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  1. Hi Only bought my car last week and am travelling to Jersey on Wednesday. Just a bit worried about not having the V5, which I won't receive in time. Anyone ever been asked to produce the document? Would the purchase receipt for the car suffice? Also, do I need GB sticker? Thanks
  2. Hi My partner ordered some bridesmaid dresses from an in-store catalogue, yesterday she went to collect the dresses which were delivered to store. One arriving home and opening the box she noticed she has been sent the wrong colour. BHS have admitted fault on this and have asked her to return them. However they are refusing to exchange only refund. The dresses were 20% off when she ordered, they say they will honour this but only if she re-orders today. Considering the cost of the dresses she does not want to re-order until she has received her refu
  3. Possibly, but the first garage didn't even offer to book me in again, they seemed to want me out as quick as possible. Also, it was working when I took it in, not working when I left, on the receipt I have an advisory that there is a leak. I would have thought if they were professional, they would have informed me it no longer worked and offered to get me back in asap. I was there when F1 diagnosed the problem, they showed me the UV light test and said the machine would stop if there was a leak. I don't see any reason for F1 to not tell me the truth, I'd already enquired about the co
  4. Took my car in to a local garage for its service and MOT. I also asked for an air con service at the time of booking. When picking up my car I was told that they couldn't complete the air con service as there was a leak when they put the oxygen through, when I asked what had happened and why they hadn't fixed it, I was fobbed off. On driving home, the air con wasn't working at all, just blowing hot air, it was working fine before. I took it to an F1 Autocentre who diagnosed instantly that there was no leak, just no pressure in the system- most likely due to a botched job. Where
  5. Lifestyle Fitness have taken over the gym where I train. They have recently installed fingerprint readers and have been asking people for their index finger print. I have misgivings about giving allowing them to have my print, there has been no information given apart from saying it will be stored securely. On Monday, pins will no longer be working. I've been told that I will have to contact Harlands to cancel my membership (apparently only having to give 14 days notice!) and I will have access until July 1st. Anyone else been in a situation like this? Where do I stand?
  6. Thanks for the reply Slick. I have never signed anything with Lifestyle Fitness, the signing up on the console was around 2 years ago, when the club was rebranded Klick Fitness from Fitness First, as far as I know I didn't even sign up to a 12 month contract at this point either, I was told this was just to get a pin for the door. As i have said the only correspondence I received about the transfer was from FF/KF stating they had sold the lease of the club to Lifestyle Fitness and for current members things would continue as normal, although it seems they are trying to get people to sign u
  7. Hi Recently my gym was taken over by Lifestyle Fitness, before it was a Klick Fitness and before that Fitness First. The only correspondence I have received was a letter stating that a take over was in the pipeline. My direct debits have always gone to Fitness First, upon the transfer from FF to KF I was asked to sign a contract on the console outside the gym, everything was then done online. I am moving shortly and want to give my notice, however I don't actually know who I am under contract with due to a lack of corespondent. I have been a member there for 5 years and am on a
  8. Hi, Joined my local club in July, took up their offer of 3 personal training sessions for about £32 with the money back offer. I did my sessions, claimed my money back online, however I am still waiting for my refund. By October I enquired, told it was being dealt with. Kept on enquiring and was told the same thing until finally told that they had no record of my payment, after demanding to see the person dealing with the refunds. Took my bank statement in as proof I'd paid, told I'd get my money back within 14 days. Still nothing, phoned head office to complain. Got an email a f
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