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  1. Just an update. I call Vodafone and said I couldn't afford £100 a month. The guy I spoke to had a look at the account and it seems I've been lying an extra £16 on top of my contract for extra data which I didn't want. he refunded since Nov off the bill plus cancelled on going, offered me 15% off the bill. Had another look at the payments and said best they can do is £96. I said where does that leave us then as I simply can't pay that. He said it was stale mate therefore would have to go to the ombudsman. I said that's great as we have here a serious breach of data protection regarding the chafing of my husband's name into my name without consent. He went away and returned with an offer of 50% off my bill plus he took the two months line rental off. now I've agreed on £76 a month for the next 6 months. Still a little high but can't grumble as just had a good whack of money taken off the bill. It ended up being £251. Not bad from £600, thanks for your help
  2. Thank you, I know you must be busy, just wanted an idea of whAt to do. Yes I agree, I told them already I can't do £100 a month but after spoken to a manager that's all they said they could do. It's based over 6 months and that's the longest plan they do apparently. I'll go back to them And tell that it is simply not possible. That's very much for your help.
  3. Hi, ok so I sent an email and received a call back on Sunday.. they have out my services back on and we're going to look into the changing the name of my account from my husband's to mine without authority. Fast forward to today and why they have said is they agree that there was no paperwork regarding the account being changed over. So what they are offering is 2 months free Line rental and to put me on a payment plan. The payment plan is £100 per month. I've told them I can't afford that but that is apparently all they can offer. They haven't offered anything off my bill or anything else. Do you think this is a reasonable offer? 2 months free line rental @ £33 a month. Or do you think I should pursue more? I've told them I'd ring them back regarding payment plan as I don't know what to do.
  4. Should I go ahead and email CEO or should I wait (not sure if you have a template)
  5. Ah sorry I've had to rewrite this as for Some reason my reply didn't post. Ok so my husband took out a contract at £33 a month. About 6 months later he also took out a tablet that they offered. So our bills were about £50 total. After another year we cancelled the tablet as the bills were too high and we could afford them, I was on maternity so my wages had dropped. Any how for a long time the Vodafone site hasn't allowed me or my husband access. I've kept contacting them (I was given permission to have access to the account). They kept rectifying the problem but this would only work for month. When I'd try to access it again it wouldn't work. I've phoned them at least twice a month for the last 12 months if not more on some occasions. Now I get a text message telling me my bill total but not anything else. I've got no way to view my bill. Several months ago when I called they kept telling me my details were wrong, I then discovered someone had put the account into my name without my husbands consent or mine, but still this didn't rectify the fact I couldn't see my bill in any view. I can't set up a direct debit so I have to try and remember to pay it each month. Having looked through my statements I haven't paid anything since May although I thought I'd paid but obviously time has gone very quickly. I totally understand it's my fault for not paying but it's not helped by the fact I a) don't get a bill and b) can't set up an automatic payment of some sort i.e. Dd. I dot know whether it's worth complaining as it is mainly my fault but also they've done things underhand by changing the account t into my name and me not being able to access it. Not really sure if I should cut my losses and pay off bill (in instalments) or whether I should complain to the CEO that this is not entirely my fault.
  6. Hi, any ideas yet? I know your probably busy but want to get the ball rolling
  7. Thanks, wasn't sure where to put it. Brilliant, any advice would be brilliant.
  8. Sorry if the is long winded but really need some help. My husband set up a Vodafone account for me about 3 years ago. I've been struggling with the bills for sometime and they've just ridiculous. My bill currently stands at £600.37. The original contract was £33 a month but I never seem to pay this. I have authorisation on the account to discuss bills etc. I've had a problem for a long time as I don't receive a bill of any kind except a text message telling me my bill total. Quite a few months ago after ringing for god knows how many times, someone actually switched the account into my name (without my husbands permission). I can't access my account via the internet as it doesn't recognise my details, I don't get paper bills, they don't email. All I get is a total price my bill is in a text message. I've quieted this again so many times, sometime they manage to set up my internet account but only seems to work for one month and then I can't access it again. This bill is ridiculous now and again I've phoned up to discuss it (my phone has been restricted). It's been past to Fredrickson International for me to set up a plan with them, but I don't want to deal with them. I can't afford to pay my bill off but I want to keep my number. I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking of emailing the CEO as I think it's wrong I can't see my bill. For example this month my bill was £51. They've put it down to extra data allowance and also paying £2.5 so I can ring 084 and 087 numbers without being charged. I just can't afford this but I need my phone in action as I have two young child (15 months) and 4 years plus I do Avon and need to be able to contact my customers. I know it's my fault I haven't kept up with the bills but I feel like I'm just tumbling down a hill and can't stop. Please can someone help me.
  9. They've cancelled ongoing cpa but said they can't return (dispute) the £39.99 until the 15th day after the money was taken. So I can't dispute it until 18th January. If this was a direct debit they would return it straight away but because they've used the card number won't return it. Ah.
  10. I called the bank and they have said I have to wait 15 days from when they took it before the bank can open a dispute. They have said because we were contracted i.e. We signed up for the £1 membership for 3 months therefore it's a dispute about a continuing contract. Eric's brother I agree, we should have to opt out only opt in. TBH a lot of people don't read the terms and conditions fully at least as they are normally full of jargon. Most company will slow you to cancel and refund you too but tastecard are being stubborn and not allowing a refund.
  11. He probably did tick the box, he can't remember as was over 3 months ago. He said in all honesty unless it clearly says he doesn't read the terms and conditions. I've just read through it as well and I can only find one small section that says it's £39.99 to renew, so again I think this is wrong as it doesn't clearly state that you will be charged £39.99 at the end of the £1 trial. If my husband had seen that he would have cancelled it straight away
  12. Not sure if this is the right area. My husband took out a tastecard for £1 for 3 months. We've just been charged 39.99 renewal which we don't want. TBH we didn't realise it was due and my husband rarely looks at his email. I spoke to the bank and because it was taken by card they can't reverse it. If I'd have known I would of cancelled as we really can't afford £40 ATM. Spoke to tastecard and they've said tough as didn't cancel before the end of the trial. To me they are putting us in a new contract though as sending a new card which we haven't received yet, so I think we'd have the right to cancel but they say no. Is there anything we can do?
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