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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, my mother had a tripping accident in a major supermarket last week. A piece of plastic cabling that is used to hold boxes together was left on the floor, my mother didn't see it, got her foot caught up in it and ended up on the floor on her right side. The plastic cabling was picked up and remove whilst my mother was on the floor. The store staff were very good, but no details were taken and through embarrassment she was desperate to leave the store. The store's first aider was called but my mother said she was fine and refused to allow them to call an ambulance. However, she had great difficulty driving home and was very upset about the situation when reaching home. My sister insisted she attended the Infirmary Hospital near to us - she has fractured her shoulder which is very painful and she has to wear a sling. My mother is currently caring for my father which is proving very difficult as a result of this accident and is unable to drive for 8 weeks. Whilst two members of the public ran to assist her no details were taken. We have been advised that each aisle has CCTV and the accident would have been caught on camera, can I ask to see the store CCTV? Any advice or guidance on what to do now would be greatly appreciated.
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3569255/Hundreds-parking-fines-overturned-Aldi-failed-planning-permission-number-plate-recognition-cameras-operating-one-stores-FIVE-YEARS.html
  3. Travelling on the M25 at 9am lots of traffic, sudden and increasing knocking noise. Indicated, changed lane and decreased speed but within seconds there was a bang and the engine light came on. Engine stopped, but luckly managed to pull onto the hard shoulder. Car was covered in oil around the sides and bumper. AA towed car to garage. Timing Chain Tensioner had failed so they carried out a compression test to check damage, which showed a failure on 1 of the cylinders. Thinking this could be fixed they removed the exhaust manifold and found that the bottom end was completely ruined! I purchased the car from new, now has 46,000 miles on the clock and mainly used for local journeys, first three years BMW maintained and then well maintained by local BOSCH service centre. It was only in the BMW service garage a few weeks ago for a recall on the turbo collant pump. I have found lots of mini owners in the US with similar issues. Any more in the UK? If so please post. We need to get BMW to accept there is an issue and recall. The mini cost me £22k and is now worth £0. CONSUMER ADVICE? LEGAL ADVICE? HELP!!!
  4. Hi has any body contacted watch dog on this problem as we just got told by BMW that a noise coming from the engine was a hole in the flexi pipe and needed to repair it ASAP having done this we now a light on the dash board ( engine management light and now they're saying it's the timing chain ?? I have had the car 3 years and is only done 58,000 miles and I drive it 20 miles monday to Friday for work and I have put more in to this car than its worth really I think I was sold a lemon as am for ever putting money in to it I spent over £2000 last year in bills on it and now this I read that all US mini have been recalled why haven't the uk followed ??
  5. Hi, please can someone advise me. I have had my complaint updheld by Natwest for 10 loans with PPI. The 10 loans total £127K. Today Natwest sent me 10 letters and added up together the offers add up to just over £4K. I have wriiten back saying this is no where near enough compensation and that they need to up their offer. Is this normal that they would offer such a small amount. Natwest say that as my loans are part of a chain so the offers are small. One of my loans the last of a chain of 5 loans is for £25K and they have only offered me £56.00 ! which does not seem correct. Any advice would be most welcome.
  6. Hi I don't know if I have put this in the correct place. We were in a pub this evening, and a girl was cleaning an area of the bar when a glass bottle fell and a shard of broken glass cut cut my eyelid. The manager/supervisor came to find out the situation and played it down sticking up for his staff, saying it was just an accident to which I appreciated but my eye was still bleeding from the incident. The supervisor/manager filled in an accident form, on the accident report that the supervisor/manager he did agree that there was a cut above the eye. He also gave me a number for the manager and the website address address for company involved.We have the address of a witness who agreed that the supervisor/manager handled the situation in the wrong wrong way and who is willing to corroborate the situation, what would our rights be?
  7. Does anyone have an active link to a letter chain for Newlyn Debt Collectors? I had a parking ticket from NCP a while ago and I've been ignoring their letters ever since. I've had a letter this week saying FINAL NOTICE - COURT ACTION. "We have no record of receiving payment despite out[sic] previous correspondence and now have no alternative but to pass the file back to National Car Parks Limited who will then proceed with court action. We would like to offer you one final opportunity to settle the outstanding amount prior to us returning the file. Unless we hear from you in the next 7 days with regard to paying your outstanding arrears, your file will be processed for court action. THIS WILL RESULT IN ADDITIONAL COSTS TO YOU. To avoid any further action contact us immediately on blah blah bah blah blah blah Anyway. I just wanted to check which part of the chain I'm at, and just be sure I'm still in the chain, as I had to write to them telling them I was the driver and wanted to ensure I met any action on their part properly.
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