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Found 4 results

  1. I had repair or replace insurance on an American style fridge freezer with d&g and had to have it replaced they replaced it with one from hot point and gave me one with water and ice which was a bonus however I had to pay £79.00 for delivery and install and I asked if that was a complete install and was told yes! I phoned hotpoint to book a time and was told it was a special team that had to book it as it was an American style unit I spoke with them and confirmed again it was a full install again I was told yes. Imagine then to my dismay that when it was delivered the delivery guy said they couldn't install it as there was supposed to already be a tap plumbed in to attach it to no one hade ever mentioned this I was furious but hotpoint stated I should have known this ( I'm not an engineer how was I supposed to know )I had to pay a plumber £80.00 pound to install it . However the fridge then died the next day and ruined all my food I had to fight to get a replacement as they couldn't get me an engineer to assess it for 5 weeks what a joke. They came to replace after much arguing and lo and behold when the moved the fridge out there was a large tear in my flooring underneath which wasn't there before they delivered the first fridge they then proceeded to drag the fridge across my flooring putting to long and deep dents across my kitchen diner floor. I called them about it and had to get an engineer as the second replacement fridge handle came off in my hand I was assured that the engineer would also inspect the floor damage when he attended and we could resolve that issue. The engineer arrived and when I asked him to inspect the floor as per customer services instructions and he laughed and said it wasn't his his job to do that and customer services at hotpoint were always saying stuff like that to get people off the phone I called customer services furious and was told to email my complaint in writing and the escalation department would deal with it that was six weeks ago and still no phone call I emailed again 3 weeks ago and received a reply from an alleged customer service director apologising and stating that someone would contact me shortly I am at my wits end as still have had no call my flooring covers a large kitchen/ dining area and will be expensive to replace can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction of what my options are to force them to resolve this as I am at a loss any help would be gratefully appreciated I Would certainly not recommend a hotpoint product to anyone and I would never buy from them again as their customer service department are a comple and utter joke
  2. My landlord wants to rent out my roof to a solar panel company called Voltaire that has a sim card in it and sends data to an independent source. How worried should I be about that, hypothetically speaking of course?
  3. Not sure if this is right place to put this, however, a very good friend of mine lives in council accommodation the council OHA said that he needed a walk-in shower. He had a very good bath and sink installed by the council a few years earlier and initially only wanted the bath moved a bit to enable him to get in and out of the bath in safety. The council said that could not be done and recommended a walk in shower instead. He got all he specification from the council and even a picture of the shower that was going to be installed. However their contractors gave him a terrible time and they installed a completely shower unit for him. This unit is completely electric and not a mixer shower that could be used with his combination boiler. Anyway the shower malfunction and got to a scalding temperature but the council keeps insisting that does not happen as it is cut out at a certain temperature, but the manufacture instructions does say that they shower can reach scalding temperature if not installed or used properly. Anyway he wants the shower that the council told him that was going to be installed. Is there any thing he can do to insist on getting the shower unit changed to the one that should have been installed. Any suggestion on how he should proceed with this please.
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum, so not sure if this is the right place but I hope it is. I'm currently in a DMP and am really struggling to pay my bills. When I moved into my rented flat the agent mislead me to believe the water was included. This was eventually put straight after 5 years of being at the property and no water bill EVER being charged (even with the tenants and owners before me). Southern have been very helpful and are only charging us for 3 years (including the current) and we are in a special payment thing where every £1 we pay of they pay off another. Last week I found out that they are going to be putting meter in to all the properties on my street - I'm really concerned that this will increase my water bill - has anyone got an experience with the switch as such? I've already lowered my DMP in my last 2 reviews as my pay is not going up and the cost of living is going up. I am getting really anxcoious about it. Any response is much appreciated. Lilla
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