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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, Yesterday I had my timing belt changed at Trust group. Today I was driving to work with about 3 miles to go when the car lost all power. I managed to get the car into a lay-by and waited for recovery. When the roadside assistance arrived I told him what happened and he thought my alternator had gone (I thought this at the time too), when he tried to start the car he said it does not sound good, it sounds like the timing belt. He moved the engine cover and we both could see that the timing belt cover was not installed correctly. The belt was no
  2. Travelling on the M25 at 9am lots of traffic, sudden and increasing knocking noise. Indicated, changed lane and decreased speed but within seconds there was a bang and the engine light came on. Engine stopped, but luckly managed to pull onto the hard shoulder. Car was covered in oil around the sides and bumper. AA towed car to garage. Timing Chain Tensioner had failed so they carried out a compression test to check damage, which showed a failure on 1 of the cylinders. Thinking this could be fixed they removed the exhaust manifold and found that the bottom end w
  3. Hi has any body contacted watch dog on this problem as we just got told by BMW that a noise coming from the engine was a hole in the flexi pipe and needed to repair it ASAP having done this we now a light on the dash board ( engine management light and now they're saying it's the timing chain ?? I have had the car 3 years and is only done 58,000 miles and I drive it 20 miles monday to Friday for work and I have put more in to this car than its worth really I think I was sold a lemon as am for ever putting money in to it I spent over £2000 la
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question, as I'm missing some of the information until Monday. My wife and I quit working for the same employer on the 24th. We handed in our notice on the 17th, expecting to work until the 17th July as per our contracts, but were told by HR that we could leave on the 24th and received PILON to cover the period from then until the 17th July. The explanation given was that, as we are shortly emigrating, we would have more time to prepare - however, we're pretty sure they just wanted to backfill us more quickly! Anyway, we have received our pay today, and it a
  5. Grumpyscot sent email asking the following question.. Hello. I would appreciate some advice. I am aware of thedifferences in time barring periods in Scotland & England. What I am notsure about is this. I live in Scotland but the creditor is based in England.Which time barring period applies? Thank you
  6. Friend has a car on Sorn and mot expired months ago. She is putting the car back on the road next month, but she just bought a private plate for it. Will the registration change have to be done prior to MOT or can they issue another certificate without further testing?
  7. Please can anyone advice me as I am in a right mess. A month ago I bought myself a Golf 1.6 16v on a 2001 plate, the car was sound but due to my job working for Domino's as a delivery driver I decided to have a new cambelt kit fitted by a mobile mechanic. Two weeks later when on my way home from a hospital appointment 10 miles from home, a bolt in the engine sheared off wrecking all 16 valves, I called out the mechanic who stratched his head and help to push the car onto a side street where is stayed for a week, every day he said he was going to recover, it finally came back to my driv
  8. Hello, quick query (for a friend). She submitted an ET about a disciplinary process - but very close to the three month deadline! The respondent has replied, insisting that her claim is out of time (by two days) based on the date (i.e. when it was typed up) of the letter she was sent (second class) informing her of the company's decision. However she is countering (as would I) that she is within the time limits (by a couple of days) based on the date she received the letter informing her of the company's final decision on the disciplinary matter. (She can prove the date of receipt
  9. Hi! I've not posted on this forum for a while now sorry! In my time I have worked for 3 major corporations: JD Wetherspoon - Pub Chain ASDA - Driver Sainsbury's - Driver (yea crap work history hey!?) Every time I have worked for corporations I found that my pay was short timed from what it should have been. At Wetherspoon I used to work till 3 or 4 am and the manager the next day would only pay us till 1. When you got your payslip you would then work out the hours you were short and by the time they would sort it or say you weren't or were short it would be the f
  10. Hi, I bought a Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti a few weeks ago from a private seller. Drove it over 130 miles home with no problems. On Monday the car started making a squeeky noise in low revs so i took it to my local Vauxhall Garage where they recommended i have the timing belt changed... I agreed and booked it in for today. At 3pm they called me to advise that the car has been repaired, So i turn up, pay £382.26 (ncludes investigating leak) and drive away. No squeeky noise. A couple of hours ago i was driving my son back from the park (30/40mph - 4th gear) when there was a horrible ban
  11. Hello All, And thank you very much for the help and advice that you give so generously. I have been following that advice for six months now - 4 credit cards, 3 with MBNA and 1 with Cap One, all dating back to the early ninties. Six months ago I wrote using your template telling them that I could not keep up the payments. They both agreed to nominal monthly repayments and suspended interest. The accounts never went into arrears and I haven't had a missed or late payment in the past two decades. They have now told me that the suspension of interest and agreement to nominal payment
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