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  1. We replied and posted the letter back and accepted guilty outside court
  2. Yes that's what I think it is a court notice saying it will be dealt with single justice court ... I believe £125 is the amount they r fighting for in the court n I need to respond to the court so m afraid has it already become a criminal offence
  3. N it is a court notice not from Tfl .... Hence I am afraid that is a offence and also the time allotted is 21 days as I received it yesterday ... I don't know if they would still not consider it if they receive it after 21 days as I don't know when will it reach them
  4. Hi I want to know if plead guilty outside court will my husband have a criminal record and is the complete fine £125 as the letter also says it will decide the "sentence" and "fine " and what can I write in the mitigating circumstances form ...n should I call Tfl or respond to the court letter ... How should I pay...
  5. Hi yes it is a notice from the court with my husband name on it saying he needs to respond in 21 days but it is dated 1st October and I received it yesterday 19th October I am afraid I have to respond today , however if it reaches them after 21 days would be a problem The charges include contrary to regulation 7(1) (b) of the public service vehicles ( conduct of drivers, inspectors, conductors and passengers) regulations 1990 sl.no 1020 and contrary to section 25(3)of the public passengers vehicle act 1981
  6. Thank u for ur reply....my husband was going to get medicine for me as I had stomach aches I also went to the doctor the same day... when I got the letter from Tfl I wrote back to them stating he was in a hurry and don't realise he took my card as it had the same cover pack as his... I also attached a copy of my prescription ..... The charge sheet says Tfl has applied for a £125 against costs of prosecution.... I am really afraid of the charge sheet means my husband will have a criminal record!!!! I have been given three options 1 plead guilty outside court 2 plead guilty in the cou
  7. Hi can you please advice me on how to write the letter....I am going through the same situation... Plzzzz
  8. Hi I am dealing with a similar issue n i am very worried can you tell me what did you write in the e mail and how can I avoid any criminal offence against me..... My husband accidentally used my student oyster and wants to accept it and pay the fine....plz let me know how to go about it... We have two days left to respond...... Plzzzz I am waiting
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