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  1. Hi, My daughter aged 26 last week died an unexpected death, her case is with the coroner and it is anticipated that we will be issued with an interim death certificate at the end of this week to be able to start the process of burying her. I have instructed Funeral Directors so that I don't have to do it later on. I spoke to the Coroners office yesterday at they told me that her father (We are long divorced) has requested a copy of the interim death certificate, I cannot even begin to imagine what he wants with this, apart from burying her which is what I am doing, can any shed any light on what he might want? kind regards Lula
  2. Grave of D-Day army medic rededicated 74 years after his death READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/grave-of-d-day-army-medic-rededicated-74-years-after-his-death
  3. Evening Peeps, newbie here. I used to be a member a long time ago and found the info on here very helpful. So thankyou ! I have now got a clean bill of health on my credit score, but still owe debts to various DCA's. My question is - can a DCA still try and issue a CCJ, even after say 8 years of the original default account ( notice of default has been isssued ) - my accounts have ALL dropped of the various CRA's as they all defaulted many years ago ( over six years ago ) - I am still paying them via a DMP. To summarise all debts are over 8 years old now. And I am still paying them. They just dont appear on my Credit Reference Agencies. Are these debts still enforceable in a court of law ? Lets assume than none of the DCA's have the original CCA's ? Thanks for any info, will be much appreciated, but cannot find this information, having trawled the forums. Big love and respect ! x
  4. MOD confirms death of Lance Corporal George Partridge READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-confirms-death-of-lance-corporal-george-partridge My Condolences to the Family, Friends and Regiment RIP
  5. MOD confirms the death of Corporal Jonathan Bayliss, Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-confirms-the-death-of-corporal-jonathan-bayliss-royal-air-force-aerobatic-team-the-red-arrows Such sad news my Condolences to his Family/Friends/those who new him and served with him RIP.
  6. Hello I have seen on the site some threads regarding the reclaiming of premiums paid to stonebridge insurance for Barclaycard Accident death cover. As some of the threads seem very similar to my own experience with these two companies I was wandering whether there was any updates available. In my case this goes back to May 2002 when I saw a payment on my credit card statement for £8.59 accident death cvr. As I had no knowledge of this I contacted the number next to the payment stonebridge insurance and asked what this was for and was told that all barclaycard holders had this applied in case of death. Recently I have phoned Stonebridge insurance and said I would like to cancel the policy, but was told that I could not do this as I was not the policy holder and that my wife was now the policy holder. I then phoned barclaycard and told them not to pay this anymore. I have now contacted Barclaycard to tell them that i want to make an official complaint and awaiting some forms to fill. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences this. Thanks
  7. MOD confirms the death of Captain Dean Sprouting READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/captain-dean-sprouting-has-died
  8. WW2 fusilier's grave rededicated 74 years after his death READ MORE HERE : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ww2-fusiliers-grave-rededicated-74-years-after-his-death
  9. As I posted. I am not sure if this site is the best place for this sort of thing, but I am hoping to find out more about this so as to try to negate what I strongly suspect will be a contentious time when my mother dies. I live abroad and visited my mother in the UK when she turned 99 last month, as I have done for the last 9 or 10 years. She was pretty healthy last year but has begun to show her great age this year. Although still fairly compos mentis, she has become quite deaf and started to become more forgetful and confused. She can still get about somewhat but is now also very slow and needs help. Due to her confusion, she has invoked a pre-2007 Power of Attorney she made in 1992 so that my younger brother will be taking over her financial affairs, and I have some concerns about that, but I am 6,000 miles away and he is 10 miles from her, so it is reasonable that he takes over - with some scrutiny. However, it is his impulsive and thoughtless nature (and other issues) that he has displayed for years that concerns me and his conduct after she dies. He finds her an irritation and has voiced many times that once she dies, he will just 'go in with a skip and chuck the lot and be done with it'. As we are joint executors, we have a duty to do things properly and realise what we can for her estate (which won't be a lot) but he has refused point blank to make any contingency plans for when she does die, despite me suggesting it a number of times. Nor will he discuss anything and just shuts down, even switching off the phone mid-conversation. He just says 'I'm not doing anything and I'll deal with it all when the time comes'. He forgets there are two of us involved. This is all to do with deliberate stubbornness and not emotion about her impending death (which will be within 18 months, I suspect). As he has said many times, he would like her out of the way as he sees her an encumbrance. I'd like to be able to be prepared for any future problems, so if there is a way of discussing them on here, or a more appropriate site, perhaps other members could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading.
  10. Hello Everyone, This is a piece of advise for my mother who is currently going through lots of old paperwork. Back in 1990, she and my grandfather bought a house between them, both named on the mortgage with the Nationwide. Both her income and his pensions (he was 70 at the time) were used to get the mortgage. Both had to have Decreasing Term Mortgage insurance linked to the property in the event of either of them dying as it would clear the mortgage. In 1992 my grandfather died and whilst dealing with his affairs, my mother (and I as a teenager) visited our local NW branch where we were told that the mortgage would be cleared in full due to his death. The amount at the time was circa £20000. This was a Friday afternoon and I clearly remember how relieved my mother was as this was a huge pressure lifted off her mind. Our home was secure. We had been asked to return on the Monday morning following which we did. On arrival my mother was taken aside and apologised to by a senior member of staff. There had been a mistake. Due to my Grandfathers age (72) the insurance would not pay out as he was not covered. The premiums were up to date and like I said the policy was sold less than 2 years previously. Apparently he should never have been sold the insurance policy due to his age at the time of taking out the mortgage. My mother was very upset and the member of staff apologised again stating that due to the mistake, the NW would refund the policy payments made. It was a few hundred pounds and no where near the £20000 she was expecting to be getting paid out that day. And that was that. Back then with no internet and my mum was a lay person, she took what the NW said at face value. She was a long standing customer 15+ years at the time and trusted the staff to know what they were saying - even though they had messed things up big style when selling the policy alongside the mortgage less than two years previous. Ive tried looking online but to little avail as this seems quite a rare instance nowadays. Can anyone advise as to the best way to try and gain some redress with this issue please? I think it was handled appallingly and NW should have swallowed the mistake back then. Thanks.
  11. I am in very real danger of being attacked or worse by a friends ex boyfriend, he has sent me a death threat on facebook which I am taking very seriously. Having been attacked very badly once before I still suffer from PTSD, Depression and the fear for my life I am experiencing has driven me in to psychosis. I became friends with this couple just at the time they were going through a relationship break up, having met him only a couple of times I found him to be a very unpleasant person, he talked about snuff movies which he enjoyed watching and his love for Death Metal, overall he was very intimidating and aggressive , now he has taken exception to my friendship with his former partner and has taken to threatening me on facebook. I'll paste the message that he sent me below. Removed I have no idea what he is talking about but contacted the police immediately, I was given no help what so ever, they said that they couldn't do anything because he wasn’t on their database even though I provided his name and the borough of London that he lives in. I would welcome any advice on bringing about a prosecution against him, I believe his threat is unlawful and that he should be prosecuted also for the emotional and mental distress he has caused.
  12. Hi all Hope you can help me with a few questions. My father passed away last week we are currently in the process of sorting out his affairs. He left a will and a small amount of savings. So far we are on top of everything after taking legal advice regarding an ISA with just over 5k in it have been informed that due to the small amount of savings and the will... probate isn't needed. But there is a loan outstanding that was unsecured and taken out in March/April of 2015 to have solar panels installed on their house. This loan was done soley in my late fathers name. Once the funeral expenses have all been paid out there isn't enough left over to clear the remainder of the balance.. . It won't even come close to putting a dent in the remaining £8.5k or so (I think the original amount was 10k) after about 15-16 months of paying £126 a month. He co-owned a house (they'd done a separation of tenancy to cover any potential problems should my dad have to go into care if my mum passed first) and my mum inherits everything. .. Which is the house and a small amount of savings (less than 7k total) and funeral expenses that are expected to be a little north of 5.5k. The loan in unsecured with Icanobank... but we need to know if my mum will be expected to continue with payments, or if a demand for the balance will be made (which cannot be paid in full) or if they may try to make a claim on the house when it's sold (my understanding is that they cannot try to force it's sale as it was an unsecured loan). There is a small mortgage remaining on their house of about 18k We are still in the process of sorting out my mums finances, she will retain 2/3 of my dads pension each month and the DWP are currently calculating her state pension but have said that my dads NI payments (mum only ever worked part time) can be used to top off my mums, so she should be getting the full £155 per week. This means that her income would be enough to cover all of her outgoings.. . unless she has to keep making payments on this loan in my dads name. Your advice would be most welcome as I want to be fully aware of legal rights and responsibilities before contacting them to inform them of his passing.
  13. Hello. Posting this on behalf of my friend. Sadly, a few weeks ago, his wife died due to cancer. They were a married couple. During the marriage, she took a loan from barclays and had a ISA with them too (roughly about 5 grand savings in there). My friend phoned them up to ask about what's going to happen with the loan after she passed. They said he will not have to pay this loan, but it turns out they've used the money from ISA account to settle some of it. My question is - is this a legal process ? Thanks in advance for your help guys.
  14. READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-37512230
  15. Hello All A friend of ours mother passed away last year. She sent our friend for adoption when he was 9 months old. His mother then had a daughter, who was fostered out. After this, the mother moved to the USA and had 3 further children, which she raised herself. The family in the USA have distributed the cash and other belongings between them, however there is a mortgage free house in the USA, which the family want to dispose of. Would my friend, as the eldest child have a claim for a share of the house, despite being sent out for adoption many thanks in advance EOS-5D
  16. I was wondering if some kinds souls could offer some direction. My wife's father ( who has been estranged for approx. 20 years ) has passed away. She has bee informed by her Uncle that there is no will so it falls to my wife and her brother as beneficiaries. Her Uncle asked if he could be executor of the estate and gone as far as to assign a solicitor. On contact by the solicitor to see if my wife agrees to this, she said no. My wife and brother in law would like to be executor. The fear is that the Uncle will not take kindly to this and may be ...obstructive. How would be best to ensure we obtain all relevant accounts ( there are a few by all accounts) and keys to the property. We are looking to instruct a solicitor to handle but firstly want to get a ball park figure as to the estate size. Any guidance / thoughts appreciated!
  17. my mum recently passed away this month with cancer , but a few months before this a family fued began and really really honestly i have no idea why . at the time of the fued i was away on holiday with my wife and children . when we returned home all our numbers where barred by family ,plus any social media sites . my children ignored by my brother ,sister and nephew etc . as to the point my mother passed away on the 8th of january , not long before this she had christmas dinner at my house ,with me and my family (wife kids) and told me she didnt have long left . she also at this point tried to offer me all her savings , i flately and completely refused any of it , my thoughts were if there was anything i would prefer her grandchildren to benefit from it .(i know how much there was as she showed me her savings account book) on recieving the bad news about my mum i immediately called to her house , only around a hundred yards away . i was devastated , to the point of a mild heart attack and a gran mal fit . my sister immediately took over everything (she was next of kin ,but upto this point work was her priority not mum ) a very good freind of my mums asked if his bank book was around (mum saved it for him) that was found but what was also found is that mums handbag had been emptied completley of everything . i was furious ,upset ,angry ,suicidal . i could not beleive how low my family had become in an instant . i phoned her building society and ordered a stop on the account as i beleived someone was going to access the money , luckily there policy is once accessed by a 3rd party it cannot be accessed again for 30 days by a 3rd party. since mum died , no one has contacted me family wise to update me on anything and i have heard all arrangements via 3rd parties . i even found out funeral times and date via facebook believe it or not i do not want to rock the boat so to speak but i know in my heart this is not what my mother would want . i do know someone tried to access my account , an old halifax one i let my mum use to pay her cable bill . i dont have the card it dissapeared along with the other things from mums handbag , so i have cancelled the card . from a legal point of view , what access does my sister have to this account its a saving account ,i know the funeral has been paid from it ,there is no outstanding bills at all only credits for gas ,electric ,water etc, i really dont care if i get a penny of it ,mum was a single parent and would have starved herself to feed us when we were younger , it just feels like i am been pushed out for there benefit , every other sibling (3) has a key to the house ,but not me . and non speak to me or my children . would i be a bad person to try to take action to stop anything been taken from the estate without been notified first please help its driving me insane .
  18. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/tax/12164010/Grieving-families-could-be-forced-to-pay-a-new-death-tax.html I can remember when the Tories complained really loudly with billboard advertising when Labour propsed some form of death tax. Funny how times change.
  19. My wife died just over a year ago. The house we live in was bought in her name only, and the mortgage is in her name only. I obtained Probate and I am the beneficiary of all assets and debts. Last week I phoned up the lender - assuming it would simply be a case of switching the deeds and mortgage to my name and continuing payments. I was concerned when the person said that in those situations they usually required the mortgage to be repaid - which i couldn't do without selling the house - and I would have no-where to live. Despite my late wife owning the house/mortgage, ALL monthly payments have been from MY account and have never been missed. Anyone have any advice on this? Thanks
  20. This doesn't affect me or anyone close to me personally, as all statute barred debts have been formally declared statute barred. However, I was just wondering what might happen to someone's estate, if it was the case that that they had a lot of statute barred debt and hadn't actually declared it as such? Would it make any difference? I do know that some companies tend to write off debt after a customer dies, regardless of whether it is statute barred or not, but there are no doubt always a few unscrupulous rogues about. Could they potentially claim that deceased debtors were still intending to pay their debts at the time of death? Furthermore, I get the impression that quite a few people don't bother going through the paperwork motions, after a debt becomes statute barred, so maybe this is something that could be more actively encouraged? Just some thoughts I had.
  21. I desperatly need some help i bought a persian for 1000.00 from a breeder and after 3 weeks she died suddenly from liver abnormailitys which vet said she was posibly born with it developed very quickly the breeder has not offered me a new kitten or a refund ive tried sending her 2 letters before action but to no avail both letters were signed for so i knew she would get them PLease can someone advise me wethere it is worth my time taking her to small claims court if so would i loose more money
  22. Some advise please if possible for my Brother in Law. My BIL and his wife about 20 years ago jointly took out a mortgage to buy a house,then about 15 years ago they split up but did not divorce, and she stayed in the house with the children(1 boy and 1 girl)and continued to pay the mortgage herself, eventually the son moved out and the girl stayed and helped pay towards the cost of the house(she now has her own familly and they all live there) My BIL is still on the mortgage papers but has not paid towards it since leaving, he now has a partner and have lived together for many years, at the moment he receives help towards their rent and council tax because of unemployment Now his wife has very suddenly Died (leaving no will)and it has always been her wish that her daughter would inherit the house,but there is nothing on paper, My BIL has said he has no problem signing over the house to his daughter, but will he be allowed to or will there be objections of Depravation as he recieved benefits. Any advice I can give him please
  23. So, it is ok for this to happen when the NHS want to save money, but someone who is already suffering from a dreadful disease who wants to end their life.. Cannot do so ??
  24. Hey everyone, looking for some slight assistance. An ex partner of mine (we split in 2008 and I have had little or no contact with him since, bar the occasional facebook hello) passed away a month or so ago, something I was actually unaware of until the DWP sent me a letter informing me and asking for details regarding his death, care, estate etc etc as he was claiming disability living allowance. I have replied to them with a letter stating that I wasn't aware of his passing until they sent me the request and that I haven't lived with him since 2008 and that I'm not even sure how they even know my contact details as I never agreed to be mentioned on or signed anything whilst we were together. Has anyone else come across this before? Should my letter be enough to end this? Thanks!
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