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Found 4 results

  1. MOD confirms the death of Corporal Jonathan Bayliss, Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-confirms-the-death-of-corporal-jonathan-bayliss-royal-air-force-aerobatic-team-the-red-arrows Such sad news my Condolences to his Family/Friends/those who new him and served with him RIP.
  2. Hey oop. Rusty ol' me passing through, helping someone and I'm pondering on best course of action (not helped by lack of docs from the OP). C/C debt passed from OC to DCA to another DCA, then returned to 1st DCA. Last contact was in 2009 or 10. Suddenly, N1 appeared, lodged by Drysden, of course. OP has no recollection of ever getting a default notice, assignment or anything like that. I've told him to acknowledge for now while I refresh my memory, but I am dithering on where to best handle it. I am thinking: - contact Arrows with CCA request. I am 99% sure that there will not be compliant paperwork, the CC was obtained in 1996 or 7, so odds of a valid contract existing are I think highly improbable. Even if by miracle it still exists, the odds of it having all the required elements and being legible etc is just as remote, IMO. - request paper trail: default notice, assignment. The POC is very generic and vague and does not mention any date at which the notices were supposedly sent to OP, which make me suspicious, in the past, when I have been hounded, if they had followed the paper trail properly, they would say so straight away. - defence: putting claimant to strict proof of, well, pretty much everything: the amounts, assignment, etc. What annoys me is that at some point, the debt became SB then one of the DCAs managed to scare OP into starting payment anyway (he didn't know anything about these illegal tactics)... The aim is either to get the claimants to see they won't get an easy ride of it a nd that this is one defendant which won't go down quietly, a nd hopefully discontinue sooner rather than later. If that doesn't work, then make sure that them chasing after a debt which became toxic a long time ago costs them a lot of money and work by the time OP gets to court. Any opinions, advice, have I missed an obvious trick? Fire away and thank in advance.
  3. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/15150/online-news/debt-buyers-snap-up-securitised-loans
  4. My 69 year old Father just received a letter from Rossendales Collect on behalf of Arrow Global, looking to collect debts of over £2,000. Demanding that if payment is not made within 7 days they will commence action. My father spoke to them to RC to understand what this related to and they said it was in relation to a catalogue debt from 2007 about which my father knows nothing. RC said that my father has to prove this debt does not relate to him by going to the police station and getting a crime reference number. He did this and the Police wanted nothing to do with it as all my father had was a demand letter from RC. After another call to RC they insist that they need the police reference otherwise they will commence proceedings. When pushed, it looks as though my father has the same name as the person who incurred the debt (and they say the same surname which I doubt) and that my father's address was given as a forwarding address by the person who incurred the debt (who apparently lived in London). We went onto Experian and my father has a score of 999 and there is no reference to the debt but in the linked addresses section there are links from my father's previous address to some random addresses in London. Any advice as at the moment we cannot seem to get RC to back off without the police reference even if their "evidence" looks shaky at best? At 69 he does not want to be in a position whereby he is faced with any sort of pressure in relation to something that clearly has nothing to do with him
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