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  1. hmm ok but its a massive difference between 37000 miles and giving only around 5000-6000 miles. If there pads were worn out after around 10000-15000 i still would have been ok with it but i don't think this is acceptable. Cooper Durham are now avoiding my emails
  2. Thanks for the input so far The thing with the consumer protection is that I may have to take the car to Durham and its a 400 mile round trip and not worth the hassle Last week my first point of contact was the chap who sold the vehicle to me but I couldn't get through to him and then I tried his manager who promised to call me back and that didn't happen. I eventually found this manager's manager contact number and he's the head of a department so currently speaking to him There's definitely a problem with the car as both front and rear pads were showing around 37000 miles and the rear ones still have 9mm left whereas the front have 3.5mm. Cooper Durham do not trust the inspection done by Sytner Coventry At this moment in time I just want them to replace the pads although i'm not sure whether they should/would need to do discs as well They did show me a video of the front pads and it looked worn out
  3. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with the following issue jan 2017 I purchased a BMW X5 from cooper Durham, before purchasing the vehicle I was sent a video of the car. The on screen display showed 37000 miles for the front brake pads as they were new. Last week I took my car for an MOT to Sytner BMW Coventry they said the front pads and discs need replacing as they are 3.5mm. I was pretty surprised as i would expect them to last longer as I had done under 6000 miles. Cooper Durham want to inspect the car as they think there must be an issue. I'm around 200 miles away from them. Sytner BMW Coventry are saying there's no issue and its just worn I still have around a week warrantly left in the car but the pads and discs are not covered as part of that. I'm trying to get Cooper Durham to replace the parts as they should not have worn out in 6000 miles but they are not going to do it until they inspect it in Durham Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, I do have the title deeds but just have a copy of the plan. Not 100% sure but i think i can purchase a detailed one for £3. After reading the letter carefully it does mention to do a retrospective planning application. Just trying to get some more information from there i.e. cost and the actual process of this
  5. Hi, Just had a look through some land registry documentation and the plan is the same to the one I uploaded, it's not more detailed
  6. I was trying to upload the map that shows my property and the neighbours but not sure how to upload the image
  7. Hi Sorry it's not clear cut on the plan/map that I am looking at but my neighbour has a conservatory which was slightly bigger than my old one. Cutting the fence by around 3ft means my family don't have the privacy in our garden as it becomes like 3ft on both neighbours side
  8. Thanks everyone yes its probably better to just get it over and done with and pay the £350 for the planning application. The other thing they picked up on was the garden fence height is over 6ft. More than likely a mistake from my end as my garden was very very high and I had it dug up just over 3ft. So on my neighbours side the fence was 6ft but from my side it's like 9ft. So i'm hoping I can do one application rather than 2 separate ones
  9. Hi, Worst case scenario i'll pay up but they haven't been able to prove if the conservatory is part of the original building or not? apart from the photograph they took of the conservatory and they have said the bricks on the conservatory are not matching the original build. I've had a look at the house plans and compare them to both neighbours and to me it seems the conservatory was part of the original build
  10. Hi, No I wasn't given any documentation. Since the extension had started until now I have had at least 4 visits by building inspectors.
  11. H i everyone and apologies if this is in the wrong section. Around June 2014 I completed an application to construct a single storey extension of (4.5 metres), extended the kitchen and making a shower room downstairs. The property also had a conservatory at the back but I was not sure if that was part of the original property so decided to complete the necessary forms and mentioned that the extension will start from the end of the kitchen and not from the end of the conservatory. Once everything was approved I had a building inspector come down to my property and it was he who advised that according to the house plans the conservatory is part of the original property so you can start the extension from the end of the conservatory. The extension has been completed, however not signed of by the building inspector as the shower room is not completed. Last week I had a letter from the planning enforcement officer and he said that your extension is 6.5 metre but we only allowed you to extend by 4.5 metre. I tried explaining that it was the building inspector that confirmed it was part of the original build. He wasn't having any of it and sent me a picture of the conservatory from 2014, which I guess was taken from the building inspector that came down. He said the colour of the bricks don't match so it's not part of the building. The building inspector that first visited us has left the council. He has given 2 options: either knock the building down by 2 metres or pay £385 for planning application but i think they are just trying to make money. I would really appreciate if someone can advise on what I should do
  12. Thanks for your reply conniff, Yes you are right, some of the issues should have been picked up by myself on the test drive. The test drive lasted 10 minutes and within 10 minutes i was trying to be very cautious. things like the clutch pedal making the clicking noise was not constant at that time (test drive) and has got worse in the last few weeks. So very difficult to pick up things that are intermittent. Other issues i should have picked up during the test drive. Does this mean that I shouldn't do anything in regards to the clutch pedal that needs replacing? replace it at my own cost? Advice would be much appreciated
  13. Hi Everyone, Last week I sent a letter to the garage mentioning that i will take my car to honda to be inspected and you will have to cover the cost. I received a letter and the salesman said i will not cover the cost. Out of the issues I initially reported, Honda were concerned with 1 which was the clutch pedal which would need replacing at a cost of £700 and they will send me the quotation. Do i need to get trading standards involved again? or do i wait for the quotation for the clutch pedal from honda and send a copy via recorded delivery to the garage in beeston?? Advice would be much appreciated regards,
  14. Thanks a lot for your response, and will add the cost on the letter I may have confused you a little earlier I was told by him to bring the car to their recommended garage in Beeston, I was hesitant but I had no choice but to take the car to them. There local mechanic inspected the car and diagnosed/fixed 1 out of the 8 issues. I am confident that the 7 issues are there and will be picked by Honda
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