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Found 8 results

  1. I bought a Toyota Auris brand new back in Oct of 2015 which falls under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The car has been extremely unreliable and broken down 8 times in the past 12 months, 7 of those occassions being within the past 6 months. It has had the EGR Valve replaced twice, been in twice for a "loose wire on the airflow meter" once for "loose pipe on a gasket" and even had the ECU replaced, despite all this it still suffers from a problem in which the cruise control repeatedly switches off. Toyota had no explanation for this at the time I told them I wanted to reject the vehicle which was back in June of this year. I have gone down the route of rejecting the vehicle, which Toyota have refused to accept. I have even reached out to the Financial Ombudsman and given them all the information about the repairs but their response was that my accounts of the repairs did not match Toyota's, at which point I realised that Toyota had actually lied about the number of times that the vehicle had been repaired. The fact that all the repairs were carried out under warrnty means that I have no receipts or eveidence as such to prove anything, but I did speak to the dealer whose list of repairs supported what I had said but refused to give me a copy of it. The CRA 2015 clearly states that a manufacturer has the right to attempt one repair and if the product is not fit for purpose after that repair the consumer has the right to reject it. My question is; what are my options after this has been reviewed by the Financial Ombudsman who has ruled against my case? I would also like to add that at one point I received a letter from the Financial Ombudsman stating that they supported my claim and agreed that I should be able to return the vehicle, but the day after they changed their mind. They had spoken with Toyota who said that the car is now "fixed". But they have "fixed" it several times in the past which has turned out not to be fixed because it broke down again, and again, and again.
  2. Please help! I have no idea where else to turn. On 29th February 2016 I bought a Toyota Verso Excel D4D from Motorline Toyota. Since taking ownership of the car on the 10th March 2016 I have had a problem with a recurrent smell inside the car. Initially I believed this to be as a result of me following other vehicles that were emitting an acrid smell. It happened regularly enough that it became a talking point in the car with my two older children who were then aged three and four. The smell often occurred on the school run which is approximately 4 miles from home. Initially I noticed the smell occurred approximately once a month then on the 5th August 2016 whilst filling up my car with diesel at a petrol station, smoke appeared inside the car via the vent in the centre console. At the time my two sons and my baby daughter aged four months were inside the vehicle. Having paid for my diesel and returned to my car my eldest children asked me why smoke was coming inside the car. I immediately telephoned Motorline and told them about the problem and received a curt response which was that I had AA cover and I should call them. I was informed that they would decide if the car needed to be returned to them. I contacted the AA who came and inspected the car and diagnosed that the oil filler cap could not be tightened sufficiently enough without it popping off. He advised me to contact Motorline and inform them. This I did and I was again surprised by their initial response. I was informed that they were unable to supply me with a new oil filler cap as they were having a problem with their suppliers. I replied that that was unacceptable as I could not be in a situation whereby my three children were in a car with smoke entering the inside. I was then advised that if I were to bring the car into the garage they would attempt to locate an oil filler cap that would fit from another car. This I did, a forty mile round trip. However they did manage to source an oil cap that fitted. I decided that the smell that I had noticed in the car must have been the result of the faulty oil cap and felt assured that now that the problem had been identified and rectified it would no longer be a problem. However it did reoccur and I called the AA again on the 2nd September. They reported that they could find no reason for the smell and reassured me that everything appeared to be fine. The smell continued to occur approximately every three weeks and after yet another occurrence I called the AA out again on the 23rd December. Once again no obvious fault was identified and I was advised to contact Motorline Ashford. In November I had received notification from Toyota that there was a safety recall on my car relating to the Throttle Body. I decided that I would contact Motorline in the New Year to arrange for the recall repairs to be carried out and to discuss the issues regarding the smell. In the meantime, on an occasion when the smell occurred, I drove straight to a local garage to ask their opinion. They advised me that in there opinion the smell was not right and they advised me to contact Motorline . I took the car to Motorline for the initial inspection on the 18th January 2017. I was advised that they would look into the car but they mentioned it may be due to the DPF. I had now noticed that the smell was occurring approximately every two weeks. When I returned to collect my car I was advised that they had been unable to replicate the smell and so there was nothing that they could do. I explained that that was not acceptable and became emotional. I asked for advice as to what they thought I should do as when I stopped the car the smell would go. As far as I could see the only way I could get them to smell the smell would be to drive the 30 minutes from home to Ashford with at least two of my three children, if not all of them, being subjected to the awful fumes which I was concerned were harmful. I asked what they would advise I do in the event of the smell occurring again given that I did not feel it was appropriate to subject my children to the fumes in order to drive the car to Ashford. I asked if there was a garage local to me that they would not be happy for me to go to for them to give an initial assessment. She just repeated that the problem would have to be replicated whilst with them. Following this event I decided to call Toyota Customer Relations. I rang them and relayed the problems I was having. I was informed that a case manager would be in contact with me within a few days. I never did receive a call from a case manager. I did however receive a call from the After Sales Manager. He agreed that they would use the car in a manner similar to myself in the hope that the smell would be generated. I agreed with this plan. My car was collected on the 3rd February by Mark. The After Sales Manager rang me later that day and asked me if I knew how many miles I had done since I last noticed the smell as he was able to tell when the car had last gone through a cycle and how many miles I had driven since. He believed the smell was to do with the regeneration system. Given when the smell had last occurred and how many miles I had done since I concurred with this. My car was returned to me on the 6th February. He told me that the smell was due to the regeneration system but assured me that the fumes were not coming into the car. I asked how I was smelling them if they were not entering the car. He said that the system was close to where I sit in the car and that was why I may be able to smell it. He explained that the regeneration system was designed to flood the engine with additional fuel and burn it off at a high temperature before dumping the fumes out of the car via the exhaust. He also explained that if the car had not completed a cycle it would emit a smell once stopped. He said that a regeneration cycle should occur on longer journeys and he felt that the problem may be because I was doing shorter journeys as I had been on maternity leave and doing more local journeys. He felt that this may also be the reason why I was smelling it more often. I explained that that did not make sense as I had recently driven a 30 minute drive and that the smell had occurred when I parked up at my destination. It was explained to me that as well as a longer journey other things had to be happening in the engine such as it getting to a particular temperature etc. to ensure a successful regeneration. I asked that if I needed to do longer journeys for the regeneration system to work properly then I should have been informed of this when I bought the car as, knowing I was due to start Maternity Leave, I knew that I would not be doing long journeys. I suggested that the car may therefore have been mis-sold to me. He advised me that the regenerations system had now been reset to the factory settings (I believe he said that this was every 2000 litres of fuel). I asked what advice Toyota gave to their customers about the regeneration system and was informed me that none was available. He also told me that he had found out what he had by looking on google and reading chat forums. He asked me why I had chosen a diesel and I explained that it was what I was used to driving and that it was what I was advised to purchase when I was buying the car. He suggested that he could speak to Matt Brown about me changing my car and suggested either a petrol Verso or a Prius Plus. I said I would consider this. We met with the manager on the 11th March. He agreed to see what he could do. He listened to my concerns and appeared to understand my distress. I explained that I knew that I would lose the £3204 I had paid in repayments but that I did not expect to be out of pocket as I believed the car was faulty. He agreed that finance would be 'sorted'. Matt agreed to look for a suitable car. I was happy to consider an older Prius Plus as well as a petrol Verso. I received a telephone call from the dealership on the 20th March. I was given details of a Prius Plus. I was getting ready to leave the house and took quick details about the car including the repayment details. A day or so later I rang and spoke to Toyota and asked if I could have a more detailed breakdown of the finance for the car. I explained that whilst I accepted that I would lose the £3200 that I had spent paying for the car over the past year, I was not prepared to lose the £2200 part exchange value of my previous car as I was returning the car because I believed it to be faulty NOT because I had changed my mind. I was told that there was no way that I would get the £2200 back. I said that I believed that I had a case to take to Toyota Finance to say that I was in dispute over the car as I believed that the car was faulty. I believe the car to be faulty and that it was mis-sold to me. I want to return my car and have the finance cleared and I wish to be reimbursed the £2200 I put down as a deposit (part exchange value of my Toyota Yaris) I have written to Toyota Finance and have not yet had a response but I do not hold out much hope as I did write to the CEO and have had a response saying that 'the issues I have are a consequence of driving styles and usage.' they go on to say regarding my claim that the car was mis-sold that 'we have not been privy to those sales discussions and are unable to pass comment'. The car was bought on finance. The initial cost was £17495 and I had £2200 deducted from that for the part exchange of my old car. The car continues to smell inside the cabin on a regular basis and happened last week with all my three children in the car. It is a revolting, acrid smell that makes me feel sick. I am greatly concerned for my children's health being exposed to this smell. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this.
  3. Hi, hope you can help? Recently I received a letter from Toyota advising me that they have identified a possible safety issue regarding my vehicle. They have found that the front passenger airbag inflator may have been assembled with improperly manufactured propellant wafers. This could cause the airbag inflator to rupture and deploy abnormally in a crash. My vehicle has had full Toyota service history, the last service was October last year when this wasn't picked up then. I'm wondering what I should do about this? Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi everyone, my dad recently had a problem with his Toyota Urban Cruiser 4WD Diesel. The vehicle is four years old has been serviced all its life (He bought it from new) at a Toyota garage. The vehicle has only done just over 20K He has recently had problems getting the vehicle into gear so he took it to our local Wolverhampton Toyota Dealer Charles Clark Toyota. They diagnosed the problem to be the clutch. They quoted £1000 to replace the clutch (Original) or approx £800 for a none Toyota one I find this rather odd a Toyota dealer offering none Toyota parts. The clutch on the vehicle was previously replaced at about 10K due to a major problem with the vehicle apparently Toyota only cover the clutches for 2 year so my Dad had only done 10k miles on this one. This one was just over the 2 year mark. My dad mentioned that he was getting a bit tired of the vehicle to which the dealer suddenly stated that a Hybrid would be a good idea as no clutch. My Dad and myself find this attitude rather bad basically it was your car is buggered tell you what we can sell you a new Priusfor £22K. They introduced him to the sales manager gave some story about how parents have them and love them etc. To cut a long story short my Dad left it and contacted A1 Clutches in Wolverhampton. When he took it to A1 Clutches the said that it might be the clutch but it could be the flywheel this part would have been covered under the Toyota warranty. Unfortunately my dad went ahead with the repair and it did turn out to be the flywheel. He contacted Charles Clark who were basically not interested they said that they needed to do the work and replace it with a proper Toyota part apparently A1 did replace it with a clutch from the same manufacturer. They stated that the teeth were worn on the fly wheel. He went to A1 as they quoted £650 for the clutch. The repair has now cost him over £1k. My Dad has trouble walking a heart condition and is undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment his vehicle is absolutely vital to get him to the hospital hence his haste at getting the vehicle sorted out. I find Charles Clark Wolverhampton attitude to be disgusting, the vehicle obviously had serious design/manufacturing faults a clutch does not fail after 10k and a fly wheel after 20k. The vehicle has a dual Mass flywheel which causes real issues I believe. How can a Toyota dealer offer none Toyota parts on a vehicle that is still under a Toyota Warranty also??? There attitude by trying to wash their hands of the problem and sell my dad another vehicle is also very bad. Should we contact Toyota and state our displeasure with the dealer or just go for the dealer with the sale of good act? Thanks
  5. Last week I went to my local Toyota dealer for a test drive of a new car. I was given a written quote that included a Toyota (not dealer) contribution of £2000 towards the finance, on which it states the quote is valid for 14 days. I have decided to go ahead with the deal but now the dealer has informed me that the Toyota contribution has been withdrawn nationwide, even though I am only 7 days into the 14 day "valid" period. I appreciate that the dealers hands are tied if Toyota has withdrawn the offer, but surely Toyota have some sort of obligation to honour the offer whilst still within the 14 day valid period? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I bought a car three months ago from Toyota, on the day of picking up that car, it broken down and eventually the battery went flat within a month. As a preapproved car they are meant to be fully serviced, have have their preinspection checks and any MOT advisory issues on the MOT to be rectified according to Toyota. Ive asked for the preinspection checks which the garage don't have, and when I went through the servicing documents the car was due for a service the week after I picked up the car, and on the day of receiving the car I found that two of the tyres had advisory items which means I need to get them replaced soon. They've lied to me before when I requested an engine oil change because it was a dirty brown color and they stated that the car was not due for service on an invoice in september which is a month after a service was due. They have only agreed to change the tyres if they see fit which is ridiculous as I paid extra for a preapproved car on the understanding that cars are fully serviced and MOT issues are rectified. I know that they have breached contract in the SOGA and OFT unfair selling regulations. They've said that this is the most they will do for me seeing as I've had the car for three months even though I stopped using the car since the start of october and I've told them this in correspondence. They are refusing to accept any fault, and even though I've highlighted my concerns many times they are not dealing with me seriously. I don't want to have to take this to court as it has wasted enough of my time trying to get through to them. I have also contacted head office who refuse to deal with it as I purchased a preapproved honda from them rather than a toyota. I'd be grateful for any advice, thanks!
  7. Japanese car recall: how are UK consumers affected? Toyota, Honda and Nissan are recalling 3.4m vehicles worldwide after discovering a fault with front passenger seat airbags Japanese carmakers are recalling 3.4m cars worldwide after discovering a fault with some airbags. Here is a guide to how UK consumers are affected. What is the problem with the cars? The affected models have all been supplied with front passenger seat airbags by the same Japanese component supplier, Takata. Some of these airbags have been found to have safety defects. There is too much pressure in the bag so that when it is deployed it goes off with a bigger bang than necessary. This can lead to bits of plastic and metal flying into the windscreen and footwell, according to a Honda spokesman. All the manufacturers affected are keen to stress that there is no risk to passengers from the airbag if there is not a crash – the bag will not inflate accidentally. There have been no incidents in the UK to date. The problem was highlighted following five incidents in the US and Japan. There have been no reported injuries resulting from the fault. Is my car affected? In the UK there are 76,000 Toyotas affected, 15,400 Hondas and 59,058 Nissans. The Toyota recall involves models produced between November 2000 and March 2004, and includes the Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Avensis, Avensis Verso, Picnic and Camry. These vehicles will have "X" to "54" registration plate identifiers. The Honda models affected are those produced between 2001 and 2003. The bulk of these – around 15,000 – are Honda CRVs. The other 400 are made up of the Honda Jazz, Civic and Stream models. The Nissan models were built between 2000 and 2004. The vehicles affected are: X-Trail, Patrol, Almera, Almera Tino, Terrano II and the 4x4 Pickup. What do I need to do if I think my car is affected? Toyota, Honda and Nissan will all be writing to affected customers within the next 30 days. However, you can check before then. Toyota has set up a facility on its website that allows you to check whether your car is one of those affected. It will be fully up and running from the afternoon of Thursday 11 April. Alternatively, Toyota, Nissan and Honda owners can contact their local dealership now to ask for an appointment to put things right. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/apr/11/japanese-car-recall-uk-consumers
  8. I purchased a 24 month Toyota Approved Extended Warranty with unlimited milage on 08 June 2011 with 93018 miles on my 05 Prius. It was purchased from Toyota Motorline in Canterbury. It received its 90K servicing at this time. the NSF drive oil seal was noted as leaking. On 22/08/2011 I took the vehicle in to Turner Toyota in Cambridge at 98039 miles for its MOT and 100K service. Unfortunately when the car was collected I failed to notice that only an MOT and wiper blades and oil seals had been changed, as well as a pinhole noted on the "middle box". The 100k service had not been done. There was no note of why the oil seals had been changed. On 09/02/2012 I took the vehicle in to Turner Toyota in Cambridge at 110198 miles for what I thought was it's 110k servicing, and failed again to notice that what I was billed for was the 100k service. The oil was very low, and I was told to bring it back in 1k for an oil consumption test. No note was made of any problem with the "middle box". However the pipe going into the 'blackbox" was leaking and new gaskets, and blackbox are needed. Brakes 60-65% worn. I asked what could be repaired under the service contract, and they said to leave it with them to look into. Frankly I forgot to follow up. On 06/07/2012 I took the vehicle in to Turner Toyota in Cambridge at 120571 miles for what I thought was it's 120k servicing & MOT. This time I noticed and asked why the service intervals were off, and was told not to worry about it. This time I was advised that the water pump was starting to leak and the exhaust (blew?) from the black box. Again I requested servicing under the service contract. It took until the 27/07/12 with frequent calling of Turner Toyota, including calling the Warranty Claim directly and the Customer Satisfaction Department directly to be advised that the clam was denied due to "service over leeway". I was first advised by Turner toyota that this was because the car had more than 100k on it, and then advised by the Warranty Claim department that this was because the car had not been serviced since 93k. I advised them that the service interval was incorrect, and after nearly another week I was given the same answer as they could not obtain the service records from Turner Toyota. Early today I was advised the claim had been denied due to the policy not being unlimited milage, and then one a PDF copy of the Warranty was faxed through, they changed thier story to say that the service over leeway is still the reason for the claim denial, but they are saying this is because I did not have the car serviced at 10k intervals. Is there anything I can do? I feel as if I have been messed about by all three departments. I fell like Turner Toyota had a professional duty of care to do the 100k servicing in August 2011. It seems the Warranty Department and Turner Toyota have failed in any sort of professional communication with each other, and told me a string of different and conflicting reasons for denying my claim. Mainly I have a most terrible taste in my mouth from the whole experience, the amount of time and effort I had to put into it, and the feeling that by trusting Toyota professionals to help me make certain I was caring for my vehicle correctly I have been thoroughly let down. Even if I have no legal leg to stand on, I can say as a medical professional that if I had failed a client this badly some form of conciliatory gesture would be in order. Or can someone here help me go more public with a name and shame option? Thanks in advance.
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