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Found 21 results

  1. Primera Air Collapse has ceases operations The budget airline is registered in Denmark and therefore is not part of the UK Civil Aviation Authority's ATOL Protection scheme Primera Air: https://primeraair.com/about-us/corporate-news/ceases-operations/ Civil Aviation Authority: https://www.caa.co.uk/News/Further-advice-to-UK-consumers-impacted-by-Primera-Air-ceasing-operations/ BBC News: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45719256
  2. Airline Insolvency Review to examine protection for air passengers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/airline-insolvency-review-to-examine-protection-for-air-passengers
  3. MOD confirms the death of Corporal Jonathan Bayliss, Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-confirms-the-death-of-corporal-jonathan-bayliss-royal-air-force-aerobatic-team-the-red-arrows Such sad news my Condolences to his Family/Friends/those who new him and served with him RIP.
  4. Seems a bit surreal have just been denied a breakdown because the car was within 1/4 mile of my home despite being 0.4 miles by road. If I want to claim I have to pay £60 now + add £6 a month to my policy. Ive had a look at the policy and it states within 1/4 mile. Nothing about it being measured in pigeon miles. I'd go as far as to say the whole things crazy. I guess what i'm wondering is do I have any grounds for complaint?, luckily my dad has been able to recover on his but its still a major inconvenience and I just cant get the logic other than them deliberately trying to get out of a recovery. They are a road company that even offer navigation services yet measure through the sky when it suits. Rant over.
  5. I have been invited to a wedding in Poland next year. I have booked around 9 months in advance, flight out 31/08/18 and return 03/09/18. Other guests a few weeks later had trouble finding the flight on Wizz Air's website and asked if they were given the correct details. After calling Wizz Air, they assumed the call was in relation to a different flight to Hungary, but after a little more clarification advised me that the flight out is now a day earlier on 30/08/18 and the return is now a day later on 04/09/18. Whilst I have no doubt that somewhere in the small print they are able to shuffle things around, it doesn't change the fact that it would increase my time there an extra 2 nights which I don't want. What can I do? Can I cancel and obtain a full refund? Can I change flights/airports to keep my original dates? Is there anything else I should know or be asking them for? Any help will be gratefully received,
  6. Hi all So my dad is due to fly to Sweden next month, as his brother is in his final months of live, due to cancer. He booked a flight via Norwegian air for a return trip from Gatwick to Copenhagen for £106.90 on Monday the 17th. He got the confirmation email, so everything looked normal, until Wednesday, he got a series of flight confirmation emails, which listed changes to his flight. The first email was a series of cancellation/time changes, but also included: 2 x Checked baggage (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 2 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Checked baggage (15.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 30.00 Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 WCHR – Wheelchair (ramp) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Hearing impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Vision impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 WCHC – Wheelchair (seat) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 For a grand total of £289.90 The second email was the same thing, but the times were back to their originals, again, the same total price. Third email was the same upgrades/changes again, but also different flight times, with stop overs in Madrid for the return flight These changes were £629.80 Fourth and final email had the same types of changes, only for a lot more money (£1191.70) and included a whole bunch of random things like golf equipment etc. Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 25.20 4 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 16.80 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 43.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Seat reservation (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 32.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 15.00 2 x Golf equipment 0.00 (0%) 56.00 4 x Ski equipment 0.00 (0%) 112.00 2 x Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 11x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 99.00 16x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Windsurfing equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Kite equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Total Amount 0.00 1191.70 All of these individual charges have apparently been debited from his account. So he got in touch with Norwegian Air through their chat system and they were of zero use, basically telling him it wasn't them, it must have been him, or someone else. He got the same response from their phone line, that he's been hacked, or his account has been hacked and for him to go to his bank and the police. He doesn't even have an account with norwegian air, so could he or anyone make changes? He's going down to the police station and bank tomorrow about it, but has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/16/scrap-diesel-cars-for-cash-says-influential-committee-chairman This looks interesting. It looks like it might be means tested, but Theresa May has taken into consideration that Tony Blair's government pushed diesel vehicles -
  8. With warmer weather coming along, I thought I'd remind people of a method that works well and doesn't cost much. If you have a fan that can be used on a table or on the floor, you just need a plastic water bottle, maybe more than one, of about 1 litre capacity. Freeze the bottle of water and when you need to cool down, put one in front of the fan so the air blows towards you and is cooled by the frozen bottle. Make sure you put the bottle in something that will catch the condensation or you'll end up with a pool of water underneath. It works and it's cheap. HB
  9. Service of commemoration for 7 World War 2 Royal Air Force (RAF) servicemen READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/service-of-commemoration-for-7-world-war-2-royal-air-force-raf-servicemen
  10. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/support-within-the-royal-air-force-community-for-those-affected-by-domestic-abuse
  11. Hello, I bought a hot air hair styler from Argos a few days ago. When I tried to use it, it was awkward to use and didn't curl my hair as it was supposed to to ( it said that the large roller could be used to produce curls at the ends of the locks of hair, but it didn't curl my hair). Also the attachments were difficult to change( you are supposed to push the attachment in, then twist it to secure it, but this was very difficult) .All in all, I was disappointed with the styler, as it didn't do what I thought it would do(i.e. curl the ends of my hair). In fact, none of the attachments worked well and it left me wondering if anyone else was satisfied with it. I tried it again the next day, just to satisfy myself that it wasn't just me having a bad day, but again found that the hair styler was difficult to use and mostly ineffective. I decided to take it back. I thought I would say that I had made a mistake and bought the wrong hair styler, rather than tell the staff at Argos that I was disappointed with it, as I thought that they would accept that reason more readily. However, they refused to give me my money back because I had removed the 'hygiene seal' ( the plastic bag that contained all the different parts of the hair styler). They told me that as it had been opened, they could not resell that item. It did say on the bag 'do not remove unless you intend to keep the item', but I didn't notice that. I argued saying that how was anyone to know what the hair styler was like without opening the 'hygiene seal', but they told me that I could have had a look at the product out of the packaging if I had asked to do so before I bought it. I didn't know that either, but even if I had, I probably wouldn't have asked to see the styler, because I assumed it would work effectively. In the instruction booklet, it says 'remove all of the packaging and keep it safe until you are satisfied with your product'. To me that implies that if you are not satisfied with your product, you can pack it up again and take it back. So I now have a hair styler that I don't want and am £22.99 worse off. Does anyone know any way I can get my money back?
  12. Last Thursday we had a Dometic Freshjet 2200 air conditioner fitted into our caravan. This unit comes with heating, dimmer function and a remote control. The unit cools down okay, but on checking the heating function (1200w) there is a strong burning smell, a rattling noise and no heat. We have tried the heat function several times in the past week and it will not function. In addition, the unit has a light which can be dimmed using the remote control. This function does not work either. We managed to contact the supplier who in turn said that they would contact the manufacturer When there was no return phone call, we phoned them back to be told that the tech who could advise at Dometic was away on holiday! They said they woudl phone back this morning, but no call. It is nearly impossible to get through to the supplier as you always end up in a queue which is no joke if you are phoning from a PAYG mobile phone. We are not very happy with the unit considering it has a major fault from first use and another fault also from first use. We have contacted the supplier by phone and also have completed their Online query form. No happy with no resposne to either. The unit was paid for by credit card and the deposit was paid over the phone with the balance payable when the work was compelted! Please advise. Thanks.
  13. Took my car in to a local garage for its service and MOT. I also asked for an air con service at the time of booking. When picking up my car I was told that they couldn't complete the air con service as there was a leak when they put the oxygen through, when I asked what had happened and why they hadn't fixed it, I was fobbed off. On driving home, the air con wasn't working at all, just blowing hot air, it was working fine before. I took it to an F1 Autocentre who diagnosed instantly that there was no leak, just no pressure in the system- most likely due to a botched job. Where do I stand about complaining about this? I didn't lose any money, just time and my air con ended up re-gassed. However I'm not happy with the service I received from the garage.
  14. I had my air con refilled by them for £50. It's not particularly cold, but I understand it can be due to the car. Are they suppose to replace the pollen filter? I assumed it was a part of the service, but they didn't replace it and it smells like old sweat when it's running.
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-26447089 Now I'm lucky I get 70mb download/15 mb upload speed,but what about those who get lower BB speeds or have No internet at all ? Bet they wont reduce the price of TVL due to this move,if it does go ahead ?
  16. Hi, I am trying to find the legal name for Air France in the UK and their service address for a claim form. Anybody have any clue? Thanks!
  17. Hi guys, need some advice. I'm a london bus driver. All our buses have air con for the driver, however, the buses on my route only about 3 out of 15 have working air con. Most, when you switch the air con on blow out HOT air. The buses have been reported countless times for non working air con. Today, both buses I drove had non working air con, and, tbh, if my shift was any longer, I would not of been able to carry on driving. My arms felt like lead, I felt very tired and larthargic, and was losing my concentration. If This happens again, I will stop driving and refuse to carry on for safety reasons. My question is this, do my company still have to pay me? I'm not going 'sick on duty', i'm happy to carry on driving, as long as the bus has working air con. Your thoughts?
  18. Japanese car recall: how are UK consumers affected? Toyota, Honda and Nissan are recalling 3.4m vehicles worldwide after discovering a fault with front passenger seat airbags Japanese carmakers are recalling 3.4m cars worldwide after discovering a fault with some airbags. Here is a guide to how UK consumers are affected. What is the problem with the cars? The affected models have all been supplied with front passenger seat airbags by the same Japanese component supplier, Takata. Some of these airbags have been found to have safety defects. There is too much pressure in the bag so that when it is deployed it goes off with a bigger bang than necessary. This can lead to bits of plastic and metal flying into the windscreen and footwell, according to a Honda spokesman. All the manufacturers affected are keen to stress that there is no risk to passengers from the airbag if there is not a crash – the bag will not inflate accidentally. There have been no incidents in the UK to date. The problem was highlighted following five incidents in the US and Japan. There have been no reported injuries resulting from the fault. Is my car affected? In the UK there are 76,000 Toyotas affected, 15,400 Hondas and 59,058 Nissans. The Toyota recall involves models produced between November 2000 and March 2004, and includes the Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Avensis, Avensis Verso, Picnic and Camry. These vehicles will have "X" to "54" registration plate identifiers. The Honda models affected are those produced between 2001 and 2003. The bulk of these – around 15,000 – are Honda CRVs. The other 400 are made up of the Honda Jazz, Civic and Stream models. The Nissan models were built between 2000 and 2004. The vehicles affected are: X-Trail, Patrol, Almera, Almera Tino, Terrano II and the 4x4 Pickup. What do I need to do if I think my car is affected? Toyota, Honda and Nissan will all be writing to affected customers within the next 30 days. However, you can check before then. Toyota has set up a facility on its website that allows you to check whether your car is one of those affected. It will be fully up and running from the afternoon of Thursday 11 April. Alternatively, Toyota, Nissan and Honda owners can contact their local dealership now to ask for an appointment to put things right. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/apr/11/japanese-car-recall-uk-consumers
  19. If you have air source heating, what er your experiences using it regarding heating itself, cost of consumption, icing up etc. We had storage heating and this is our first winter with air source heating. Our electric bill has almost doubled in comparison to last year. We also find that the machine ices up on cold days and is not very effective when you really need it. On moderate days it is fine and works okay. We have had to resort to buying a gas heater and only use the central heating in off peak due to the high costs. Your views will be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Previously we had storage heaters, but we had issues keeping the lounge and another front room warm and the lounge was always cold. We complained on numerous occasions that we seem to be losing heat in the lounge and the small front room. In March 2012 they replaced the storage heaters with air source heating and now our electric bill has jumped up from about £82 in winter months to £135! The figures are based on true readings. The lounge and small room still lose heat and the air source heating machine keeps switching on to maintain the temperature hence the high electric bills. The walls have been done and there is insulation in the loft plus double glazing. In the lounge and the small room we have front facing windows and below them is PVC panelling. We feel that we may be losing a lot of heat through the PVC panelling. We have also noticed that when there is a heavy frost or snow, our neighbours in the adjoining bungalows have frost or snow on their roofs, but not us which seems to indicate that we are also losing heat through the roof. If you turn down the heating within less than 2 hours it has dropped from 22C to under 18C. We have complained to the Housing Association but have not made any progress. I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and a cold home does not help. If the HA do eventually resolve the issue will we be able to claim the extra that we have had to pay in electric as we have been complaining for nearly 3 years?
  21. Wizz air introduces new cabin bag charges. If anyone is confused about why some airline companies have reduced card surcharges following the OFT investigation,then even more confusing is how some are seemingly already taking measures to recoup any shortfalls by introducing new baggage charges. Now traditionally the major airlines have included hand baggage within the base ticket. Up until 9th July Wizz Air did so too...and 10kg at that. Today they announced their so called "New Cabin bag policy" So for those who are wondering,Wizz are now defining between a small cabin bag and a large cabin bag. A small cabin bag is what they deem as 42x32x25cm or smaller.The weight allowance of 10kg remains the same. This size bag will be free from further baggage charges from 9th July. Any bag that exceeds this size,will now cost 10 euro. But it still must be the same size as the prev limits for fitting into the overhead bins. Wizz say they are introducing this new baggage policy as a trial to "Incentivise passengers to bring smaller baggage aboard the aircraft " This seems odd since there are very few passengers who board flights with only a laptop bag. Wizz claim this trial on selected routes will improve on time performance and result in better travel experience... although they are not so quick at how they have arrived at this amazing feat of ingenuity. They add; With fewer large items onboard, the cabin will be less crowded and the boarding process will be easier and faster for the benefit of all our passengers. Now assuming that the smaller baggage will all be under the seats (which they tell) that means LESS space around the seating. No I am afraid I am not convinced at all. Even if they were to scrap the £14 per return card surcharges...they will still be 6 euro in pocket. Nice try. They have not updated their website either with this as of 16.49 on 9th.July. The notification has gone out by emails. http://wizzair.com/en-GB/useful_information/baggage
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