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  1. Hi, Me & my brother are swapping cars, both cars are the same year & relatively the same value. We are simply swapping as his car is an estate and better for my large dog and my car better for him as his daughter (my niece) can only drive automatics and mine happens to be an auto. I'm just confirming the taxation side of things. I pay DD monthly on my car (so kind of runs from month to month) whereas my brother has paid for the full year upfront on his car. His car tax is paid up till May 2019 I'm planning on doing the transfer of ownership/sale online via DVLA website while I am at my brothers (he lives 30 miles away). I am assuming when I do the transfer online for both cars it will automatically cancel my tax DD with respect to my vehicle and as for my brothers car he will be refunded for his car tax for each clear month by the dvla ? We will then need to both re-tax the cars again from kinda scratch? Is this the correct procedure? To be honest I've never sold a car since the new car tax system. Obviously we will update our respective car insurance's at that time too. Thanks in advance ;-)
  2. As most here will know, I registered with UJ ages ago but found it utter rubbish so stopped using it. They can't mandate you to use any specific job-search site and there are far better ones I use. Got this email today from our wonderful friends at DWP.. 'Our records show that this email address (shown above) is currently registered against an active Universal Jobmatch account. It’s been a year since you accessed the account and used it to search for jobs. If you would like to keep this account please take a moment to log in. If you do nothing the account will be disabled within 4 weeks. Sincerely, Universal Jobmatch helpdesk Do not reply to this email unless you are directed to do so as we will not be able to respond. Please use the 'Contact us' facility if you have any further issues or to report this email as suspicious. We will never ask you for your password in an email. © 2013 Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)' Just confirms what we already knew; they're monitoring how often you log in to UJ. No surpises there then. What's the betting I'll get another email after my UJ account has expired?
  3. Before I narrate the incident I'd like to declare that I have realized my mistake and I'm really ashamed of whatever I have done. So please provide provide honest and truthful information. I was scheduled to have an interview for a job. I was running late and was wearing my brother's trousers as this is my first job interview (I do not have formal clothes). as soon as I entered the rail station I checked my pockets and couldn't find my oyster and thought I had left my oyster card at home. However, my brother's oyster was in the trouser and just so that I make it on time for my first interview, I decided to use his and as soon as I touched the oyster (for tfl london underground tube) one of the staff member called and said show me your card. I remained calm and showed him upon seeing his picture he knew it wasn't mine so he took all the details and asked me why have I got his card and not mine I said I was in a rush and by mistake I took his card. He was very adamant and very strict so he asked me to write my name and sign a piece of blank paper. He noted all the details such as house address, my appearance as well:|. He said we'll investigate further and check where it has been used to cross check which is completely fine because this is the first time I actually used his oyster and got caught straightaway He did mention that I was using my brother oyster to avoid fare and I said no. I left and walked out of the station, while on my way back I randomly opened my bag to see if I had kept my oyster in there. Surprisingly enough it was in my bag. By the time I got back to the station, the inspector was gone and since I was getting late for my interview I did not decide to do anything. What I want to know is that what are the consequences of this?? I know it is my mistake and because of my carelessness I could get into serious trouble. I have been looking online and it says that for some cases, a person can be fined upto a £1000 and a criminal record:sad: I am in so much stress because it is a matter of education and employment-it could be over due to this wrong decision I made. A criminal record is the last I need because I am in 2nd year of my university doing a health-science course (NHS) and can affect my studies. What is the possible outcome? the inspector did not give me any paper or form. I'm 19 and it is my first offence. How long do they take to get back to you? Will I just be fined or will I have to go court? Anything that I can to prevent them taking this case to a courrt? Any help will be much appreciated
  4. Hi all, My brother has bought a used fold away wheelchair made by Careco, from a lady who bought it in Feb this year for her mother but she has since been put in a nursing home and could not use the chair anyway as she could not control it. My brother has emailed the company to enquire about transfer of the 12 month warranty and has been told that this is not transferable so he is not covered unless he bought it new from them. There was an additional insurance purchased by the buyer for 2 years at the cost of £209. He has enquired about transfer of this but been told to contact the insurance company direct. I didnt think they were allowed to do this as its a statutory warranty ? The email is below ..... From: K Date: 30 October 2016 at 10:26:16 GMT To: T Subject: RE: CareCoContact Enquiry Dear Sirs, Thank you for your email, Unfortunately the warranty is with the person it is sold too on the item itself. When it is sold on or someone else receives the goods it voids the warranty. We are not able to transfer this from person to person. If you have any further questions in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us We look forward to hearing from you Kind regards K Mobility Advisor From: T Sent: 30 October 2016 09:52 To: K Subject: Re: CareCoContact Enquiry Hi K I can understand the insurance side of it but as for the warranty surly it's on the item that was sold and not the person it was sold to ? Kind regards T Sent from my iPhone On 30 Oct 2016, at 09:27, K Dear Sirs, Thank you for your email, Unfortunately the warranty is not transferable from person to person. We are unable to do this on the foldawheel Powerchair. In regards to the insurance details you would need to contact the insurance company ***** ****** direct to see if you can swap the insurance over to your details. If you have any further questions in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us We look forward to hearing from you Kind regards K Mobility Advisor From: Sent: 29 October 2016 21:34 To: [email protected] Subject: CareCoContact Enquiry Title: Mr Name: t Email: Telephone Number: foldawheel warranty transfer Message: hi i have just purchased a foldable electric chair from a ************* customer number is ****** please could you change the remainder of the free 12 month warranty over to myself mr t ***** ******* ******* there was also a 2 year extended insurance taken out policy number p******* i would be very grateful if this could be transfered over to myself any problems please let me know i can be contacted on *********or by email kind regards mr t
  5. Basically me and my brother have been renting together a few years, made financial sense and we get on well. It is through an agent. He has since had a child(hes not with the mother but they get on) and he has been on the housing association list for a while as he wants to be able to have his son staying over etc. He's over every weekend anyway but stays at my dads. Last week he was accepted for a 2 bedroom flat with the housing association and is going to accept it so will wish to leave shortly. This leaves me in a tricky situation as I would like to stay here, it is his name on the tennancy and he obviously cant stay on it. The reason we went with his name was that I had a lot of recentish adverse credit + was self employed(this was over 5 years ago). I am still self employed and still have some adverse credit but its at the back end of the 6 years, some have already dropped off. The only recent things I have are an ee account which is spotless for 3 years. I believe they probably didnt even check me in any way. I do deal with the agents as much as my brother though if not more + pay half of the rent from my bank. Does anyone know what might happen in such a situation?,we are I believe here till October ie they charge £100 or so renewal fee(excessive I know). I know I can afford to keep the place on my own but again with the knowledge of how agents work I have a feeling I might have to go through all the application etc again. More £££, risk of credit fail and dificulty proving income again. Part of me thinks surely they could swap the names in the knowledge weve always paid without issue and in 5 years only had a washing machine repaired, bathroom floor replaced(due to damp) and a toilet flusher so we are low maintenance. I do know the landlord as he is a friend of my dads if that makes any difference. I presume its in their interest to keep me in as long as the rents flowing, + they still have the deposit + rent advance. I was thinking of maybe saying see where we are in October when the "renewal" comes up. Any views would be appreicated.
  6. I bought a Brother printer in June 2014 which has been used to print fewer than 200 documents, most of which were little more than single sheet text files. I last printed a text document about four days ago. The printer runs a self test and cleaning procedure once per week and it did this yesterday. Today, it won't switch on. I checked the fuse and used a meter to make sure that there is power being delivered by the cable. I found a procedure to supposedly fix this by unplugging it and reconnecting power with the power button pressed but after three attempts, this has not worked. It is outside its one year warranty but I have often read about how consumer goods are covered by EU law for longer than the stated warranty period under certain circumstances and I am wondering if that might apply to this situation; i.e. that a printer which has had light use ought to at least switch on.
  7. My brother is a colossal idiot who ran off from a taxi without paying fare, has since not bothered to pay the fine, and it has rocketed up to £1000 + over the months he's been ignoring it. He doesn't live at home with myself and my mother any more, and hasn't since last year. However, Collectica don't seem to care despite being told this on more than on occasion. This morning I heard a car engine idling outside at about 6:30/7.00. No knock, but when I went downstairs later there was a 'Notice of Removal' through the door (with no time on it, the time/date space has been left completely blank.) 'Please note that the amount now due is £1043.13 inclusive of charges for today's visit. If this amount is not PAID IN FULL, IMMEDIATELY, a further call with be made, WITHOUT NOTICE, to take control of goods and potentially REMOVE FOR SALE by public auction. Such action will render you liable to further substantial costs. Please see reverse for schedule of fees and costs. To avoid such severe action, please contact me on TODAY to arrange payment.' I'm frightened to be honest, I can't cope with situations like this as I am on ESA for severe anxiety and depression. I don't know where my brother is or how to contact him, as we don't get along, and if I told him about this he wouldn't do a thing. I phoned Citizens Advice this morning and was kept on hold until my phone credit ran out completely. What can the bailiffs do? My mother is the tenant and she's currently away so I'm the only one in the house besides the dog, I don't like the thought of having to face this alone. Can they break in if I leave the house, or take things that belong to myself or my mother if I don't have receipts for them? (The only things left that belong to my brother are a few clothes.) Do I or my mother have any recourse to stop this?
  8. Some of you are aware i have moved to Northern Ireland and i am on ESA due to my disability. Rather than closing down my BT account in England i let my brother use it in my Name (Same Address) until i receive the keys to my new place over here in Ireland. I have just phoned him on the land line and the line is dead. After contacting BT it seems he has not paid the bill since May. To say i am angry is an understatement, i even got him a payment card. To remove the restriction and protect my credit rating from a default, though i have ended up with three late payment markers. I have just had to pay the £53.00 arrears. On top of that on the next bill i will be hit with £37.00 in reconnection and late payment charges as well as the normal line rental. That will be another £50.00 in total To top it all the line is being reconnected as the bill has been paid by me for which he will get the benefit. BT had the cheek after hitting me wit this bill to say if i wanted to restrict the line i would have to pay again for the privilege Rant over and can i do anything about these charges??
  9. Evening All,* Just wondered if anyone has any comments on an issue were having with my 17 year old brothers car insurance..* was involved in accident Monday after college. Not sure who is at fault yet but his little Punto is a write off.. He has a box/tracker on car so wasn't speeding but the other car was. He rang insurance up Tuesday morning to inform them and he was told he couldn't have a courtesy car as car was a write off - fair enough.. They went through all his details and he told them he had changed his apprenticeship / job last month.. That was that, car has been taken away today and we are awaiting a call from claims department.* In the meantime customer services have called to say he needs to pay them an £80 fee due to him changing his apprenticeship/job. Now bearing in mind he is only 17 and goes to college once a week the rest of the time he is just sweeping up and painting walls due to his age. The insurers have put him down as a " welder" because he told them he is an apprentice for an engineering company.. He has been told the occupation is a higher category and he must pay £80. He has never welded anything in his life! At 17 he's not even really allowed on the main floor where they do the welding. He's paid peanuts as it is and attends college and they are trying to get him to pay this £80 for being a " welder". His other apprenticeship was in a warehouse 5 minutes down the road and he had no idea he had to inform his car insurance about the change. He's paid for the car himself and paid £2000 up front for the insurance and I just feel they are being really harsh. Just wondered if anyone had any helpful comments? He just wants to pay it to be honest because it's now holding up his claim. Thanks guys, Rachael.*
  10. Hi, I’m giraffes and you may remember me from a post I made back in 2011, when my GPs wrongly took me off their patient list. I got nowhere, but spent over £600 in disbursements. Despite that, here I go again… This time my problem is similar to that of davey1309 (28th July 2014) whose brother hijacked his inheritance. My mother became mentally incapable due to dementia about 1998. My eldest brother (“EB”) obtained power of attorney to conduct Mam’s affairs. I have another older brother, “OB”. Mum died in January 2014, leaving no will. EB assumed responsibility for making her funeral arrangements, and did a bit of “tidying up” of her affairs. He did not apply for letters of administration because the value of the estate was (apparently) comparatively small. I told EB Mum did not want to be put in the same grave as her husband; our father (“Pop”), despite which, EB interred Mum’s remains there anyway. When EB sought the consent of OB and me to place a tombstone for Mum, I made my consent conditional upon his inscribing it additionally to mark Pop’s burial in the same place. EB abandoned the placing of any tombstone and later wrote me that I had withheld my consent to a tombstone for Mum. In addition, although OB and I had consented to his obtaining a transfer of a relatively small sum of money that he had said he would share out, he never mentioned it again and left it where it was. By August 2014, there was still no marker on the grave, so I wrote to the Probate Registry to ask if I could be granted letters of administration over the right to erect a tombstone and the aforesaid small sum to finance the project. The Probate Office’s arm’s length reply was very sniffy, so I took it to be a refusal, and applied for and was granted the administration of the whole of Mum’s estate. That obviously comes with responsibilities, which included answering to the Department for Work and Pensions (“DWP”) in the matter of the amounts, in life-changing proportions, that EB had already distributed to OB, me and himself. The DWP wanted to know where all that money came from. EB had merely told me it was “the residue of Mum’s unused pension”. The DWP told me that if I did not disclose where the money had been kept, they would treat it as if it had been fraudulently secreted, instead of being declared, whenever Mum had applied for means tested benefits. They would deem the estate in debt to them on that basis. They have since decided that is the case. In the meantime, I have written several times to EB but he has been extremely reluctant to cooperate in the supply of relevant information. In the course of that correspondence, EB has disclosed a number of assets, which, however, he had not mentioned in the preceding months. He had kept back a “contingency fund for unexpected debts”, but had written me he was sure nothing was left owing after he had “tidied up”. He had also retained a fund “for the tombstone”, but still had access to the small sum he had promised to distribute but had abandoned. He has now offered to transfer those funds - again of considerable proportions - into the administrator account I opened, but describes them as “the residue of Mum’s pension” - a description he is using for the second time. The accounting he cobbled together for this money is nonsensical, and bereft of a single original supporting document. While claiming it is a transfer of all the money left in the account, he refuses to turn over the pass book to me. At the very least, it is plain that when EB sent me money and stated it was “1/3 of Mum’s unused pension”, his subsequent words show that was not true. Finally, he has also revealed the existence of a life insurance policy, but he is keeping the policy documents. I have also made enquiries of third parties. My mother’s pension had been paid into a high end credit card account in EB’s name. EB was fairly frugal in his spending on Mum’s needs (she was “locked in” by her dementia), so over the past 16 years, he was in a position to invest and re-invest the balance remaining from the payment of her State Pension and Pension Credit. When I tried to obtain my mother’s credit report, I was asked questions for security purposes that centred on the identity of certain financial transactions including a newly taken-out mortgage. Naturally, I could not answer the questions so I could not obtain the report, but I am suspicious that these transactions have been made in her name. Can anybody please tell me, what are my powers as the estate administrator, can I take my brother to court on the basis of a suspicion that he is withholding estate assets from me and OB, what is the class of the action, and what is the law that applies?
  11. hi my brother is renting a house and the landlady is just awful when he moved in the last owner had a dog the carpets were disgusting she had promised to get them cleaned but the man said he was only able to do a part cos the electric meter ran out , so no carpets cleaned , also on the front foor there is glass pane piece it had a piece missing and was covered with cardboard she again promised to fix it , he has been there 2 years and she has fixed nothiong when he asked her abput the fire being serviced she said she will arrange for someone to come out again ....nothing he had a house with her last time (only because he has rods and plates in his back and doesnt work so cannot afford a bond thats the only reason and option because she didnt require one .....she couldnt get one because of the state of the place anyway) she charged him £80 because one day when he put his key in the door the key snapped , she said it was his fault as he must have used force (he told her the door was stiff to open but she doesnt listen) she also charged him £80 for cleaning the carpets and we seen her cleaning them herself (now my brother said family would do it even though the carpets were in a disgusting state anyway but she said "no no i have to have this house for the new tenants and you have to move to the house in 2 days time) this house is in terrible state and she is a landlady who just insists on money making , my brother cannot cope hes suffereing terrible depression cos he wants out and away from her , him and his girlfriend get £100 paid a week for the rent this woman charges £500 a month and it aint worth £300 !! is there any help cos ive searched online and everyone wants one month rent in advance and also a bond , we just dont have it to help him and they obviously havent got it either they are in south west wales , there is a bond scheme that helps with the bond but everyone wants a month rent in advance , Does anyone know of any sites that have landlords that just so bonds and no month in advance and takes housing benefit ? And also we know this woman is going to try and charge my brother for anything she can find , like she promised him she would take the rubbish out his back by the time they moved in but didnt do it and has been on his case for him to do it , he doesnt drive and the landlady has a VAN !! i thought you could withold rent if a landlord/landlady didnt do repairs or service gas fire etc is that right ? even though she insisted she had them make the housing benefit cheques out to her and not them but they still have to give her £100 a month any suggestions i dont know what to do to help him and thank you in advance
  12. I'd really appreciate any help I can get about this. I have been out of the UK for over 12 years. I after graduating and I left some debts... bad and irresponsible...but it is what it is. I have recently returned and set up a UK bank account and opened a secured credit card...with an aim of rebuilding some credit history. I got a full current account and my credit history with Experian showed nothing outstanding. Today my brother called me saying that someone called his home (I dont even know the postal address) saying the have a package to deliver to me. he checked the number and it was a debt collection agency. How could they get my brothers information...I seriously dont even know his landline number?? Also, arent all my debts now statute barred?? Its been 12 years since I lived in the country. He is going to get me the number.... what can I say when I call them? I want to shout obscenities down the phone... I am embarrassed and really upset...call me, thats ok....call a family member that is really messed up!!!! What can I do? Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. Martin has two brothers. His older brother David, and his younger brother Andy. Andy has just opened a Twitter account Here - https://twitter.com/AndyNdrw
  14. ...in february. We filled out his form a couple of months ago. What is the procedure please? He has kinda accepted that he will be put on JSA. But what is the timescale of things happening. And what happens IF & WHEN he finds a job & they sack him because he isn't mentally capable of holding down a job at the moment? Will he find himself with no benefits or can he go back on JSA straight away?
  15. My first post so hello there people! I need some help as i am about to suffer from depression! I need information regarding people living with you and wanting to go bankrupt. Long story so bare with me. Me and my partner moved in with the inlaw so we can save up, get married and move out with the intention of buying our first home. The first year has gone so fast we dont even know where our money has gone. The second year (January 6th 2012) my brother in-law landed on the door step with his marriage ending. He loves to drink! He goes out every Sunday now and get plastered and my little 8 year old girl has to see this. Now last Monday he decided to not get up for work (still drunk) and told his boss, he's not going to work for them anymore. so he's walked out! Now he has been out everyday to the pub drinking the last of his money behind the bar. he doesnt pay anything to his mum for food, bills etc. He has a 4 year old girl but not a full time parent. He has maybe £14,000 worth of debt and said he is going to file for Bankruptcy. Please help me with some information i cant find. If he files for Bankruptcy, will the debt collectors or bailiffs look at my stuff and my partners stuff? Will they take anything belonging to us? I own alot of stuff but its all in either the celler or my bedroom. Im going on holiday with my partner soon and dont know if i should take everything i own to my mum or dads house while im away. please help me as any information will be greatful! kind regards. joe
  16. My brother sent a letter to Lloyds asking for his PPI back. He did the spready for Compound int and the claim came to just under £40k He was away working when an offer letter came offering him £22k and they put the money in his account without him accepting. He got home yesterday and opened his post and was elated BUT they calculated the interest at 8% and he had calculated it at 24.9% which is what they had charged him. Should he pursue for the rest?
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