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Found 23 results

  1. My ex employer (LTD Co) has found a novel way to avoid the companies debts. The director dissolved the company while still trading, without informing employees, or any other creditor, until after the strike off. Redundancy notices were issued, but now the director is trying to avoid paying. any suggestions welcome. Thank you!
  2. Airline Insolvency Review to examine protection for air passengers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/airline-insolvency-review-to-examine-protection-for-air-passengers
  3. BHS investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bhs-investigation
  4. http://www.expressandstar.com/business/uk-money/2017/01/27/figures-show-steep-rise-in-recorded-personal-insolvencies/
  5. Afternoon everyone, Just a question really as follows: I was made redundant 31/07/2015 and followed all the correct procedures. Went to employment tribunal and won my case, which was not contested. Recieved my judgement order on 18/03/2016, which has not been settled. I found out that my previous employer has since closed the business and as of yet not legally gone bankrupt, called in an insolvency practioner nor liquidated the company. I applied to the insolvency service which is going through now and I received a letter saying that they will pay the redundancy as per employme
  6. We have a meat shop, we use to buy Meat from a big supplier. Their quality of meat gradually became so bad that we had to refuse four deliveries as the restaurants we supply it to won't accept it. Later on in a month's time the big supplier went into administration. We then realised why they weren't much bothered about their quality anymore. Anyways, asministrators came in and they dug out that those four deliveries which were refused by us are actually invoiced and outstanding. We received a notice to pay from them on which we responded telling them that these deliveries were refused wi
  7. 2K debt turned 30K by insolvency solicitors now threat of possession Hi, I desperately need some legal advice and I cannot afford a solicitor. A small debt has turned into a massive charge on my house by a firm of solicitors and they are trying to possess my house for what was a £2k debt but their turned it into £30k in less than a year. Both myself and my wife are mental health patients and have a child too. Scared to death we are. Please share or help directly if you can. We need a good lawyer to help us out of this nightmare... I can provide more details of course but here i
  8. Has anyone read about the new rules regarding insolvency http://www.natlawreview.com/article/take-note-amended-uk-insolvency-law-now-force
  9. Hi, In September 2014, I filed for Bankruptcy. Recently the Insolvency Practitioner arranged a House Valuation and has now sent me a letter requesting that I pay £26 k as this is the equty in the property. The house is in my sole name. I am working full time and have just enough money to keep my head above water although may be able ot find £50 or £100 per month by cutting down more if I have to although it is so tight My plan eventually was to try and sell the property a few years down the line for a smaller more affordable one. I am only paying interest only on the house and so will never
  10. Hello, I have been working for a few years at a company and I resigned in December, my last day was on the 15th of January. My company went into administration a week ago and KPMG is the agent handling the company now. The January wages were paid to everyone int he company except me. They said they are only willing to pay those who are still with the company, since my last day was 3 days before the company went into administration they see no reason to pay my wages, which is a sizable amount. I need to point out that I left legally, after serving my 1 month's notice and asi
  11. I have become increasingly concerned by the number of banks and companies using "no locus standi" as a defence. It is becoming obvious that third parties cause the bankruptcy of a Claimant/Defendant allowing the right of action to be vested in the Official Receiver or Trustee. More often than not there is a decision not to pursue the action, cost, success of action etc being the excuse. Surely if the bankrupt was involved in legal action, in particular to obtain recompense, the claim must be pursued in the interests of both creditors and the bankrupt. I have seen evidence that banks etc are us
  12. Re: David Kaye v South Oxfordshire District Council & Certain Exhibitions Ltd Yesterday a highly important Judgment was handed down in the High Court of Justice (Manchester District Registry) regarding the position with arrears of council tax/Non Domestic rates in cases where an individual debtor or company file for either personal bankruptcy, a Debt Relief Order, Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Liquidation or a Company Voluntary Arrangement. Background A company by the name of Certain Exhibitions Ltd suffered a serious fire on 21st April 2013 which destroyed their storag
  13. Re: David Kaye v South Oxfordshire District Council & Certain Exhibitions Ltd Yesterday a highly important Judgment was handed down in the High Court of Justice (Manchester District Registry) regarding the position with arrears of council tax/Non Domestic rates in cases where an individual debtor or company file for either personal bankruptcy, a Debt Relief Order, Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Liquidation or a Company Voluntary Arrangement. Background A company by the name of Certain Exhibitions Ltd suffered a serious fire on 21st April 2013 which destroyed their storage
  14. Hi Insolvency & Rescue Awards 2013 finalists revealed http://www.insolvencynews.com/article/15585/industry/insolvency-rescue-awards-152-finalists-revealed A bit of a diverse post this maybe, but nevertheless interesting and a discussion point whatever side you are on as the sector plays a huge part in the debt and insolvency field and there is no getting away from the fact. Having looked through the list of the finalists, one or two on there definitely caught my eye and I know and have met some on a professional level There are also a couple of 'agencies' on the li
  15. I have never done this before so hopefully I am posting in the right place. Long story short (ish) 2010 a man came to our garage and asked our young trainee ( on his break) to have a look at his car on the forecourt, young lad did, car engaged, the man got a fright stepped back and tripped and fell and hurt himself. ( Told police / ambulance the same) The insurance company are unable to offer indemnity as due to it being on the forecourt it is covered by the Road Traffic Act and he was under 25 and not insured. The man did hurt himself - not disputed, our trainee should have refused to
  16. Hi, I need your help people again! I decided after the advice of people on here regarding a number of grievances I had with my employer and statuary rights, that I would get a solicitor. I ended up resigning because of what ha[ppened and solicitor said with all the evidence I have got we should take my employer to a tribunal for automatic unfair constructive dismissa which l was told had a very strong case. Then after few letters and text messages back and fourth. My solicitor speaks to my ex-employer about a settlement. He said that he wants a figure asap and he would not give of
  17. Hi Another interesting one from Insolvency News (this one made me smile a bit to be honest) Insolvency ad banned after R3 complaint - http://www.insolvencynews.com/article/15416/corporate/insolvency-ad-banned-after-r3-complaint More from the actual ASA site http://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2013/6/Mark-Liddle-LLP/SHP_ADJ_225121.aspx Link to R3 site below for those who may not know who they are (Association of business recovery professionals) some interesting stuff on there for the debt and insolvency buffs amongst us http://www.r3.org.uk/
  18. Hi,could anyone advise me on the following problem: a friend of mine was told that he had been served a "STATUTORY DEMAND under section 268(1)(a) of the insolvency act 1986. Debt for liquidated sum payable immediately", and this being the first time he had ever known that he may have such a debt and with no prior notifications that such debt existed, my friend finds themselves in a desperate situation and does not know what to do please help thank you
  19. The Insolvency Service has launched a voluntary exit scheme that is expected to see 50 employees in middle manager positions leave the organisation. It confirmed that the scheme is in response to falling case numbers and is targeted at middle managers and above across the agency. If case numbers continue to decline then the organisation will reduce employee numbers by between 200 to 400, or 10% to 20% of its workforce, over the next three years. More: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14739/online-news/50-management-jobs-to-go-at-insolvency-service
  20. I received PPi refund from Halifax for £180. On the cheque it wrote: Pay: Insolvency Exchange Ref: My name. When I took the cheque to the cheque exchange I was told I can’t cash it and that it will have to go to Insolvency exchange. The bank says they will take it if I have account but I don’t-----------HELP
  21. Hi Insolvency Service Annual Report & Accounts 2011/12 Always a slick and interesting report and well worth a read through (in my opinion) http://www.official-documents.gov.uk/document/hc1213/hc03/0358/0358.pdf Amongst a number of others - the paragraphs below caught the eye - whats that about nobody knowing about who is in an IVA? Individual Insolvency Register Use of the Individual Insolvency Register (IIR) remains at a very high level with 3,967,899 searches being conducted by users. This is an increase of 19% compared with the 3,348,240 searches co
  22. An insolvency manager who worked for the Insolvency Service, the government agency, has been reported to the police for allegedly stealing £126,000. The Insolvency Service, which administers the insolvency regime in England and Wales, confirmed to Credit Today “internal incidents” involving the alleged theft by an employee of £126,444 from insolvent estates. This resulted in “fruitless payments,” the service claimed, of £155,343 to compensate for the estate account losses. More: http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14245/online-news/insolvency-manager-suspected-of-stealing-126000
  23. I'm applying to have my address kept from the Register under Insolvency Rule 6.235B. The lady from CAB tells me she thinks the fee for this is around £40 but that a Judge is unlikely to approve it as in reality few people are allowed to have their address kept off the register. I fled a DV relationship 4 years ago and my ex managed to find me up until 18 months ago when I last moved. I've managed to keep my address from him successfully to date here and really want to continue keeping it from him. I know it would affect me mentally if I felt he could find me. Apart from my own witness st
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