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Found 10 results

  1. Hi can anyone help me trace down a toy The backs story is that my autistic daughter had a favourite toy of a little blue stretchy dragon. Which got broken a few months ago. We had to remove it as it started leaking tiny beads She's spent hours crying about it and ive spent months trying to get another The toy in question is this one http://www.amazon.in/Simba-Nature-World-Stretchable-Dragon/dp/B003ON4CQI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418974300&sr=8-1&keywords=nature+world+dragon It's the light blue one. It's made by two companies simba and toy major I've
  2. Hi there. I'm wondering if you could help. I've got a bit of an usual BT billing issue and I'm looking for some advice. I'm coming to the end of my minimum term with BT and I've placed in my cancellation. However, it turns out that due to some billing glitch, I haven't paid a single payment to BT for the whole year contract. I'm one of those who just let direct debits come out the bank without really paying close attention ( I really should.... I know!) They are now requesting the full year payment upfront which I obviously cannot afford. I've logged into the BT website to check th
  3. Is something happening that we do not know about. Three people i know have said,one in Yorkshire and 2 in Lancashire who do not communicate with each other have heard strange unexplained noises from the sky. A loud humming,whining noise. Rumbling,not storms in the distance.Not tinnitus,going on for ages.A mixture of sounds. Are we chasing UFOS about perhaps.You cannot pinpoint it,it is everywhere it seems. I had better leave it there or else you may send the people with white coats to my house. Just wondering.
  4. I recently received an offer letter for a new job. One of the stated terms of employment is: "You may be required to work flexibly and/or additional hours may be requested for the proper performance of your duties for which you will receive no additional payment" This role is salaried as opposed to hourly pay. Is this a statement typical of salaried positions or is it something more ominous? My primary concern is the 'additional hours may be requested' part - since it is a request does that imply that I can decline the request?
  5. Am 60 and on ESA. I sold my house for £51,000.I have moved in with my daughter and partner and paid them £45,000 to house me for the rest of my days.Because of my change of circumstances I am filling in ESA3 and a form for council tax help. We are seeing a solicitor to draw up our arrangement legally. But I don`t know what form this should take.I am in danger of being accused of gifting her the money. Do I go for a Declaration of Trust, a lease or tenancy agreement or what ? I have spoken to 2 solicitors on the phone,one who just told me to go elsewhere, and a Welfare rights solicitor who tol
  6. Hello, I moved property 3 months ago. When I chose this location, there were several factors which were very important to me. 1) A NTL connection had to be available, which the estate agent told me was available, and they even showed me the NTL connection. 2) That there was CCTV around the entire property, which there appears to be by various cameras placed around the property. Since I have moved there, I have found out that: 1) The NTL connection is infact a dummy and does not work. I approached the letting agent about this and got the following response: **********
  7. Hi Guys, Sent 12+2 letter to Moorcroft after they failed to provide a credit agreement for Credit Card (originally taken via sainsburys circa 2006) and received the following response. Looking for the best way to respond really. Havent seen this response on any previous threads. In short I was paying normally until divorce then couldnt pay in my panic after defaults I agreed reduced payments. Do I need to respond to this and stat any perceived agreement to pay was achived under duress therefore not valid , can I sent them an s10 letter? They
  8. I moved into my home almost 2 years ago, and for one reason or another, something went wrong and the council didn't get wind of it for a few months, and I was eventually issued a summons for council tax. I immediately contacted them, and paid the arrears in full, as well as the entire bill for the following year, there and then. An amount that was just shy of £3k, but I figured it was worth it for the peace of mind. Last week, I received another summons, for £110 for unpaid council tax for the period 2012-2013, along with another £110 court costs. I assumed this was a mistake, as I had paid i
  9. Hello! This is an odd situation that I have had no luck in searching for a solution online, so I'm hoping someone here might know more... I had a visit from a bailiff last year for a parking fine, which I then paid fully over their automated payment line. I have just discovered that in the few days (2-3) between the money leaving my account and arriving in theirs, they visited me again, and once more since (I work abroad so wasn't aware of either). Even though I paid off the debt before this visit, they are now charging me for 2 visits and administration costs. I ca
  10. Can mobile phone companies moniter unusual activity on phones, as my son has had a company phone for 12 years and the average billis round £15.00 per month hes just been told the bill for this month is £7000 and he `s got no idea how this happend, he rarely uses the phone and its the same handset from years ago. Got no further details til later, just wanted to know wether the company should have alerted him or his company that something odd appears to be happening?
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