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  1. Cheers chaps but still not sure £200 each way back to the original garage or chance £500 with new garage to try and find the cause or save the money stick it on Ebay and hope I get somewhere near this , wish I had done this before I spent out £1500
  2. Thanks chaps Sparks, I do not want to write it off, but should I pay for an independent report before it goes back at £500 or send it back to them without any backup knowing the engine is completely knackered and they may just turn round and say nothing to do with what we did guv
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. The local garage has specifically said there is no chance the engine can be fixed and will need a new one. They also said that the only reason to get the engine out will be to pinpoint what has caused the failure. My issue is pinpointing the cause of the problem which will cost at least £500 as they will have to remove the engine, they have a very good reputation so I do believe them. Do I spend the £500 for a proper diagnosis hoping they can pinpoint the problem or do I send it back to the original garage knowing the engine is knackered but not knowing what caused it.
  4. Hope some of you kind people can help The Situation: Last November my wifes BMW 1 series (worth about 5k) had a strange rattling sound coming from the engine. Did some research, spoke to a few people inluding a mechanic who did a quick check and thought it was probably the timing chain. Unfortunately on these cars it is metal and BMW never thought they would fail and the only way of changing it is to remove the engine. All quotes coming in around £1200 - £1400 Spoke to a colleague at work which is 80 miles away who has a BMW and recommended a BMW Specialist that he uses and has been honest in the past. His quote come in at approx £1350, speak to the wife and decide to use them even though they are 80 miles away. During the work he says the oil pump drive chain is also shot and needs changing at an extra £100 or so which I tell him to do. He also told me all parts were guaranteed Get the car back beginning of Dec and all was fine for 3 weeks and then just before Christmas my wife was on a dual carriageway to work and she said the oil light came on and the engine sounded horrible like a bag of nails. She immediately pulled over and and luckily I was only 1/2 a mile behind her so I pulled up we called the AA and basically the AA chap said it was very bad and could tow to a garage or home. We decided to get it towed home as they said it would be a few hours for a recovery vehicle to take it all the way to the garage. The next day I went into the garage and told the owner what had happened and he seemed ok and said he could not do anything until he had looked at it which is fair enough. This was right before Christmas so I could not get it back to him at that time. Rang him last Tuesday and said when can I get it recovered to him and got the feeling he wasnt too keen to have it back but still said he needs to look. After that conversation I decided to get a local BMW specialist to have a look and at least tell me if its fixable. My dilemma now The engine is completely knackered and probably 2.5k for a replacement and fitting To properly diagnose what has caused the issue will be to remove the engine at approx £500 Cost of transportation to the original garage is £200 I understand that things can go wrong and it could be unrelated but we have never had any engine/oil problems with that car which we have owned for 4 years but I am sure this is something that has happened as a result of the work completed. Do I get a full report and diagnosis done at £500 and then towed back to the garage for a further £200 Do I just send it back even though I know the engine is now completely shot and they say it is nothing related to their work Do I write it off and swallow the loss. I really hate the fact that I have just paid this garage £1500 and they have probably caused me to lose a further £4000 from the value of the car. Just not sure what to do, car is currently sitting at the local grage. Help
  5. Hi all, I have just checked my credit report for the first time in 8 months as we are due to go for new mortgage soon and I thought we were absolutely squeaky clean. I have just discovered a nice red X flashing up in Equifax and when i expand it there is a £20 outstanding bill for 5 months which I had no idea was still outstanding. I have phoned O2 and it relates to a rolling 1 month phone contract I thought I had terminated last year, I vaguely remember phoning upO2 to cancel and have since taken out new business contract with them. When I spoke to them she said ther is no record of me wanting it cancelled, it was disconnected for non payment and then passed over to Moorcroft. I immediately paid the outstanding amount today but she then said that I would need to speak to Moorcroft about getting the entries removed from my credit report. Checking back through my emails there was an email in Dec saying "latest bill" £20.43 and that was the last thing i have and I have not had anything since. This has really pi55ed me off because I have tried to make sure everything is always paid on time and we are going for a new mortgage soon and the market the way it is I can see this showing up badly as soon as we apply. Has anyone got any suggestions before I phone Moorcroft, I have dealt with these years ago and I know that it will be liking banging my head against a brick wall. Thanks
  6. Forest, I think I would have to disagree with you a bit regarding the price. My tv was £500 20 months ago but I reckon you could get a similar spec for probably £350 now. So not only have you got prices coming down but also a years wear and tear. You can get a brand new 37" Panasonic Viera for £499 now.
  7. Sounds like you've done pretty much everything you can for now. Another little tip....one other thing I did was go to the The Freecycle Network website and got myself a 26inch tv that someone was giving away on there so I had something half decent to watch whilst waiting. I have since advertised and given it away on the same website, but this is a fantastic website for freebies.
  8. Well, engineer came round Friday replaced the soundboard and the telly is working perfectly. My advice is do not get involed in slanging maches with customer service's or Tech guys, simply write a letter to Customer services copying in Chairman and Director.
  9. Tech Guy came round today tried various things but couldn't get it working. He has ordered a new sound board and is coming around to fix it Thursday, they are being so helpful I really can't believe it, I wonder if a copy of the letter, recorded delivery to the chairman, director and Customer Services is the main cause, I really can't fault them since I sent the letter. I'll let you know what happens. Cheers
  10. If I was you I would log a call with Consumer Direct (Consumer Direct 0845040506). Tell them exactly what you've done so far, what they've said etc and they will tell you exactly what you can do about it and what your next step is. They are really good and they are there to help with exactly your sort of situation. Hope this helps Regards
  11. OK thats better. Letter from the Tech Guys sending engineer out on Friday to inspect TV in my home. Will keep you posted.
  12. I doubt it. I would say that unless there is a fault of some sort or something missing then you haven't got a leg to stand on, someone may correct me of course.
  13. Alan, I am going throught the same thing with my TV. I phoned Comsumer Direct and they are very very good, they will log a call and give you a reference number which they way give you advice at each stage of the process. You can download a template letter from their website which they tell you to send to the Manager of the shop where you bought it and copy in Head Office. I copied in John Browett, Mike Hedgecox and Brian Keenan at Maylands Avenue Head Office
  14. Last weekend my LCD TV stopped sending out sound. The TV is 18 months old and I expect it last longer than that. I have tried all the normal things, trying different speakers, gone through all the settings etc but i'm sure its something which I can't fix. I have phoned Currys technical support and customer services and like many others on this board as soon as they hear the 1 year warranty has run out they go into "computer says no" syndrome and want to arrange a chargable fix. I know that they should fix it under the Sale Of Goods Act but my question is in what order, this is what I think should happen... 1) Speak to Customer Services/Tech support (already done it) 2) Write a letter stating the SOGA, stating should last longer than 18 months giving them 14 days to fix or find a solution otherwise will get repair done independently and claim back through courts, send recorded. This is the bit i'm unsure of 3) Get TV fixed independently if possible if no reply received within 14 days 4) Send Letter before action for the repair amount, giving 14 days 5) Start Moneyclaim online So just to reiterate I am unsure when to get the TV fixed if I do not hear anything from Currys. Any help would be greatly appeciated. Thanks
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