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  1. Yes, I have but I don't think I'll report them again, nothing will be done. The neighbourhood officer on the phone was even telling me 'they say it's not them' but it is!! When I complained of people coming and going until all hours of the night the officer said 'she says that's her going out for a cigarette' no no no they have a constant stream of people it's not just going out for a cigarette! There is so much I could go on about, I can't see any positive I got out of reporting them, only negatives. Now I'm trying to deal with the repercussions, I knew this would happen but I still reported it, it's like it's my fault.
  2. Hopefully it will all be forgotten about in a couple of weeks.... My real fears are from her visitors and confrontation. I can't stand the whistling outside, the other night my husband left and I heard the whistling. I thought he was whistling to me thinking he forgot something...but it was neighbours nephew standing opposite with a group of friends. He was whistling at my husband, then I watched my husband drive off, the nephew looked straight at me. Later he did the same again and stupidity enough I went to the window to see him their with all his friends laughing. Late last night I also saw the neighbours guest try and climb the fence out back...I don't know why he did this, he wasn't trying to look in as he was climbing it...he could have been dumping something over the fence. Then later as he leaves he shouts F off so loudly it makes me jump. I sat there last night trembling wanting my husband to come home. Today I'm going to try get an appointment with GP as I can't carry on living in fear like this, I'm not sure if they can give me anything? I have hardly slept, I keep coming up with plans, one is that I try and 'bump' into neighbours and explain to her I have a neighbourhood officer and PCSO visiting me, and is she having a visit too. Then I'll explain its because I've been told noise complaints have bee reported at this address, then I'll ask her for advice, like should someone be with me, or what do they talk about. I thought if I try to come to her level the threats might stop, what do you think!
  3. Hi, thanks for wanting to check in... The neighbourhood officer and a PCSO visited my neighbours, They denied everything and even put the blame elsewhere saying that they found the reports were a form of harassment. They were told of the noise and behaviour carried on they were in danger of losing their tenancy. Things have been worse since, obviously they are not happy about this visit and have shown their disapproval by trying to look through our windows while whistling so we will look out. Loudly talking outside the flats saying how they don't care as they can get us. Talking about how they never make noise and now they can't slam there doors even though they are out all day (but the problem is also she allows people to use the flat while she is out!) Shouting how she has done nothing wrong and the noise from them does not wake up the street. She noticed my windows were open and shouted up "yeah I don't care if you can f@cking here me, you don't like it, f@cking move...I've been here nearly 10 year" Then she said if she finds out who the other neighbour is reporting them "she's gonna go f@cking mad" This has terrified me further....I'm actually wishing we never reported them now....I'm so scared I can't eat,sleep or concentrate....I feel like a mess
  4. Ok, I might try and delay the application. I'm so concerned over this...if our credit is not so great and the mortgage is not excepted due to this, can we go about getting help to buy our flat? I know we can afford it easily on our wages, but how does it work when someone else buys for you due to port credit? Sorry I wanted to say was financing as a guarantor to help us buy....got a huge headache can't think!
  5. I guess I thought it might look better if there would be some way they could see the debts were settled, but who knows what they see when they take into account mortgage apps and old debt... I read in another thread about someone needing to settled something like 14,000 debt for mortgage reasons....I know mines a lot less but I'm just trying to prepare myself for the application, we plan to apply in July.
  6. Oh...well I guess I should leave it? I'm a little surprised.... How come my husbands parking fine doesn't show on his credit report? His default balance of £108 still needs to be payed it will be default in 2017, should I write to the debt company asking to settle ASAP?
  7. It says, status: defaulted on 2nd August 2010 and then the balance
  8. Hi, thanks for reply. The date of default is 2nd August, so they will disappear on this date? I had this debt in 2010. What would you recommend, I have heard never to contact a debt company over the phone, only in writing. Sorry posted too soon. The debt is with catalogue website shop direct. The site I used Marshall ward is now merged with company very. I think obtaining the debt agreement might be difficult for this reason.
  9. Hi, I have 3 debts with Lowell group totalling to £1,400. These debts are default 2nd August 2016. I have never made a payment or offered to resolve them. ..knowing how difficult it can be to settle debts. we want to make a right to buy mortgage application in July. People have advised me to leave it but apart of me thinks leaving this debt un resolved may be bad for our application. My husband has one debt totalling to £108 shown on his credit report. He has another debt for £400 on an unpaid parking fine. What should I do, leave it or contact Lowell and ask for a settlement and pay it out right?
  10. Thank you so much for that information. I have reported them to the council and have a neighbourhood officer or someone like that coming to visit. I have made a report to the police, but reading in other forums I also found people befriend their PCSO, so I sent an e-mail explaining the situation and had an email back telling me who my local PCSO was. We are arranging to meet, I'm not sure what a PCSO can do about the situation but it helps me feel safer knowing I have someone of authority on my side who can look out for me...perhaps patrol the area, keep an eye on them? Police want to visit me and to be honest since the police visit on Saturday, the neighbours have been very quiet. Although they seemed to find it funny and make stupid loud threats outside (we didn't even call the police, someone else did) I wonder if I did have police visit me and the neighbours saw it would freak them out more. She has had many warnings and police raids, her children must be known by social services, I think this police visit on Saturday has put her back in place...I know it won't last and I can't help but think, is this the calm before the storm? What I really want now, is for the council to visit her, make it clear that the behaviour of her family members and guests is her responsibility whether she is in or not. She does not have rights because she has lived here longer than us, she must understand the behaviour is the problem not us. That's all I want, I think a visit like that will do some good, she needs to realise what is going on when she stays at her boyfriends and let's her family members stay over. It's not OK, right now she doesn't understand that, she doesn't care. She only began to understand after the police visit. I must admit I'm terrified still, work has been difficult and when I walk up to my property I pretend I'm preoccupied on my phone or put my headphones in, even though I'm not listening to music. I even call people so I don't feel like I'm walking alone if they are standing outside smoking.
  11. So I called up the non emergency police this morning because I wanted the reference number for banging door incident. They were not able to give it to me as someone else had made the call. So she said if I reported it now it would be on record twice, then she asked me to tell her what was going on. I explained everything over the years and she asked how often noise/drugs and anti social behaviour happens I said daily. She said we there is enough information to make a report. She said an officer would call to get details and arrange some sort of visit. I'm not sure what will come of this visit but she had asked to see all evidence of complaints written down. Tomorrow I will also report to council and give them all my crime reference numbers. I'm just worried as these complaints are not longer anonymous, they know it's us.
  12. I'm really sorry I couldn't find the correct category to post this in, please feel free to move it to the relevant section or someone let me know the correct section! Hi everyone I have not be on here for a long long while, I was made homeless back in 2012 had an awful experience met some great people on here who helped me in my worst... But...things have not turned out very well and it's a long story.. First of all the council offered us this flat we are in now, we did not have a lot of choice. It's on a small estate most people here are working families a few old lady's and disabled people, then there are the chavs. Unfortunately our flat is above the ring leader chavs of the estate, but of course we never knew this. At first things were ok, they are loud neighbours. Then things progressively got worse, the stench of the weed was overwhelming they had a constant flow of people in and out at all hours. Then one day they were raided by police at 6am and things got quiet..but not for long. The people came back the drugs came back and the door slamming. We were so fed up of the door slamming we complained until we were blue! The council came to fit one of those door mechanism that closes the door slowly so it doesn't slam, the neighbours decided they didn't like this and broke it off! So the council came again and they broke it again....then again until someone went around to talk to them but nothing was done. You get the idea what they are like...around this time last year a council representative came around about the drugs. He spoke to me and said they could lose their tenancy, after this they went really quiet. In August we went away for the month. In return the neighbour was pregnant. We thought this might make them quiet and stop slamming doors. Fast forward to now, they have baby and things are worse. Often she stays at her boyfriends and leaves the flat to her brother, sister and the sisters teenage son. They are so loud and inconsiderate they slam the door and the whole building shakes, they drink, take drugs and make so much noise. Yesterday the neighbours were out, the brother came around under the influence of something. He was banging on the Windows to be let in. My husband had to leave to pick up his car, as he opened the hallway door the brother pushed the door into him pushing him back and proceeded to knock on neighbours door. At this my husband questioned him and he became verbally threatening saying things like 'don't look at me like a d@@k head' My husband came back up and said to call the police which we did, the whole time the brother is there having an argument with himself but amazingly knows we are calling police. He passes out eventually on the stairs the police never came but the neighbours did return. She had difficulty waking him, they went inside and I heard him telling her about the argument with my husband. Then today the doors are being slammed my hair dresser was over blow drying my hair she stops and says 'what's that crashing noise' I have to explain the neighbours are slamming the doors. My husband goes down and finds the brother outside. So he shouts at him to stop slamming the f ing doors the brother then denies it saying it was others who just left, then he begins verbally assaulting my husband saying things like ' we have lived here longer, f@@k off back up stairs' My husband came up and said 'he was out of it' he said he wanted to punch him but saw he was slurring his words and his head was looking about. Around two hours later police turn up, they visit neighbours first. They say they can about door banging and neighbours deny they have done anything. Then they come to us and ask about it and I point down ward they ask if it was them and I nod as I can't say much. They asked if we had called them and I say no then they left. So someone else had reported them... After the police go my neighbours find this hilarious, the brother comes into the street and shouts something about wasting police time...they are talking loud so we can hear how the police will do nothing to them and we are the ones who are noisy and wrong. As I type they are still up talking about it now, how they will get us in trouble, swearing about my husband, talking over scenarios about what happened and how they were right and how they will report us. I am honestly scared to death right now...mostly out of conflict between my husband and the neighbours brother. I'm hoping their will be no more confrontation, I feel sick. I have put up with this for almost 3 years, I try to make things as normal as possible for my son but now I am struggling so much. We have reported these neighbours so many times I couldn't even count yet nothing gets done about them...no one helps us. I feel so scared and trapped. I really need help.
  13. Hi, sorry for not updating for a long time! The reason for that is because nothing has really happened, we are still here :/ Isis get a fright today when the landlord turned up saying that my emergency accomidation was cancelled but soon cleared it up, good thing I was in otherwise I dread to think what might have happened, gave me a real fright and slapped me back into reality. Good thing the weather has been nice, we have been out of the house most days sometimes not coming back until 7.30 8 pm. The weird neighbours downstairs have been moved which is great news. I was a bit down to be celebrating my sons birthday there but were out most of the time which makes life easier. Hope everyone is well xx
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