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  1. I don't want to get into specifics regarding the procedures on a public forum.... So I'll try to explain as best I can. I have a specific medical issue that is causing me significant physical problems as well as the severe mental ones, In terms of Maslows heirachy of basic needs... It leaves me unable to get out of the bottom rung. I was referred to a specialist who then passed to another in a different area... who then confirmed that I may need surgery to correct the problem... But there is a secondary issue getting in the way of that... and until that issue is resolved he cannot do a
  2. It's not just the over 65's that qualify for this, other people with some medical conditions can also get it... I'm in my 40's and since I ahd 2/3 of my stomach removed a few years ago... I am on full supplements and B12 shots for life, as well as getting the flu shot. I had mine last week because my body cannot absorb enough vitamins and minerals through normal means and that weakens my immune system. It's always worth checking.
  3. I've had loads from these clowns and have never paid a penny... I was one of the people who were placed in the wrong ESA group for over 4yrs... I had them send me something like 3 or 4 of these last year, each one for a different script and each one for 2 or 3 items and each one with a separate penalty charge, they were informed that the DWP were looking into the incorrect claim and I wouldn't be responding to anything until that had been resolved... they were asking for something like £300 in total. Like you I offered to pay for 2 items on a scripts just to get them to shut the hell up.
  4. If going private was an option, I'd happily take it.. But I'm partially disabled and simply don't have the means to even consider it. I can appeal apparently... because the reasoning they're using to deny it doesn't factor in some very simple things... like the impact it's having on my mental health and the fact that it's partly due to a side effect of surgery I had a few years ago that makes my life unbearable and impossible to do certain physical things... Things that could be resolved with surgery. But if as I expect... they refuse the appeal... I need to know what avenues I can pur
  5. For the last 2yrs I have been kept going in circles by the NHS, I've seen 4 consultants, been passed through 3 different districts and all of them have said the same thing... I need surgery. I have a problem that needs correcting, but there is another problem getting in the way of them being able to do that surgery. They CANNOT carry out the needed procedure until the secondary issue is resolved... I have been repeatedly fobbed off and passed around without anyone taking responsibility for it. Then after almost 2yrs it got bumped back to my doctors to apply for funding for the s
  6. I had never heard about the SDP top up to ESA until after I was awarded PIP in Feb, the very helpful solicitor with the local welfare service suggested I apply for it. I There's no form to fill in, I just had to call the DWP and ask about it, they then ask a few questions about your case.. IE, if you live alone, if you have anyone to help you with things and so forth... and it was sorted within a few days. I got it backdated to when pip was awarded (Feb 2018). But refused to backdate it to the previous Aug which was when I applied for pip, and they backdated pip payments to the
  7. Council tax varies from area to area... In some even taking into account a person getting full benefit... district to district can vary between 10-25%.. So in town A with equal council tax rates.. one person will pay say £20 a month and another on identical benefits will have to pay £35. There doesn't appear to be a set rule with each council being allowed to set what that contributory rate is. Where I live, one year it was 8% and the next it was 15% whilst the next town over it was 22%. What bugs me is that with all of my benefits, I can get CT relief whilst my mum who has les
  8. It's only the difference between CESA and irESA that's backdated, so if you were on cESA + the support group to top it up to the same as you were getting on Incap Ben, then for 2017 it's roughly £13 a week, and the gap gets smaller with each year you go back, and because they're limiting it to 3yrs at the moment.. that works out to around £2200. Current rates are £73.10 for ESA in work related activity group £110.75 for support group. Then if you're in the support group and qualify for the enhanced disability premium, it's another £16.40 ... Which is £127.15. So if
  9. The govt are trying to reduce what this screw up is costing them by limiting backdated claims to 3yrs. I had exactly the same thing even though my claim goes back just a little over 4yrs. I only got mine backdated to Dec 2014 when it was awarded in Jan/Feb of this year. As I understand it, there's a judicial review going on regarding the way the govt are trying to use the rules... they're designed for 'new' claims and not screw ups of existing and ongoing ones. Once that's gone through the courts I expect the govt will have to backdate it for the entirety of the claims. What
  10. Well, well, well... after being ignored for the last couple of weeks... they actually respond after I submit a complaint. Asked me to send in proof of benefits (ESA & PIP) which I have now done. So hopefully I'll be placed on the list, they sent me a new link to the WHD that now shows my account has been made eligible to apply, but they still want copies of the ESA & PIP award letters. They've made a note that the account is for a disabled person.
  11. By the time I've switched and applied for the WHD.. it will most likely be too late to get it... it takes the better part of a month to complete a switch in my experience... which takes us to the end of Nov or start of Dec, and I've always had to apply for it before the end of Oct to stand any chance of getting it. Bulb have just about the worst CS of any energy company I've used in the last 30yrs... and I've been a customer of most of them over the years... I'd rate them as bad as Vodafone and Virgin for being useless.
  12. Hi folks I switched to Bulb earlier this year because they offered the best deal at the time and were a part of the warm home discount scheme. I've been trying for weeks to sign up for it, but their website keeps throwing up an error when I try to sign up, I've tried it with more than one system and more than one browser. So I know it's not a problem my end. I did what the website told me too and emailed them...I've given them all the info and even sent them a screen shot of the error I was getting. That was weeks ago and they have simply ignored it... I'm disabled...
  13. I had a bit of a back and forth with VM after putting in a complaint... I have now had my service ended due to 'utilisation' issues... which basically means they can't provide the service at a speed close to what they claim and cannot charge me a termination fee. Sadly.. new ding dong now with vodafone who have caused me even more hassle and I've had to cancel with them after less than 30 days... looks like I'll end up with no broadband service at all for a while... but at least my current number is still with VM because Vodafone are to incompetent to do something as simple as transfer it
  14. I will email nick.jeffery@vodafone.com The oter email tom.mockridge@virginmedia.co.uk is one I have used before and I had a reply saying the he's no longer in that dept, but they did pass it onto the relevant complaints team all the same.
  15. I'm hopeful that virgin will refuse to transfer my number now, as they've been informed in writing that they are not authorised to do so... and as vodafone have never even bothered to attempt this... fingers crossed that it will remain with virgin until such a time as my vodafone line is terminated and I can get a new service elsewhere. Sadly no... I've never been able to afford a device to record them, I tried to put my cordless phone on speaker and record on my phone... but all I got was muffled/static recordings. It appears that if I have the phone on charge there's some
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