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  1. About time too Here a BBC Panorama programme from a while back about "Scandal at the Post Office" https://tinyurl.com/y5pctbjj .........
  2. Why not wait a few's days more before thinking the worst. There are a lot of delays especially this time of the years/C19 Did UPS leave a card through the door saying sorry you were out, please contact us to rearrange delivery ?
  3. Gillyh I would change your Email address too, if your account has been hacked....
  4. camsemple Why not get an Australia pay as you go mobile or slim only deal while you out there and keep in contact that way, just search online.... Then when you get back to good old Blighty. Tell 3 where to stick it. Good luck.....
  5. Part One of OP thread here https://tinyurl.com/y239zeoz Was too... ....
  6. Hello Tumilty I had one of those Email a while back from Capital One, they also had the cheek to send me 2 letters 9 days after the Email on the same subject.... Junk mail is often deleted atomically after 30 days depending on who your Email provider is Have a read of this https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-tells-credit-card-firms-review-their-approach-persistent-debt-customers https://tinyurl.com/y5qwp47l Link takes you to FCA website. Good luck ...
  7. From looking at the TA. I don't think LL could get away increasing the rent by the amount you stated with you signing a new TA, which you are under No obligation to sign. You can appeal the rent increase, But the LL could serve you with a notice to quit. Sorry to sound blunt you could always look for some else to live. See what advice stu007 gives you................... ....
  8. hugo1963 Assuming your deposit was protected in one of the official schemes ? Just wait until and see if LL/LA do make any deductions from the deposit .
  9. Hi Jeff In addition to questions stu007 has asked you Can you just confirm, does the LL live in the same flat as you or not ? Thank you....
  10. Can you just confirm, does the LL live in the same flat as you or not ? Regards, Rent increases - your rent can only be increased once every 12 months (with 3 months notice) and if you think the proposed increase is unfair you can refer it to a rent officer. https://tinyurl.com/y7zga7cl .url takes you to shelter Scotland. But LL could serve you with a notice to quit https://tinyurl.com/yxl4bmp5 .url takes you to shelter Scotland, Can you upload a copy of your tenancy agreement in pdf format with All personal and LL details blanked ou
  11. Do you know what type of tenancy you have then ? Use Shelter Scotland tenancy checker here https://tinyurl.com/bpk836k And let us know the results, thank you . ....
  12. Royal Mail says We will not be handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures but instead log the name of the person accepting the item https://tinyurl.com/rgeu7yv
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