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  1. I have done a search. I have been off work for 6 weeks with work related stress with doctors note. Got a call today from a supervisor telling me that my manager wants to see me later this week at work. This is the only contact I have had from work since I have been off work. Do I have to attend this meeting? I have had no contact from HR or Occ health. I really do not want to go to the meeting as the manager is part of the reason for the stress, and I feel I could lose my temper. cheers
  2. Dial 999 everytime there is an incident, and I mean EVERYTIME. You need to tell the police you are in fear of your life, and contact the council everytime there is an incident. Doing it legally can take ages, it took my mate 18 months to get a nutter evicted from next door.
  3. Thanks for your replies. The main problem is from the mechanics point of view, the seat is legal. I will be talking to my manager tommorow, I get the feeling the company don't want it in the accident book as the problem now becomes 'official'. It's sad really, the seat is badly worn out, and I suspect the reason the company don't want to change it is cost.
  4. I'm not interested in a claim, I just want the seat fixed. I was hoping by putting it in the accident book, it would make the company change the seat.
  5. @topcat; it's a bus, have only driven this bus 4 times since january.
  6. I am a driver. The vehcile I drove today has a very very badly worn drivers seat. I have reported this via defect card 4 times since january. As I finished my shift today my lower back was hurting very badly. I asked for the accident book so I could enter the injury in the accident book. I was told it should not be entered into the accident book, but should do an occurance report instead. I was under the impression that all injuries at work can/should be put in accident book. Your thoughts?
  7. Not wrong there, Ive caught loads of people using other peoples discounted oyster when driving my bus.
  8. Don't like it one bit. And its a problem with salaried jobs.
  9. T+C's of discounted oyster state that it MUST be accompanied by the valid ID. OP was wrong, got caught, got a penalty fare- all legal.
  10. I'm a bus driver. Sounds to me that the driver is one of the 'can't be bothered' gang. I would write to the bus operator explaining what happenend, explaining that you have been issued a penalty fare because the driver did not do his job properly. When the inspector got on, the driver should have said something along the lines of, 'the wayfarer has been playing up and there are a few passengers who tried to touch in but could'nt'.
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