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  1. Hoping someone can help. I recently bought a car from a trade seller for my daughter after seeing an advert on FB. I went and viewed the vehicle, and I asked the seller some specific questions, one of which was "has the car ever been written off?" (I have a witness who was with me when the questions were asked). The seller said it hadn't and I also got a friend who is a car dealer to do a full HPI check, which came back clean. The seller said that he hadn't received the log book (V5) back from DVLA and that we would have to apply for it. Nothing untoward with that. I purchased
  2. Hi everyone. We've had a motor trade policy for 5 years now. 10 days before renewal this year, the insurer flagged up 4 vehicles we've had for a while, and wanted proof of ownership and V5s. I neglected to send these when requested. Over the next few days, they started sending me emails regarding renewal, and that the policy will auto renew. The policy autorenewed, but I know they always want proof of trading (ie. recent invoices) and driving licences. I could see emails coming through, that we had X days to send these documents. In all this, I understood that the deadline for the d
  3. Announcing the new UK Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/announcing-the-new-uk-criminal-records-trade-body-crtb
  4. 2 years ago I requested DWP several times (verbally and in email) to remove my phone number from their systems and to stop calling me. - Their response to this complaint = "would i like a callback" doh.... Eventually DWP removed my phone number from their systems after I had notified them that I will resort to legal action if they do not do this. Since then, if I have had to contact DWP then I have refused to give my phone number. Some weeks ago I received a phone call from DWP CEO Office. This phone call should not have been made due to my previous request. In response to this
  5. I have experienced whereby the actions of my workplace union have precluded me from being able to proceed to Employment Tribunal. Consequently, I am left with only the option of filing a personal injury claim against my employer, which the union will not take forward on my behalf. The union has acknowledged wrongdoing, placing blame squarely at the door of their local representative and citing a lack of knowledge as the reason for the error. Can anyone recommend the services of a competent legal firm with whom they've had success in this area?
  6. has anyone - who is a part time car trader (sales only) had the car policy cancelled by any insurance company because they didn't buy or sell a car in a 3 month window?
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/16/scrap-diesel-cars-for-cash-says-influential-committee-chairman This looks interesting. It looks like it might be means tested, but Theresa May has taken into consideration that Tony Blair's government pushed diesel vehicles -
  8. I wonder if i can have all you help again. Within the last few days my cousin purchased a car from the above company. She had the car on finance. The above company chooses from a panel of lenders accessing the clients suitability. She was accepted for finance at a whopping 36.9% apr. She did know how high the Apr was which put an extra 4 + thousand pounds onto the loan. The issue is that she was told by the salesman she could pay extra each month, which would reduce the amount of interest paid. So she signed up. She was also told by the salesman that the car came with two keys, but when she c
  9. Hi, Been lurking on here for years but now need a bit of help. I purchased a used car last Friday (6th January) but on the way home the air bag light came on. Also found the windscreen washers could only throw water an inch or so from the jets. Jack and tools are missing from the car too. Not happy that this happened on a £12k car that supposedly had an AA 128 point check. Sent the letter of rejection by email on Saturday, less than 24 hours from purchase followed up by a letter. Eventually got after sales to respond today and they tell me they no longer have my trade in.
  10. Hi, I took 2 old mobile phones to a Carphone Warehouse store to trade in on 16th of May, and they still haven't paid my refund. I have complained to their customer service team (online) and they told me to visit the store because it's their issue. 3 visits to store after and still no payment. The managers at the store sent emails to their banking department, as they can't be contacted by phone, and promised to call me back. But I've had no calls from the manager. Contacted the customer service team again and they gave me the same advise as before. I would like to take this further cause
  11. Hi and what a wonderful site this is. Put my faith back in people. I have attached a blanked out Trade Credit Application which is titled 'Application For Trade Credit And Guarantee Form'. My secretary filled this in and I signed it. I thought it was a trade credit and Guarantee for goods supplied NOT a Personal Guarantee application. I notice on the last page (3) it details Personal Guarantee. So it looks a little ambiguous to me, but I did sign it and do not dispute the debt. My company is in liquidation and the creditors informed, which is why I have got this presumably.
  12. Controversial plans to tighten rules on trade union strike ballots in Britain have passed their first Commons hurdle despite fierce Labour criticism. MPs backed the Trade Union Bill, which proposes higher voting thresholds for ballots, by 33 votes at second reading. Business Secretary Sajid Javid said the bill was "not a declaration of war" against unions but necessary to stop "endless" threats of industrial action. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34241810
  13. There has been advice given that the Schedule 12 procedures, which limit the exemption on trade goods to £1350 does not apply to County Court Warrants This is completely incorrect, The TCE and Schedule 12 procedure applies to all enforcement action. The assertion relies on this: In this case the section of the County courts Act : 89 [F1(a)any of that person’s goods except– (i)such tools, books, vehicles and other items of equipment as are necessary to that person for use personally by him in his employment, business or vocation; Was repealed by Schedule 13 of the TCE : "
  14. Hi, at the end of March my elderly parents (85 & 80) visited a caravan show. They saw a mini camper van for sale and my father was quite interested. He had a vision of being able to use it to take my mother, who has terminal cancer for days out. The van was on sale for £23,999. My parents looked around the rest of the show and on their way back as they were approaching the stand were they saw the above mentioned van the salesman had sign with a reduced price of £19,995. In parents words "he told us he was reducing it for the show" My father was attracted by this and signed up to purchase t
  15. Can anyone offer advice, there are two of us who have won cases through FOS against Microcredit T /as Minicredit, we won in our favour and Microcredit owe 1200, they ceased to trade, I have gone to CAB and they couldn't give advice, also been in contact with FCA and cant give advice and FOS have done all they can do. FOS decisions are enforceable in court. I have already spent 100 trying to get my money. I have sent a judgement obviously next step in Bailiffs, but is this maybe a waste of money as they may not have assets, we need help as we cant spend money and we may not get money back, p
  16. Afternoon All, Me and my partner are looking at starting a Motor Trade Business and are wondering what insurers or brokers are best to go through. We've been looking at a few local companies, but to be honest, we're not relying who we go with, on their location. It would be an added bonus to have a company nearby (North-west England) but does anybody have any companies they would like to recommend? Thanks, P
  17. We recently took our faulty EOS camera into our local shop for repair, paid £25 deposit, waited for a call, no call came, then found out the shop is closed, everything gone, including our camera, what do we do next.:x
  18. I recently purchased a 1972 series 3 Landrover from Classic Land Rovers and 4x4s - John Brown 4x4 Ltd - John Brown 4x4 I paid strong money £7500 plus deliver because I believed I was buying a good LR from a professional garage. Looked great on their website and the blurb sounded good. I did not go to view it ( lack of time ) silly me. This was the description, For sale, Land Rover® Series 3 in Light Pastel Green (1972) MOT until April 2015 and tax exempt. Diesel 2286cc. This vehicle has been in the same ownership for 10 years, and was well loved.
  19. Hi I am a sole trader. We took a water cooler on a trial basis last year and began getting fortnightly water bottle deliveries. In August, deliveries stopped and we recived an invoice for a rental and sanitization charge (which was being billed in advance) To date, no-one has been to do this. We asked them to collect the cooler and cancel our contract - What we didn't know was that we were in a 5 year contract!!!!!!!! It turns out that an ex-receptionist signed the agreement which is in my name - surely this is not legally binding as I'm a sole trader? Can anyone adv
  20. I am absolutely mortifed to have found out that Trade Unions are not regulated. I have spent several months pursing my complaint (complete farce) with a particular trade union to now be informed that it has reached stage 3 and I can take it no further. What can I do? Any suggestions please.
  21. Hi Everyone New to the site, been lurking a while however! I'm currently involved in a dispute. I've uploaded the description of the case as it's quite long and after previewing the post I figured nobody woud want to read it! As a summary however... 1. Purchased a second hand Micra for £2225 from a car wash 2. They claimed private sale 3. Car turned out to be a dud! 4. There is no record of the supposed car owner ever owning it 5. I've taken the car wash to small claims 6. They have defended the claim (with lots of fibs!) 7. I'm at the stage of returning the directions qu
  22. I wonder if someone might be able to advise. I am thinking of trading in my car and I might even be able to do a straight swap with a couple of dealers. however they say it will be classed as a trade sale and hence no warranty.... can this be the case or does the trader have to warranty any car many thanks
  23. Hello everyone. My first post on here but have been reading various posts for months. I have a complicated one so bear with me but in summary, I am being pursued by a supplier (not a builders merchant) after my company ceased trading as they claim I have given them a personal guarantee. Five years ago, I opened a trading account on Pro-Forma and filled in a 'Trading Account Application Form'. At the time, I was a sole trader and signed a personal guarantee. That's the nature of sole trader - no protection. Six months later, I formed a LTD company and transferred stock etc over to this com
  24. just another one drawn into this [problem],signed up 3 year ago to these cowboys, only phoned up a few week ago to change some details and ask why i could,nt access web site,received letter that weekend saying my course had finished??????????TAKE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE i was told. It took me 27 month to get on first 2 weeks training was already on module 19 by then,while i was on my practical received a letter saying i was due for 2nd 2 weeks practical??????????? pre attendance tests showed up LOL FAILED 4 TIMES like most ppl . UNLIKE MOST PPL ON THESE FORUMS I AM WITH A DIFFERENT FINANCE COMPANY
  25. in 2009 my job was not very good and i decided to look at alternative ways of making a living so i decided to sign up with trade 4 trade skill to do plumbing and was talked into doing level 2 and 3 as level included electrics and was told i should complete the course in about 18 months i finished level 2 last year and been trying to get onto level since febuary and they keep coming up with excuses and now i find out that city and guilds 6129 is useless i have paid £5800 for the course any way could i get even a partial refund thanks
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