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  1. Hello everyone, Many thanks for your kind replies. My understanding is there is a communal tank that supplies hot water to all the residents. There is a separate hot water meter, along with the electric one inside the apartment. I have spoken to the management company and they are essentially in very polite manner suggesting that this is not their problem. Regards Alex
  2. Hello, I would be very grateful for any advice. I live in an apartment building and we have a different supplier for our water and hot water services. The hot water supplier is SWEnergy and they were chosen by the building management and I had no choice but to deal with them. My account has always been up to date with them this far. I received a new bill from them on the 5th of September for £73.99 along with a letter asking me to provide them with an updated meter reading as there was a problem with their automatic computer systems due to a thunderstorm. My bill for the previous month was 81.89 and I paid 100 (I pay manually via bank transfer) and the excess 18 pounds wasn't mentioned in the bill. So I emailed them with image for the meter reading and queried the over payment I made on the same day (07/09). I didn't hear from them and then on the 16th I got another notice for them for payment overdue along with the new bill. The meter reading on the bill was estimated and it was far higher than the meter reading image I had sent earlier. So I wrote back to them yet again, including scans of all the documents and the meter reading yet again . The actual meter reading was 18585 while the bill mentioned current estimated read at 18892 and previous estimated reading at 18637. I pointed this out in the email and asked them to get back to me with the correct amount so that I could pay. Today I came home to find a notice of disconnection. I had previously copied in my estate agents into all the emails, and when I called them, all they said was that they cannot do anything about the issue and the company is a major pain to deal with. They gave me a customer service email which I have written to yet again. I am due to fly out to the USA on the 24th of this month to join my wife as are expecting our first baby and this is not something I wish to be constantly worrying about till I am back which is the 28th of October. They gave me a disconnection date of 6th of October and they do not need access to the property as all the mains are located in communal area. Apart from calling them (and being held on queue for hours) or emailing them - is there anything else I can do at all? I would be very grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance. Alex
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