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Found 22 results

  1. Having signed up here not too long ago in my quest to ascertain my rights with regards to whether or not I may have a valid claim against BMW Financial Services and/or the dealership that sold me the car, I now believe that I have been mis-sold PPI. In addition I also believe that the PPI product sold to me was misrepresented by the dealership. My reasons for posting here is to share my thoughts and to receive informed opinions and advice from the experts on this forum as to the validity of my beliefs. As such, any informed opinions or advice on the way forward will be hugely appreciat
  2. Purchased a BMW 420 Convertible on a 66 plat (Purchased August 2017) with less then 5,000 miles. EX Demo Car. 7 months in to owing the car, 3 of the 4 alloys have corroded. took the car to BMW of which tells me in May 2017 (3 months before i had purchased the car, 3 of the alloys had been refurbished and only carry a 6 month warranty. It was not disclosed to me that the alloys had been refurbished. I said to them i don't expect to purchase a car less then 5k miles for over £30k to have refurbished alloys. I requested new alloys as it was not disclosed to me at point of sale. the
  3. Hello, I'm after a bit of advice, I've had my car 2 and a half months and the engine has ceased due to a lack of oil getting into the engine. It has had the engine removed by a BMW specialist and they have diagnosed that the oil pump has gone faulty as there is plenty of oil in the sump tank. I have tried to claim this through warranty as the car requires a new/refurb engine. The warranty company are finding every way under the sun not to pay out. I'm 19 so I don't really know where I stand so some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with the following issue jan 2017 I purchased a BMW X5 from cooper Durham, before purchasing the vehicle I was sent a video of the car. The on screen display showed 37000 miles for the front brake pads as they were new. Last week I took my car for an MOT to Sytner BMW Coventry they said the front pads and discs need replacing as they are 3.5mm. I was pretty surprised as i would expect them to last longer as I had done under 6000 miles. Cooper Durham want to inspect the car as they think there must be an issue. I'm around 2
  5. Hey, This is going to be a long winded post so please bear with me whilst I try and put my issue into some form of logically forum post..here goes.. My 4-month-old BMW 420D caught fire on my drive in the early hours of yesterday morning through what appears to have been an electrical fault which started under the bonnet and quickly engulfed the car, melting the engine, melding the front of my wife's park which was parked in front of it (nose to nose) and even damaged the side of the neighbor’s car which was parked approx. 3 meters away. Now I say that this was an electrical fire bas
  6. Hi, I have just picked up a car 530pm today reference and on my way home the car stalled in the middle of the road and it took awhile before the engine turned on again. when it did, multiple warning lights came on the dashboard 1. DBC (Dynamic Brake control) 2. ASC (Automatic Stability Control) 3. Engine Malfunction 4. Tire Pressure Monitor. Carried on driving but felt there was a problem decided to go to my friends house which was nearer from where I picked up the car from instead of driving it all the way to where my final destination is. The c
  7. Hope some of you kind people can help The Situation: Last November my wifes BMW 1 series (worth about 5k) had a strange rattling sound coming from the engine. Did some research, spoke to a few people inluding a mechanic who did a quick check and thought it was probably the timing chain. Unfortunately on these cars it is metal and BMW never thought they would fail and the only way of changing it is to remove the engine. All quotes coming in around £1200 - £1400 Spoke to a colleague at work which is 80 miles away who has a BMW and recommended a BMW Specialist that he uses and ha
  8. This is the very condensed version of the unbelievable and very poor customer service review that I have been subjected to by Synter BMW Birmingham. I started to type this up in detail but just the way that they secured the deal took me a page to write. The vehicle in question was a 2012 BMW E92 M3 in Santorini blue with competition pack FG12NUX a BMW approved used car. Thus is the attention to detail of Synter Birmingham most of the internal paperwork I have for this vehicle has slight variations on the registration. Friday 24th April - Test drove car, couldn't agree on a deal.
  9. I wonder if anyone else here has had occasion to buy BMW navigation DVDs online from naviupdates.co.uk? His site advertises with '100% satisfaction or your money back'. However, reality is that if the product doesn't work, it is your fault and no refund is available. Since the sums are relatively small, £29.99 in my case, it slips under the cover offered by the Credit card issuer. I have to be fair: the vendor sent three different DVDs before I finally asked for a refund. I would be very interested in any suggestions of how I could get satisfaction?
  10. Hi, Could someone point me in the right direction as to my problem I took out a car loan in april 2004 from lloyds bank due to unemployment ceased making payments in june 2006 the loan was for 4 1/2 years. I have had dca chasing ever since, in september 2014 i wrote to them stating that the loan was statue barred have now received a summons , In a letter to me the solicitors state that the default date is when the original debtor was entilted to demand payment ie at the end of the loan october 2008 , I received the summons septem
  11. There was a serious flaw in the software of BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce that come equipped with ConnectedDrive and affects some 2.2 million vehicles leaving them vulnerable. The flaw allowed the cars doors and windows to be open from a mobile phone. Researchers working for German automobile association ADAC discovered the security vulnerabilities and the potential for vehicles to be broken into last summer, but kept quiet about them. BMW have now uploaded a patch. If you are worried that your vehicle may not have received the update (perhaps because it has been parked
  12. Hi has any body contacted watch dog on this problem as we just got told by BMW that a noise coming from the engine was a hole in the flexi pipe and needed to repair it ASAP having done this we now a light on the dash board ( engine management light and now they're saying it's the timing chain ?? I have had the car 3 years and is only done 58,000 miles and I drive it 20 miles monday to Friday for work and I have put more in to this car than its worth really I think I was sold a lemon as am for ever putting money in to it I spent over £2000 la
  13. Name of the Claimant ? BMW Financial Services (GB) Ltd Date of issue – 10th December, 2014 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim PARTICULARS OF CLAIM 1 This claim is a consumer credit act claim 2 The claimant is a Finance Company Terms of Agreement 3 4th February 2012, Claimant and defendant entered a finance agreement 4 The particulars required by, and set out in the order prescribed by the consumer credit claim practice direction to part 7 of the civil procedure rules 1998 in respect of the said agreement are set below. : Dat
  14. This is my first post on this site. I hope someone has some good advice for me. My wife was parked on the side of the road, stationary, when a van passed by and hit her, scraping 2 panels. It was a commercial vehicle. She was 8 months pregnant but luckily there were only scratches to the paintwork. The van driver stopped, came over and apologised. He wrote his name and number and told my wife to call him if we needed repairs. I took the car to my local BMW dealer for a quote. They asked if the 3rd party was at fault and I said they were and had pretty much admitted it. BMW offered to 'tak
  15. Ill keep this short and sweet guys.. purchased a BMW 325D from a trader. 4 weeks later discover puncture and two cracked rear alloys.. happened at Carlisle on the way home from Scotland to Wales late afternoon. Kwick fit repared and replaced. disputes with trader throught MCOL and mediation happened last Thursday morning. Ive been told because I didn't offer the trader a chance to rectify the problem the judge may award against me, it wont fo in my favour. My issues were - I was stranded, granted I could have called him but I panicked and
  16. Hi all, This is my 1st thread so go easy on me ;-) I have a few issues with BMW Mini, after purchasing a car last year & am looking for some advice as to what to do: 1) I was advised the car had service package until Dec 2014 and a major service was scheduled for September 2014. I have now been advised this is not the case & I was incorrectly advised upon purchase. 2) After 3 months of driving I had a knocking noise, upon inspection 2 litres of oil had been lost, whilst their warranty doesn't cover oil loss surely they had to check the oil prior to my
  17. Evening all, my first post, so i hope i am posting in the correct forum..... A little bit of background on my possible, upcoming issues. I have had problems with the interior of my car rattling, buzzing and generally not being fit for purpose to be honest. I have been back to BMW on several occasions and they have spent a lot of time fixing rattle after rattle and buzz after buzz. Judging by the list reeled off the last time i picked it up, they virtually took the whole inside of the car apart and put t all back together last time they had a go at it. I dropp
  18. Hi, I really need help on this situation. Third party vehicle reversed out from the driveway and hit my car on the passenger side door, front wing, alloys and front bumper. They accepted liability. So called up my local BMW (Sytner BMW Chigwell) after my insurance company was failing sort out anything, local dealer gave me number for their accident management company "Sytner Drive". Took my car to the local dealer Sytner BMW in Chigwell were lady from the body shop had a look at the car. she saw the damages and i also pointed out few other damages example suspension damage, stereo is
  19. Hi, so basically... my car is a e61 bmw 520d and it has air suspension which is controlled by a pump. The pump failed first time around and i had contacted the trader i bought it off and as it was under warranty i took it to a specialist and they diagnosed the pump had failed. even though the pump had failed he never replaced it and instead he replaced the complete wrong part! he replaced the offside air spring and not the pump. But supprisingly the fault dissapeard for 3 months and has now come back, i checked the paperwork and found that he replaced the wrong part! So is there anything
  20. Hi there people, I have been to the BMW minicooper garage to repair my car. I have a BMW and the rev started to play up a few good months ago, then the engine stopped twice which means that I have no breaks or turnig the steering wheel left or right which is a serious matter.... I even placed an add to sell my car but good thing that I didn't as I can imagine what would have happened to the other person... I have taken it straight away to have the problem rectified by them but it seemed that I have paid for nothing as to the date after 4 times being there with the car and 3 days in
  21. Good afternoon all, I'm really hoping for some guidance, on what's turning out to be a stressfull car purchase. 06/07/12: Saw second hand BMW 5 Series (Touring) for sale at a certain well known dealer (Motherwell branch. I live in Wrexham). I emailed their web-sales team to start negotiations and pose questions regarding the vehicle (considering the 250 miles train journey required). Questions below: What warranty does the car come with and is it local or national (i.e Car Care Plan)? How long / many miles until next service is due? Does it come with 12 months MOT? What
  22. Hi everyone, i wonder if someone could help me. i recently had a " i pod inerface" fitted to my bmw to allow a ipod to be controlled through my headunit. problem is the unit doesnt have any functions it literally just loads all my songs as one massive playlist and no description of what im listening to. the " i pod interface" cost me £400 fitted and doesnt have the ability to search tracks by , album, aritst, track name etc. and has no txt function of any songs you are listening to. basically all uyou get is track numbers. i complained and asked for my money back but all the
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