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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all So my dad is due to fly to Sweden next month, as his brother is in his final months of live, due to cancer. He booked a flight via Norwegian air for a return trip from Gatwick to Copenhagen for £106.90 on Monday the 17th. He got the confirmation email, so everything looked normal, until Wednesday, he got a series of flight confirmation emails, which listed changes to his flight. The first email was a series of cancellation/time changes, but also included: 2 x Checked baggage (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 2 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Checked baggage (15.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 30.00 Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 WCHR – Wheelchair (ramp) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Hearing impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Vision impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 WCHC – Wheelchair (seat) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 For a grand total of £289.90 The second email was the same thing, but the times were back to their originals, again, the same total price. Third email was the same upgrades/changes again, but also different flight times, with stop overs in Madrid for the return flight These changes were £629.80 Fourth and final email had the same types of changes, only for a lot more money (£1191.70) and included a whole bunch of random things like golf equipment etc. Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 25.20 4 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 16.80 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 43.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Seat reservation (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 32.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 15.00 2 x Golf equipment 0.00 (0%) 56.00 4 x Ski equipment 0.00 (0%) 112.00 2 x Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 11x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 99.00 16x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Windsurfing equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Kite equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Total Amount 0.00 1191.70 All of these individual charges have apparently been debited from his account. So he got in touch with Norwegian Air through their chat system and they were of zero use, basically telling him it wasn't them, it must have been him, or someone else. He got the same response from their phone line, that he's been hacked, or his account has been hacked and for him to go to his bank and the police. He doesn't even have an account with norwegian air, so could he or anyone make changes? He's going down to the police station and bank tomorrow about it, but has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  2. Hi I lived in Norway for 6 months last year and have just received an email from a Norwegian debt collectors stating that I owe £1100 for unpaid electricity bills. I had no idea these bills existed so didnt pay them and hadnt previously been contacted whatsoever. I was in Norway on a tourist Visa so I wasn't registered there, all they have is my name and email address. I dont even think they know im English or where I'm from. Do you think I should contact them and explain the situation or just ignore? What are the possible outcomes? Thanks
  3. In October last year we had an awful cruise holiday aboard Norwegian Epic. The ship had been in dry dock and was delayed departing by a day; this meant that one of the ports of call would be missed. We were given the option to accept the new itinerary or have a full refund. As we had already booked train travel to Southampton and a hotel room on non-refundable rates we didnt want to cancel as this would have been over £200, so we took the new holiday. Onboard, the service was terrible and the cabin filthy - it wasn't cleaned for three of the days of 6! We had a truly miserable time. Now the interesting bit... In all of NCL's literature and on their website it says that there are multiple restaurants open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This wasn't the case and when the ship was in port (4 days of 6) the restaurants were't open and only the buffet was available. When we got home we complained to NCL, who have since said they would have paid for the hotel and train cancellation had we wished to cancel the holiday; we weren't advised of this and the letter to our travel agent from NCL concurs this wasn't an option. Owing to all of the issues we had, they offered 15% refund. I have complained to the Advertising Standards Agency who have told NCL to amend their literature. We've since started pursuing this via S75 of the Consumer Credit Act and will see how things go - I'll keep you all updated as it could be quite an interesting case
  4. Hi. I got a tax demand from Norway today, demanding payment of tax from the years 2001 to 2006, or they will make an attachment to earnings. I only worked and lived in Norway from Nov 2001 to April 2003 and tax was taken of my wages by my employer. Pre Nov 2001 I was living and working in the UK paying tax PAYE and making visits to Norway every 2 or 3 weeks. From May 2003 I live back in the UK unemployed until Sep and then started paying UK tax PAYE. My Questions are How can I prove that I paid UK tax for these years as it is over 6 years ago and tax records are only kept for 5 years 10 months, and can the Norwegian tax office chase me for tax from over 6 years ago, and do anything to get money from me in the UK? As I am not sure how I can prove to them that I don't owe them any Tax. Many Thanks, Stephen
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