a design fault (featured on watchdog) samsung replaced it. The SAME fault has now occurred (3 years on) and samsung are adamant that this slightly newer model does not have the same design fault and will not do anything. I quoted SOGA to no avail. This was a £1000 purchase, I would expect the 1st one to still be going strong at this point not for the 2nd to have packed in too!!! Any advice on next steps anyone? Am I going to have to fork out?
  14. This could be a fun one.... A few weeks ago we moved house and our fridge freezer is the American type, tall with two vertical doors. We've had it a few years, a few small dents here and there. We weren't able to move it ourselves because of the size but (for those of you who know), we found someone on the Facebook "selling" groups locally - called Jean Claude Van Man. He quoted £35 to move it with two people for which we agreed. They arrive with a large transit sized van and proceed to pick it up (without really assessing anything) - they lift it on it's side (so the freezer door would swing open), and start taking it out of our rear double doors (there is a step down to a patio area). As the chap at the back inside the house gets towards it, he stumbles forward dropping it out the door, it landing on it's freezer door edge. Shelves spill out, one of them cracking the plastic frame. I'm not impressed by this point, so they upright it and get it on a sack truck(!) and get it to the van. By this point my partner points out that they better have insurance to cover the damage ... nothing is said. They load it in the van on it's side, pushing it in on a blanket of some description. Unloading at the other end is easier but I notice how much damage has been caused. Chips down the edge of the freezer door and at the bottom where it scraped. Scratches on the inside of the fridge door and a nice white scratch on the front of the door. Later on I put 1 and 1 together and realised that there is a nice long dent on the side of the unit, exactly where they had pushed it in the transit van. I got a "sorry about that" but thinking I was doing the right thing I paid them £35 (in thinking that by paying what I had agreed I kept my part of the contract therefore could take them to court for cost to repair or replace depending which is cheaper). So it ends up going back on Facebook that they drop it to which it is virtually flatly denied and they claim "they have offered to put it right" for which they have done nothing. I was given an address to write to to make my complaint for which I have sent a letter recorded delivery. Not delivered and it hasn't been collected (9 days now since attempted delivery) - I'm pretty sure I'm having it returned. There were messages on Facebook from them to us but they have now blocked us and the messages appear from "Facebook User" (but on the main screen it shows the name). I have a certain amount of evidence of them admitting liability but in my letter I request details of their liability insurers, which I'm 99.9% sure they don't have. My question in all of this is, assuming the letter is returned with no delivery, based on the above - is this sufficient to take them to court for compensation? I would request the amount it would cost to put it back to pre-dropped condition - whatever it costs to repair doors, failing that, replace doors, and if that's too expensive, replace the entire unit. I understand my evidence is mostly unsubstantiated but I have plenty of pictures of the damage and a few screenshots from facebook and also the messages we have from them. My next move? Many thanks.
  15. Hi, We have bought fridge freezer (RL60GZEMG) from Currys .Freezer delivered on 10-Aug-2014 and was advised to leave for 8 hours before switching on which we did however afterwords noticed two faults with the fridge freezer. 1-Paint Fault on internal panel - It seems someone made a rework at manufacturing facility and its obvious when you open the door. We have paid £629 for brand new condition whereas this one should have been classified as outlet/discounted due to paint fault. I called Currys and they have booked engineer visit. Engineer came (14-Aug-2014) and took picture with his mobile phone (with broken screen) and advised to wait call from Samsung in 48 hrs. Today I received call from Samsung and they said its working as it should be and there is no fault with the fridge!!! 2- Second thing, Fridge motor was very loud. We waited an overnight to see if that was a loudness due to first kick off but wasn’t, it didn’t go away. I have decided to measure dB with my phone and it was showing 84dB whereas its advertised as 40dB. During the engineer visit i mentioned that point as well and he removed back cover and checked the motor (didn’t say nothing) and did not measure the loudness just said its normal wait until it wears out and it won’t make same sound!!! At the end we decided to return this back to Currys. I have send them an email on 11-Aug-2014 requesting return and no response received for a while and I have called Currys to say that under the cooling off 7 days I wish to return the item. They have told me that as the item has been powered on,they term it as having been "used" and as such they wont take it back. Now I’m quite frustrated and equally confused. Currys doesn't accept return back whereas I know we have statuary right to return anything back within first 14 days regardless of open/unopened condition of the item. Samsung doesn’t recognise above two points and i end up requesting another engineer visit but i do not want to play with fault card even though there is a genuine fault with the product. Can you please advise me how can get Currys to accept this return, who do i need to escalate this? to Ombudsman, Trade office or Citizen advise bureau honestly fed up with this and desperate for any help. Many thanks
  16. Hi guys can someone help We have a BEKO fridge freezer, with extended comet warrenty. Ive just spoken to the guys that have taken ownership of the warranty and they have refused to help - stating cosmetic issue not a breakdown. The problem is the freezer door has rusted, under the paintwork!!. Near the water dispenser and at the foot of the door. there is no damage on the door and it has been kept dry and clean. The machine was purchased 17/10/2011. The warranty centre said to call beko as its a manufacturing issue. When i called beko on 01923 654649 (head office number) they passed the buck back to the warranty centre. I then explained this is a manufacturing issue not a breakdown. He then said i will give you a number of a repair centre that will do the job at my cost!! I then said under the sales of goods act he needs to address this issue, he said its void as it was with comet?!?!. I was just amazed at the poor attitude of beko customer service, he was not helpful or had an ounce of empathy in him. I came of the phone steaming. Can anyone give me any pointers which direction i should go now to get this expensive 2 1/2 year old machine repaired before it falls to pieces under its own weight. If anything i now know i wont be purchasing beko again, i will stick to the samsungs from now on, i wish i had in this case it was only that the beko was slightly larger when we bought it.
  17. I have been trying to return a fridge to Currys that I bought online and was delivered 3 days ago. Having called their 0844 561 1234 phoneline and got a no since the fridge has been plugged in it is classed as used, i disagreed as plugged in means plugged in, putting food inside the fridge means used. Anyway this conversation went on between the terms of retuning a product to Currys focusing on the definition of installed and used and plugged in. Since 99% of the items sold by Currys are electrical then they by their own terms and conditions have no returns, since all goods need to be plugged in. I got a supervisor to call be back and even he would not assist me, I asked him to contact his manager, but he told me they would give me the same answer, no refund. If someone can please point me in the right direction on sorting my problem. We bought a fridge online from Currys and it was delivered Wednesday. Having left it overnight as per the delivery drivers instructions we then plugged in the fridge. Straight away was making a loader than normal noise for a small fridge, I checked the websites and decided to wait another day to see if the fridge got more quieter, it did not. After speaking to customer service at Currys I no longer want the fridge and want a refund as stated on their website.
  18. I had a Freezer delivered last week and was advised to leave for 8 hours before switching on. I did this and its very loud. I have called Currys to say that under the cooling off 7 days I wish to return the item. They have told me that as the item has been powered on , they term it as having been "used" and as such they wont take it back. If we think its faulty then can send an engineer but if he cant find anything , they will charge us for that too. Really all I want is to send the item back. I have read all of the details on the web around distant selling and it doesnt mention items being "used" or whether currys can take this view on "used". Its not stated anywhere in their T&C's and even then I'm not sure whether they are accurate. I'm confused. Can I return this item as all I have done is turned it on.
  19. I have just started an appalling relationship with Comet. I bought a Panasonic fridge freezer which was delivered on 29th August 2012 and within 4 days broke down. I have to date spent a full day on the issue, including a trip to the store itself. All I have been offered is an engineers visit in 5 days time. I have asked for it to be removed and a full refund, but Comet have refused. It looks as though I may well be have to take them to court, and am currently having to use a cool box and ask neighbours to freeze cool packs for me. My advice is to avoid Comet and Panasonic at all costs. I spoke intelligently and calmly to both organisations and I might just as well have not bothered. I have put my complaint in writing to Comet and sent it recorded delivery. I also emailed them, and I received the cursery email back saying they would reply within 24 hours. If anyone is considering buying from Comet or Panasonic I would think very carefully indeed. Panasonic use an outsourced company to service their goods.
  20. well, i am not going into the lengthy details of my issues with comet and their appalling customer service, it would take too long, but as a little encouragement to those of you out there with problems, i have just returned from court where i was claiming for a full refund on a faulty item of over £300, it has taken nine months, but i won in the end, and the item in question will not be collected, i have to dispose of it myself, their logic is strange, they could have had the faulty item returned to the manufacturer from day one when it failed and it would have cost them nothing, and replaced it with a new one, so everyone would be happy, in my opinion they do not have a clue about how to service their customers ...free at last to move on
  21. I went through for a drink there, and the temperature display for the fridge is showing 14C, although the freezer is still fine. Its one of these big side by side things, frost free and made by Samsung, with a drinks dispenser (at a push big enough for 3 bodies! . I am in Glasgow just now, but will be away from tomorrow afternoon, then back again about the weekend or perhaps a bit earlier. There is close to little food in either side as there is a take-away within a five minute walk, so I can just kill what's in it and unplug it. Can anyone recommend someone for repairing Sumsung FFs in Glasgow (preferably who can be very specific about the time they will arrive)?
  22. Hi all, Purchased a "Hotpoint" fridge/freezer from Next (online) in Feb 2009 and it's now packed up (freezer section kept icing up really badly and fridge light kept going on and off and has now just shorted and electric my Husband). At time of writing it's 19 months after the purchase date so past the manufacturers 12 month warranty period. I did not purchase any extended warranty from Next or Hotpoint (Fridge/Freezer Manufacture). I just wondering what the next best action to take would be, should I contact Next or Hotpoint. Would be grateful if those in the know could let me know what they think. Any help/guidance appreciated, thanks.
  23. Hello Everyone, A thanks for all the great advice I have already read on here which has been helpful and eye opening. I bought a Beko Fridge Freezer from Currys early feb of this year. Noticed last night that the freezer had defrosted its self and the contents are cold but not frozen. The machine is running from time to time but not for long enough to get things to refreeze. The fridge is cold. Obviously I will need to eat what I can from the freezer and then chuck the rest. Called Currys this morning, their phone system put me straight through to Beko to arrange a repair. Beko said they will call back within 48 hours to arrange an appointment. I know under SOG regs any repair / remedy should be carried out with the minimal inconvenience to the buyer. I think that do be without a freezer and with a fridge, whose thermostat that I do not trust, for more than a few days is highly inconvenient. In addition with the appliance partially working there is a huge food safety issue. It being Friday today I would expect someone to have come by the end of Monday at the latest. Also what is the opinion on time slots for engineers' visits? I feel that were I to be told that they will visit between 7 and 7 is inconvienent - not that I have a time yet. Under the SOG, can I ask for reimbursement for the freezer contents? I suspect Currys / Beko are going to tell me that I am not covered regardless of what the law actually says. When I originally got the fridge freezer there was a huge saga as they did not take the old one away as per my orderr with them. Frankly I would like them to mess up under the SOG so I can push for an complete refund so I can start again wtih a better model from someone else. Wish I had never gone to Currys. Thanks in advance for any help H
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