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  1. but they shouldnt be asking for it in the first place.
  2. british gas repeatedly ask me for my date of birth, as if they need it for 'security'. if they need security you should ask to set a password for the account security. you do not have to give your date of birth. i always refuse to give my birthdate as it's inappropriate to request it and private info. another utility company refused to supply me when i refused to give my birthdate and disconnected the call. is this breaching some sort of regulation?
  3. 26p per day is too much compared to what i used to pay from the same supplier. yes i may change supplier. boiling kettles wasnt my idea
  4. its not possible to use a kettle for 80 liters bcause it takes at least 5 minutes to heat 2 litres so by the time the last 2 litres has heated up the 1st lot of water will have got cold.
  5. its due to be removed but maybe i'll change supplier why are ebico non profit making ? until jan 2014 british gas used to take the standing charge only when the gas was being used, so they wouldnt make a profit if no gas was used. ie. if i put 5 pound on the meter it would stay 5 pound without reducing by 26p per day as it does now with most suppliers
  6. a average electric kettle is 2 litres so thats 40 trips from the kitchen to the bathroom
  7. where is there a no standing charge" supplier? i asked most suppliers. they all charge 26p per day whether i use any gas or not, and thats a new thing that started in jan 2014 which is unacceptable bcause its tripled my bill
  8. so i have had the gas disconnected permanently because the standing charge has got too expensive, i still have a water supply and electricity, how can i make 100 litres of 40 degree hot water in 20 minutes? i cant change the instant gas water heater thats screwed on the wall to an electric one bcause i dont own the property
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