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  1. Thanks BF, your words are helpful and as much as I expected tbh. I think we will send a letter off to NW to start the ball rolling so to speak - we have nothing to loose at this stage and everything to gain! Who would you suggest as being the best department/address to direct this letter to? Thanks.
  2. Hello Everyone, This is a piece of advise for my mother who is currently going through lots of old paperwork. Back in 1990, she and my grandfather bought a house between them, both named on the mortgage with the Nationwide. Both her income and his pensions (he was 70 at the time) were used to get the mortgage. Both had to have Decreasing Term Mortgage insurance linked to the property in the event of either of them dying as it would clear the mortgage. In 1992 my grandfather died and whilst dealing with his affairs, my mother (and I as a teenager) visited our local NW branc
  3. can anyone help? I'm so stressed about this and its the last thing I neen with a new little meerkat less than 2 months away
  4. as the title suggests - requested i smart to work on our behalf with future mortgages, futures mortgages rejected the claim stating it need to be made through the broker, loans.co.uk. I smart then scribbled out future mortgages on the documents and wrote loans.co.uk on them in order to make a claim to them for the ppi. Meanwhile they contacted us to say that they couldn't move forward with the claim without further reference numbers which i didn't have but if i found the reference number then to just contact them and they would reopen my claim. I have since contacted loans.co.uk myself and ask
  5. hi, i'm not the person to give you the info you need but just wanted to say 'hi' and 'welcome' and to let you know that you have come to the right place. someone will be along shortly to help i'm sure xx
  6. his reply says it all - terrible preying on people like that....no doubt the 'faulty' machine isn't faulty at all.....programmed like that...
  7. right - i'm now confused.... how are they able to show him cctv coverage on a sunday when the costs go up, but cannot access it today? i could understand if tomorrow were monday and the reason somehow was that there was only access during office hours. was it a council or private run car park? is it worth getting the police involved to try to get things resolved - your son has a witness to state how much he paid - you could argue surely that his car has been illegally removed? i'm just throwing out there what i would do myself btw and it is by no means an answer..... seems a bit t
  8. when was the original agreement taken out? do you have the item that you purchased? i'd say don't hastily sign anything and send it back just yet...
  9. has he any way of proving how much he put in - are they able to allow him access to the car to retrieve the window sticker to see how much money the ticket is stating he paid? i'm not sure where he stands but that does seem a little excessive - towing the car - why not leave a fixed penalty notice? hope this gets sorted soon xx
  10. ......of to find some paper and to power up the printer..... we have been a 'little' unorganised of late but i'm almost sure that they have continued to write to me requesting payment..... thanks citizenB
  11. My ikea/ikano account is showing on my credit file as satisfactory and settled. This has been since may last year. I've not settled or paid the account, so I just wonder how long a court would allow them to have noticed this error if that is what it is. Can they now decide 10 months on that it isn't settled and change that with the CRA's? Xx
  12. stupid question - ikea/ikano have informed cra's that my account has been settle and satifactory since may last year - can they change this and why would they have made this mistake and not noticed by now? mkm xx
  13. could always try for one of those £1 flights....
  14. pity the hospital is 300 miles away lol £10 to view so i'm better just paying the £20.....
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