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Found 18 results

  1. Can someone please advise which is the best course of action now. Back in February 2018 I had a missed connection flight with Eurowings which is part of the Lufthansa Group. The plane was delayed leaving one airport and once arrive in the connecting airport the flight had already took off. Thus missing my connection flight. I paid for another carrier to get me home which they eventually refunded. My gripe with Eurowings is the EU denied boarding regulations and at the time the only advice I was given was to accept the next flight which was 12 hours away. I have appealed to Eurowings which they have bluntly refused to pay compensation. I then took it to there ADR resolution service and they ruled in my favour. But the airline still refuses to cough up. Do I take the airline to a small claims court in the UK as Lufthansa which Eurowings is part of has an address at Heathrow Airport or do I need to go through the EU courts as there Head Office is in Colone, Germany. I am raging with Eurowings knowing they are bluntly not following the EU regulations. The Ombudsman SOEP has ruled in my favour but they are still not playing ball. I have given them 7 days now before I take action but would it be better through UK courts or do I have to do it via EU small claims? I have attached the outcome to this claim from the Ombudsman SOEP and I would like advise on what to do NOW. Fingers crossed all deleted can someone please help! The ADR scheme SOP ruled in my favour but EUROWINGS refuses to pay up. Do I need now to take to court? I know is only 90 quid but is besides the point. As its a German carrier they have a group address at Heathrow Airport. So can I take through UK courts or need to do an EU claim to their head offices Schlichtungsempfehlung Fall F 66956-18.pdf
  2. Hello, I wonder if anyone may be able to help me please. I bought a flight in Dec 16 from Citi Flights, flying from London to Thailand. I flew out on the outbound flight but the airline cancelled my flight home. They left me stranded in Thailand with no other option but to purchase a new ticket home. I have been battling with them ever since and they have said that Citi Flights had no authorisation to sell me the ticket in the first place and it was a fraudulent transaction. Citi Flights have said that the issue is with Turkish Airlines and not them and if they weren't allowed to sell me the ticket how could I have travelled on the outbound flight. I spoke to the CAB consumer helpline and I have issued a claim online for breach of contract and damages under common law against both parties (as I have no idea who is telling the truth). However I have just received a letter to say that Turkish Airlines intend to defend the claim. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience to offer me please? Lauren
  3. Airline Insolvency Review to examine protection for air passengers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/airline-insolvency-review-to-examine-protection-for-air-passengers
  4. Hello All, About a month ago I paid online for a flight with a European Airline. Somehow (no fault of my own) the payment didn't go through although at the time it showed the payment pending. The next day my bank notifies me of possible fraudulent activity and thus locks my online account. Several days later the airline later email me about this non payment. Now I am back in the UK I have contacted my bank, and furthermore contacted the fraud centre. They notified me of the fraudulent activity was actually the airline getting into my personal online bank account with no permission. So regardless of if, why or what their intentions are / were, is this not illegal for an airline, or anyone, to invade a person's privacy like this?!! Can they just get away with it? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone just wanting some help and advice with pre-booked seats please for my son. He booked to go on holiday with On The Beach in September. When it came to adding extras like luggage etc all was great. He paid his deposit and the rest is due over the next 6 weeks. He has received confirmation and all the details of his holiday and information on how to book in on line. He has been given the option to pre-book his seats on the plane but at a cost of £12.50 each way and an admin cost of £30.....ridiculous price!!! We had a look on Ryan Air and it's only £7 each way......is there anyway round not booking the seats through On The Beach and going straight through to Ryan Air....Thanks.
  6. Hi All. I wonder if anyone has encountered a similar situation. I booked some tickets for flights with Arik airlines on the 9th Feb. Arik have since suspended all flights from the UK since they are in financial trouble. After contacting travel trolley numerous times, I have been told that i cannot get a refund until they hear back from Arik airlines. So far, all their queries to Arik have gone unattended (so they say). I booked these tickets with a visa debit card. Where do i stand in terms of a refund? The thing about this all is that i need the money back so i can re book those tickets with another airline, and i am due to travel in April. What is the best way around this??
  7. Delayed airline passengers are potentially missing out on millions of pounds of compensation, according to an investigation by Which?. The consumer group found that between June 2014 and May 2015, 37 million passenger journeys to or from the UK were delayed by 15 minutes or more. About 900,000 people could be eligible for compensation, but only around 38% of them ever claim, Which? found. Passengers delayed for over three hours are entitled to up to 600 euros (£422). Those protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation have to be flying with an EU-based airline or flying from an EU airport. More than 9,000 flights are delayed for three hours or more each year, the group said, with an average of 97 passengers on each flight. Which? director of campaigns Alex Neill told BBC 5 live: "We want people to assert their rights and hold their airline to account for those delays and claim the compensation that they are owed." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33833059
  8. Hello, I'm new to this site and can't find where I need to search or post regarding an issue I have Thanks
  9. A county court ruling today confirmed that airline Jet2.com can no longer put the payment of delayed flight compensation on hold. The ruling could potentially affect thousands of passengers with similar flight delay compensation claims in the UK. A CAA spokesperson said: 'The judgment of District Judge Jenkinson at Liverpool County Court reaffirms our longstanding view that airlines should abide by the ruling handed down by the Court of Appeal in Jet2 v Huzar last year. 'There is no reason for airlines to place claims on hold and we fully expect them to pay passengers the compensation they are due.' http://www.which.co.uk/news/2015/02/airline-ordered-to-stop-delaying-compensation-396591/
  10. Advice please. We are due to fly to the states on Monday 6th April We return and have a stop off of 3 hours in Washington. We had planned to see our daughter who lives in the states (We have done this before as you dont need your baggage as it goes to the plane for you) We paid £75 more to go this way than Chicago so we could do this. The agents acknowledge this. On the 20th February the airline changed the connections but we were not told until today. I am livid as I cant now see my daughter the agents have known about this for a month. I believe this is a significant change in our holiday as it was purposely done to go too Washington. Where do I stand?
  11. Prices are hiked by as much as 433%, according to a new survey Typical examples include charging £1.60p for a 30p can of coke Costs were compared to identical products sold in supermarkets Ryanair says customers are 'free to bring their own snacks' if they wish Read More ...
  12. I have just received the following e-mail from the Flight Centre: Hi Patrick, Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend? Just contacting you regarding your flight to Kathmandu in September. Due to the agreement with Air India, the itinerary Liam originally booked for you has no Airline Failure Protection Insurance included. Unfortunately Liam was a new consultant and was not aware of this at the time. In this instance I am please to offer you a better alternative – the below itinerary with Omar Air – if this suits your needs just as well. The alternative to a new ticket would be to sign an agreement to keep your original ticket without Airline Failure Protection Insurance, which means if the airline cancel the flights or cease trading you will not be eligible for any sort of refund. My sincere apologies if this puts you out in any way! Please let me know if I can give you a call if you wish to discuss further. Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Jodie My original outbound journey flight was scheduled to arrive at 09:00. The replacement flight with a different airline stops in Muscat instead of Delhi and arrives in Kathmandu at 18:00. Whereas I am supposed to be picked up by my tour operator to meet my group at 17:00 at the hotel where I am staying the first night before starting a trekking holiday. The original flight back was scheduled to depart at 10:00. The replacement flight is scheduled to leave at 09:05. So I arrive 9 hours late and leave an hour early on the new flight schedule offered. Losing a few hours is not a deal breaker but before I start to talk to the Flight Centre it would be good to hear from anyone who has an idea about my rights and whether the reason for the offer to change my flights is a load of old flannel. I would prefer to keep my original flights but do I risk a cancellation and missing my holiday because I can not afford another flight at short notice. Has anyone found themselves with a similar dilemma? Thanks for taking the time to read my post. PS this is my first post so apologies if I have made a hash.
  13. Hi All, I was hoping someone on here might be able to provide advice to assist with the dilemma I find myself in, a month ago I booked a return flight from London Heathrow to Hong Kong so that I could attend a friends wedding, unfortunately due to a family tragedy the wedding has now been postponed for 3 months. So I called the company I booked the flights with to try and rearrange the dates, over the phone I was informed that it would cost me £175 to amend the flight details to the new dates, however they needed to check a few details so would contact me back shortly to confirm. Having heard nothing for 3 days I eventually got an email through (written in very poor english) basically stating that the airline that I had booked my original flight with were no longer flying that route from the 3rd March 2013, so it would be impossible to amend the flight details as requested. If I want to cancel I can do but I can only expect about a 50% refund in about 6-8 weeks time once they have reclaimed back from the airline. As they have stated they will be getting a refund from the airline surely I'm entitled to more of a refund than that as it's nopt my fault they cannot accomodate the dates I need. With the reason I booked the flights being so I can attend a wedding there are a number of people who are booked on the same flights who are having simular problems, however they have booked directly through the airline and have been offered a larger refund than I have been offered, or the option of retaining the value of there ticket to use on that airline to fly to an alternative destination. I would really appreciate any advice that people can offer in connection to this dilemma as unless I can reclaim a larger portion of a refund from my original ticket outlay I won't be able to afford to book new tickets to attend the wedding on the new dates. Thanks in advance, Tom
  14. Hello, I booked 2 return tickets on JetLink Express 2 weeks ago with Lastminute.com. A few days ago they suspended operations and cancelled all flights. LastMinute rang me and said that they have to cancel the flight and APPLY for a refund however there is no guarantee that they will get my money back. The advised that I contact my travel insurance I paid with my Amex, am I right to think that I am covered for this flight cancellation? Please advise Akhil
  15. Hi I booked holiday for my family to celebrate christmas with my inlaws but airline has gone bankrupt and my bank wont do charge back because i paid with my debit card. The airline told me to go to my bank for a charge back but the bank can only do charge back if i had used credit card. What can i do to get my money back?
  16. As English fans cheer securing a victory over their Ukrainian hosts on Tuesday night,any fans making a late decision to fly out and follow England will have little to cheer when they see the prices of flights which have increased massively from usual fares. I decided to take a look at 4 leading carriers with regular routes to Kiev from London. Boryspil is still the biggest airport and is serviced by all the majors except Wizz Air,who have made the smaller Zhulani their Ukraine hub. Boryspil is approximately 40 minutes ride from the centre of Kiev,whils Zhulani is only around 15 minutes. A typical return flight from London Luton to Kiev at this time of the year can usually be booked for between £140-£180 including 32kg baggage.In fact holders of a Wizz Air membership which costs £24.99 can get up to 20% discount on flights booked online. So here is the online price found after England secured their victory,based on staying for the duration of the tournament. Going Out London Luton (LTN) >> Kyiv Zhulyany (IEV) 06/22/12 W6 6001 Depart LTN 4:30 PM Return Flight Coming Back Kyiv Zhulyany (IEV) >> London Luton (LTN) 07/02/12 W6 6002 Depart IEV 10:10 PM Price Summary Service fees Going Out LTN >> IEV (Web) 1 Adult @ 319.49 319.49 GBP Taxes / Fees [details] 20.50 GBP Coming Back IEV >> LTN (Web) 1 Adult @ 329.32 329.32 GBP Taxes / Fees [details] 10.67 GBP Services and Fees Baggage fee 42.00 GBP Taxes 0.00 GBP price excluding booking fee 721.98 GBP Booking fee 14 GBP total price 735.98 GBP
  17. I want to cancel my forthcoming flight ticket that I booked through a travel agency (traveloworld). The agency have claimed that I am not due any refund whatsoever. I challenged them on the tax element of my booking which I thought I would be able to claim back as taxes are only payable when a ticket is used but they refuse to pay this back. I spoke to Virgin (I am flying with them) and Virgin said that they would refund the tax back to the Travel Agent to pass it back to me. Clearly the agent wants to pocket this amount. What are my legal rights on fligh ticket taxes?
  18. Hi everyone, I hope there is someone here that can help me with this. Basically, I was booked onto an EasyJet flight from Glasgow to Bristol (EZY408 21:15, 17th Aug 2010). I checked in online and arrived at the airport in plenty of time. On passing security the boards were displaying a 30 minutes delay to the flight (I.e. A 21:45 departure). They still displayed that at 21:00 when I checked. I sat in the departure lounge coffee shop to pass the time. Although I was not in view of a departure board (there were none in the area), I sat directly beneath an extremely loud speaker, which was regulary updating passengers on flight details on airlines including easyjet. I thought I would be safe as any update would be apparent and I could make the short trip to the gate with plenty of time to spare. However, on finishing my coffee and heading to the gate 15 minutes before the rescheduled departure time. I was told that the gate was in fact closed and the boards had been updated at 21:00, when the delay was reduced. At this stage the aircraft was on the Tarmac with the doors open. There were no easyjet staff on the airport as all check-ins and boarding is dealt with by an external company. The agent from this company told me that there were announcements, which she did herself, and they would have been broadcast the the location u was sitting in. She said there was nothing else I could do apart from book onto a flight the next day at the cost of £43 excluding overnight accommodation. The lady at the check in desk could not offer any further assistance other than to say there were 50 seats available the next morning. She did tell me, however, that glasgow was a "silent airport" so only selected announcements get broadcast to the whole departure lounge. Does anyone have any experience in this area? Am I entitled to any compensation from EasyJet for failing to provide adequate notice of the change of departure time? The only assistance I was given on the day were an address to write to, a telephone helpline that was closed and an email address. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Dan
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