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  1. I have been on pension credit for three years now,but in November 2017 was called in for an interview under caution. Dwp have stopped my P.C because in 2015 my children recieved from my Mothers will a good amount of money which we invested in Premium Bonds. Dwp are saying that because my children are only 15 and 11 years old and I am the Authorised Adult on the Accounts,that the money is mine. I have proved by way of my Mothers will were the money came from,but dispite a Mandatory Reconsideration the DWP will not change their decision. I have asked several time for the decision to be s
  2. I didn't get to many details as my daughter is now at work but seems the letter does not say what it's about. She rang them but as far as they are concerned it's the correct address and she's trying to pull a fast one saying she has to prove them wrong.
  3. Some advice please. My Daughter has recieved a demand fron Dukes Baillifs, the problem is it's not even her debt. The person who is named is someone who untill recently lived two doors away and was always getting into trouble with money. The letter says they can break in and remove goods to the value of, this is worrying my Daughter as she works during the day and does not want to come home to an empty house, she has rung them but they insist that they can take what they want and it's up to her to prove them wrong. How do we stop this.
  4. I think you misunderstand me. If you are getting pension credit now,you "should" tell them that you have private pensions ( they somehow knew I had a private pension,maybe because I dropped out of Serps )because if they find out later they could reclaim some of the money they pay you now in pension credit as an over payment. They will not let anyone get away with claiming too much money.
  5. You will find that they will either make you draw your private pension in one form or another or the will stop what you could have drawn from it out of your PC. It happened to me, I had a £17000 private pension and they stop me about £57.00 a week because of it.
  6. Just received in the post A Mandatory Reconsideration Notice dated 23/11/16 their decision is unchanged. Even though new information was sent by registered post and received 24/11/16 it seems there is nothing more I can do at the moment.
  7. I requested the necessary paperwork from the DWP and it came very quickly ( quite a shock).Was already to confront the Doctor. Also in the same post came a report from the Paediatrician that our son is being referred to the hospital. Strangely I received a call from the Doctor concerned, she apologised and said the report she sent in was based on old information on their system,which has now been updated after receiving the latest information from the Paediatrician and would forward the new information to the DWP. So maybe things will turn out O.K in the end.
  8. One of the major problems is the Practice we are registered with has at least a dozen Doctors and when we need to see one it can be any one that's available,and they only go on information that's on the computer system. But I was asked over the phone about our son and told whoever it was( did not recognise the Doctors voice)the current state of my son ,it seems she did not really listen to me and made up her own mind about him. Come Monday we will be chasing this up.
  9. Thanks BankFodder I will phone the DWP Monday and ask for a copy of the report and when I have it will make an appointment with the Practice Manager and take it from there. I have a recording of the call to DWP and having listened again to what they say is in the report and it is just a " This is what I think" type of report. Thank you for the help.
  10. Our Nine year old son Receives DLA High rate care and low rate Mobility from the DWP. His mobility condition has changed and he is being referred for Surgery on his Achilles tendons by his Paediatrician, so I informed the DWP. The DWP wrote to our GP who we never see and asked for a report on him,she phoned me and asked some very basic questions and submitted a report that totally contradicts the Paediatrician. I have spoken to the DWP and was read the Doctors report and it is total rubbish, the Doctor who we have never seen has said our son can literally walk and run like a normal child
  11. I want to thank everyone who has commented. I agree that if a will had been made everything would be so much easier, but when you are in you fifties it's not something a lot of us consider. As I understand it she was taken to Hospital with swelling of the leg(s) and within 5 minutes of arriving she died,so not a lot of time to do anything. I think as has been said "see a solicitor who knows about these things" is the only sensible thing to do.
  12. Thanks for the reply unclebularia67 At the moment I cannot ask too many things, he his trying to look after his daughter and grandchildren as this has totally devastated them because it was so sudden. If I can when appropriate I will ask for more information.
  13. Some advise please if possible for my Brother in Law. My BIL and his wife about 20 years ago jointly took out a mortgage to buy a house,then about 15 years ago they split up but did not divorce, and she stayed in the house with the children(1 boy and 1 girl)and continued to pay the mortgage herself, eventually the son moved out and the girl stayed and helped pay towards the cost of the house(she now has her own familly and they all live there) My BIL is still on the mortgage papers but has not paid towards it since leaving, he now has a partner and have lived together for many years, at
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