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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I bought an ankle brace online and it doesn't fit well at all, so I would like to return it, but I've just seen that the company charges a 15% restocking fee on returned goods. The item was bought about 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering if they're allowed to do this seeing as I haven't diminished the value of the item. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Good evening everyone! A friend of mine has just contacted me and told me a story of how she had just visited a Sports Direct store in East Ham, London. She was just looking around there in search of some clothes and when she tried to take a shirt from the hanger, huge insects started falling out of its folds. She began recording this with her smart phone camera and asked the manager to comment the situation. But the manager just told her to stop recording and "get out of the shop!" So she is not going to try and contact Sport Directs anymore and want to proceed with complaint straight to appropriate authorities. Please advise where should she write the complaint and how should she use that video as the evidence. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, a friend had a ticket for 12 minutes over from parking Eye on above DW car park, letter sent to DW but no reply. Now received a Letter Before County Claim saying pay up £100 within 14 days, now on day 11 as friend did nothing with it grr. Anyone else had similar or any advice please? Thanks
  4. had issue with shock absorber in 2015 when i bought the car off them but had to accept partial cost towards repair from them as i didn't have the luxury of wasting time chasing it due to work. Stupidly enough got another car from them couple of months back, it's a lovely car no doubt and on a cheapest finance deal but i think there is an issue with clutch may be. The car jitters in first gear just about when you release the clutch full way up. Not sure if i should report this and would be covered in three months warranty service they provide or is just a minor issue and i should overlook it. What do you guys suggest.
  5. Hope someone can provide some advice on where I stand legally with regard to this:- On 23/3/2014 I entered into a yearly membership at X4l. On 10/11/2015, I completed the online cancellation form and immediately cancelled my direct debit with them, which I know they say you are not supposed to do. On receipt of letter of default notice I rang Harlands on 20th November 2015 and paid what I believe to be the final months payment, they agreed this was all that owed. On 6/4/2016, I started receiving threats from Credit Resolution Services that I still owed X4l the payment for the month of December 2014 and so, provided them with proof of the final payment made to Harlands and completion of the online cancellation form, but despite this the threats continued. I stopped communicating with Credit Resolution Services back in July, but they have in the last week, sent me a letter stating that they may take me to Court and obtain a County Court judgement if I don't pay £183!! I do not think they have a leg to stand on, but would be grateful if someone could help clarify things for me.
  6. Hi there, this is my first post In July Yeomans Outdoor Leisure had a sale, and I bought this tent: You can see they make a big deal of the free £50 gift voucher. The tent arrived but the voucher wasn't forthcoming. So I looked up the t&cs and was surprised at condition 14.11. Sounds like misleading advertising to me: I've contacted Yeomans Outdoor Leisure twice by email (no response), once in writing (no response), and have just sent them a letter before small claims action. So far so good. But I've just been back to their site, yeomansoutdoors.co.uk, and was surprised when it redirected me to another website, fieldandtrek.com. Both Yeomans Outdoors and Field & Trek are part of the Sports Direct empire. I suspect Yeomans may be about to be wound up. I'm pursuing this more on principle than for the £50. Is there any way I can fight this?
  7. A lot is being made about a golf club only allowing men as members. Is this such a great issue or should we been concerned about a bigger picture ?..
  8. Hope I'm posting this in the right place! My son brought a NIKE puffa jacket from J D Sports for £95. After a couple of weeks ne asked me to wash it for him which I did following the instuctions on the label. when I removed the jacket from the machine all the puffiness from the jacket had gone. I took the jacket back to the shop and was advised to send it to their customer services dept with a covering letter. This I did and after a week received a letter stating that there was nothing they would do as the jacket was damaged from washing it. Obviously there is no way I can prove that I washed it according to the instructions and just wondered if there was anyway I could get the jacket replaced or my sons money back?
  9. Hope someone can advise me here, as Retail isnt something I know much about. Recently I did some sums and as we take BT Sports, and they let you pay your line rental a year in advance with a discount, I reckoned that as BT Sports would be free with their Broadband I would be cheaper terminating Sky Talk and Broadband by about £5.00 or so a month, and as well as that I would have more Broadband width (about 50% more). This morning I got a letter from Sky telling me that as I had backed out of an 18 month contract for their Broadband within the minimum term of 18 months I was due to pay them £54.00 to cover their loss. My problem initially was that for the life of me I couldnt remember signing up for a minimum 18 month deal other than when I went to Sky, which was ages ago now. A bit of research online however pointed me in the right direction. In August last year any time I was watching Sky Sports (which we take) there was a nag on the screen to "activate Sky Sports 5" by pressing the red button - at the same time you agree to take their Broadband for 18 months. But no sig., no sign of any t&cs (other than 18 months - I THINK this was mentioned) The only indication of my agreement was pressing the red button. Can they do this? The other thing I might mention is that I am so ****ed off with Sky that I might just terminate TV as well. This would probably mean going back to Virgin, who are about as bad. BT TV is crap unless you are into stuff like Netflix. I might just try telling them that I am off unless they cancel the demand for the fifty quid. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi all, A few months ago my friend purchased a Sony as100v sports camera to bring on our summer holiday. These are similar to a Go-Pro and come with a waterproof case so the unit can be used to film underwater. Day 1 of using the camera in the water resulted in the waterproof case failing and water getting into the camera itself, causing obvious damage. We are familiar with these types of cameras as we already have an Sony HDRAS15 which is a slightly older model. The unit has been usedcorrectly, and at depths well within the limitation of the unit. We actually took the camera out of the case and submerged the unit in a few inches of water and, sure enough, it failed to remain water-tight. This product was purchased (by debit card – sadly!) from anon-line retailer called eGlobal. The product is shipped from Hong Kong so does not come with a manufactures warranty,but did come with the retailers own 6 month warranty. The warranty itself all seems a bit vague,but it does have a section specifically referring to waterproof cameras, etc… (fromthe site) Special Note for Waterproof Cameras/Casings/Bags Damages due to impact, exceeding recommended depths, etc. would void the warranty.Please be advised that the warranty offered is strictly for the purchased item only. eGlobaL will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction with this product. Full conditions: http://www.eglobaldigitalstore.co.uk/warranty-policy.html My friend has provided proof or purchase, but has been advised by them that they will not replace or repair, as it is not covered. This seems contradictory…. I know he has some rights, but I am not entirely sure what the best course of action is to take. We would obviously prefer to avoid the small claims court if possible. Any advice on an approach would be massively appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello I need some advice I have just left BT for Sky I have been with BT for years both phone,broadband and last year took BT sports but found there charges kept going up. So this June 29 I joined Sky having there TV services already but I took out BT sports prior to 11 July last year which is the first record I can find on my bill and I know they did not start broadcasting till 02 August but BT are charging me for having this up to 08 August 2014 stating that although it was free whilst I had broadband so they have to charge now and that the contract was for one year . But I had agreed a contract prior to 11July 2013. But what would have happen if I had canceled my BT Sports contract after 11 July and before 2 August they would have charged a years fees . So my question is when does a contract start from the day you ordered or when they started to transmit also since I have left BT on 29 June they have turned off BT sport so I am unable to view it anyway bur I am still paying for this service to BT until 08 August somehow I feel I am being conned out of money as they refuse to respond to any of my emails
  12. Hopefully good news for Gym members at LA Fitness and Dave Whelan Sports (DWS) and those with other gyms whose Admin is handled by Harlands :- These gyms have agreed to make cancellations easier for folks when their circumstances change. See The OFT report here - http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/62-13 Extract from The OFT press release on 10th September :- The undertakings to the OFT from LA Fitness, DWS and Harlands Group include: * Extended rights for members to cancel their contracts early should their circumstances change in a way that makes attendance at the gym difficult or unaffordable - for example if they lose their job or suffer an injury * A commitment not to describe membership as being of a fixed duration, if the contract automatically continues on a rolling basis after the initial membership period has expired * Greater transparency about key membership features, including initial membership periods and cancellation rights, and for these to be provided upfront as part of the sales process. It will be interesting to see how well the gyms or gym admin Co's stick to the new undertakings. This is in addition to the agreement that The OFT reached earlier this year with Bannatyne Fitness Limited, David Lloyd Leisure Limited and Fitness First Clubs Limited, to change their contract terms. Time will tell ...............
  13. Hi - I'm not sure if this is the right place to start, but we run a small, weekly toddler group in a sports hall that's owned by a Private School. It's a modern hall and when it was built part of the remit was to provide a space for the local community, for things like toddler groups etc. However, this term, they've *doubled* the money that they're asking us to contribute and we're unable to meet this financially. We've always had the impression that we're an inconvenience to them and suspect that this may be a tactic to get rid of us. Is there anything we can do - can we challenge the increase in money legally? Where would I go to have a look at the original agreement that was made between the hall and, presumably - the council? Do we have a leg to stand on? Many thanks, M.
  14. Three days ago I purchased football boots for my son. After wearing twice one of the studs came out. On inspection it is clear that the thread is damaged so I duly went back to sports direct because they were faulty. I had cleaned most of the mud off, but there was a small amount of dried mud on the sole of the boot. I was advised by the manager that due to health and safety, the boots need to be cleaned before they could accept them. I questioned this and was advised that Nike won't accept them dirty and it's due to foot and mouth. Is this the most ridiculous health and safety or are they correct?
  15. Hello, I am hoping i have the correct area. I purchased 2 pairs of Nike trainers from Sports Direct online just over 2 weeks ago. I received an email from them with the despatch number so I could track the delivery. Both pairs of trainers were despatched together under 1 reference. 24 hours later Yodel arrived with a package which contained 1 pair of trainers. My partner signed for the delivery and asked the delivery driver where the other pair were and he advised they might arrive tomorrow. We looked at the way the trainers were packaged and thought they weren't wrapped well but didn't think much more of it. 2 days later and the second pair of trainers had not arrived. I contacted Yodel who were less than helpful. I then contacted Sports Direct. They emailed me a disclaimer form which i filled out and emailed back along with a copy of the online conversation I had with Yodel. I was advised an investigation would begin and I would be contacted within 48 hours. 2 weeks later and 3 lengthy phone calls to them and I am getting no where. I was advised that the trainers were being despatched and that I would receive an email within 24 hours, then I was advised that it is awaiting approval from a manager as they are high value (£80). When I asked if I could talk to the manager I was advised they were not at the desk. I asked if they could call me back and was advised yes and I have again been waiting and nothing. I understand that they have to investigate as Im sure there are some people out there that may try and claim non receipt of goods but I am wondering what my rights are in this case if they keep dragging this out. They have £80 of my money for an item I dont have. I even pulled out the packaging from the bin and found that it looked as though the plastic had been cut in half and there was tape around it with 'Repacked' written on it. Please can anyone advise as each time I call them I am on hold to an 0870 number for at least 20 mins! Many Thanks
  16. I had a 6 month contract with dw sports that started in march 2012. in January i asked the woman at reception if i could cancel my membership and i was told that it would take a month, i said that was ok and at the end of February i cancelled the membership by direct debit. I received letters stating that i had not gave them the notice and that they wanted the £33.99 for my months notice. i ignored these letters. but today i received a letter from ARC europe threatening court action if i did not pay the fee plus a 15 pound admin charge. has anyone else had this problem and what should i do. thanks
  17. Hi everyone, Me and my mate had gone to this DW Fitness sports center in Newport. One of their employees at the center told us to fill the contracts up with all the info and he sat with us while we filled it. While filling the contract we specifically asked him if we could cancel the membership anytime as we were not sure whether we would want to stay in this gym. He told us by giving us an example that if we wanted to cancel the membership we could do it by giving a 30 days notice, for example if we wanted to cancel the membership in February we could do that by telling them a month before in January. We trusted him and decided not to read the contract conditions as they were long and written in very small letters. We gave our account number for direct debit etc. 2 days later we went to cancel our gym membership as we found another gym which was much closer and would make it easier for us to commute.When we asked them to cancel our membership they said that we cant do it as the contract says you cant cancel the membership for at least 6 months and only after those 6 months you can cancel it by giving us a months notice in advance. We told them that your employee had told us that we could cancel it whenever we wanted but the manager said that its not possible now as we have signed the contract. She even said that she had asked the person who helped us sign the contract and he never said such a thing. Moreover we also found that in the contract they had not specified any cost or price for the gym membership ( which is a consideration required for any contract in UK if I am right). The manager in the end said that she would get back to us in 2 days but she hasn't for over a week now.We have tried calling them repeatedly but to no avail. My question is should we go ahead and ask our banks to cancel the direct debit as we have been fooled into signing the contract. Please advice as I don't want to do anything which is illegal but also don't want to be bullied around. Ill give any more info if required. Also regarding what their employee said about the cancellation of the contract anytime by giving a months notice, counts as a verbal contract? Your help will be very much appreciated Kind regards
  18. Hi, Please help! I cancelled my gym membership in September 2011. This was in the first 6 months so had to pay DD until the 6 months was up. Believe it or not I only just noticed that they have continued to take the DD so now £308 out of pocket. I didn't cancel in writing - was not advised to do so - and was only given a 'tear-off' receipt as proof of cancellation. Obviously I no longer have the receipt. I have spoken to my gym about it, they cannot find any evidence that I cancelled my membership and therefore I will not get any refund - it is up to me to prove that I cancelled. They acknowledge that I have not used the gym since September 2011 but this is not evidence in itself. I went to my bank about it and they put in an indemnity claim and paid me back the money. DW have now contacted me to say I need to pay it back or they will refer it to ARC for collection. Yes, I should have paid more atttention to my bank account but what can I do now? I'm waiting on a call from DW Area manager about it. For me this is down to staff incompetence and failure to have a proper process. I wasn't advised to put it in writing either. They have never contacted me either to see if there's a reason why I haven't been in the gym for over a year! Any advise greatfully received. Thanks Matt
  19. Good afternoon. I wonder if anybody can help please? I am a member of a sports club which is run by a management committee made up of individuals from the membership who get voted in at an AGM. The club premises are also hired out to members of the public for functions. The committee decided that due to a few break-ins to the club premises that they would install a cctv system. The system is accessed by the chairman and the club secretary only. There is, as far as I know, one small sign next to the front entrance of the club informing people that cctv is in operation. This is fine apart from the fact that members are increasingly concerned that they are being watched (and possibly listened to) by these two committee members. Again not really a problem as nothing really goes on. The problem is at the moment there is a club dispute going on with the two aforementioned committee members. Basically what are the rules, if any. It is understandable that the footage is looked at if a burglary has occurred, but what about general viewing of members whilst they are socialising in the bar? Thank you for any help.
  20. New rules come into force today,following campaigns to axe the proposed "Pastie Tax" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19731923
  21. I was a member at Reebok Sports Club I went just the once paid for three months then froze my membership as I was transferred in my new job to a different location. I then cancelled the member giving the one months notice. I have now been written to by Reebok saying I owe another months membership (£125) I ignored the demand. Now a month later and I have had two demands from ARC debt collection agency demanding twice that £250! They are threatening CCJ if I don't pay it within 10 days. I know its bullying tactics and I don't want to pay. Can anyone please advise me as to what I should do please? I can afford to pay it I just resent being bullied and do not want them to issue a CCJ or default against me as my credit is totally clean. Please can anyone help? G
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