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Found 6 results

  1. I am 5 months into a 5 year agreement with Specialist Motor Finance.. due to other situations, I am thinking of entering into an IVA to improve my credit situation. the agreement shows SMF "may" terminate the agreement as i would have entered into a voluntary termination.. i contact them to clarify and they then stated they would terminate the agreement, but if i continued to meet the payments i would be able to keep the vehicle when i asked for this in writing they refused. any one had similar with this company?
  2. I had AXA health insurance up until April 2016, and in January of 2016 I received some specialist treatment all of which was paid by insurance. I have now had a letter from AXA to say I owe this specialist £200 as they have just had an invoice, 21/3/2017, and my outpatients limit had been reached. I said I thought 14 months late was a bit much, that I had now cancelled the policy, that I might have moved and I wasn't impressed. Their stance is that it is between me and the specialist....the Dr's accounting system must be wild!! Any advice really appreciated....
  3. Hi I wonder if some one can help advise me on what I should do about this. Six months ago my OH went to our GP as he was suffering from stomach pains, weight loss and passing blood. The GP told him to have a blood test and do a stool sample and that he wanted to referrer him to the specialist as soon as possible. He gave him some medication to help settle the stomach. My OH had the blood test and stool sample and took the medication. His stomach seemed to calm down and we heard nothing back so presumed the tests came back fine. 4 months later we receive a letter from the hospital with an appointment to see the specialist so my OH attends. The specialist was very concerned and urgently booked him in for a endoscopy and gastroscopy. When the specialist asked how long he had been experiencing these symptoms my OH told him he went to the gp 4 months ago. The specialist was shocked as they had only recieved the referral 3 weeks prior to this appointment and he said he should have seen him no later than 3 weeks after the GP appointment. The endoscopy showed a large stomach ulcer and my OH was given more medication for it but they had also taken biopsies. On Monday my Husband received a call from the hospital giving him an appointment to see the specialist which was today (yesterday actually now) The biopsies have shown that he does have stomach cancer and now has to have his whole stomach removed. The original GP appointment was around 6 months ago. I really feel that had he been referred immediatly like he was supposed to the diagnosis wouldn't have been as severe. To top it off my OH went to this same GP surgery not long ago with a chest infection only to find out that 3 years ago they diagnosed him with COPD which they failed to tell him of or to register it on his file. I feel so let down by our GP. My OH has always been in fairly good health since we have been together 13 years. We don't often visit the doctor maybe once or twice a year have never needed to but this year when my OH's health took a sudden turn we needed them to be there to do their job and it would appear they did not, resulting in a devastating and life changing diagnosis. Sorry if this is a bit of a rant, it has been a very emotional and stressful day.
  4. Hello The Specialist Advisor at the education centre I go to has been non existant in supporting me. A snooty email or two and an email survey is all I got this academic year. She is the only one supposed to help me because of my condition. Can I request that somebody else less qualified support me instead who doesn't specialize in my condition? And can I request that she has no further input in my support? And that my profile be removed from her care? I hope this makes enough sense it's late and I'm getting tired now A little advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hi, so basically... my car is a e61 bmw 520d and it has air suspension which is controlled by a pump. The pump failed first time around and i had contacted the trader i bought it off and as it was under warranty i took it to a specialist and they diagnosed the pump had failed. even though the pump had failed he never replaced it and instead he replaced the complete wrong part! he replaced the offside air spring and not the pump. But supprisingly the fault dissapeard for 3 months and has now come back, i checked the paperwork and found that he replaced the wrong part! So is there anything i can do to sort this out. If it helps, i bought this car from a trader on finance so could the finance be affected (cancelled) seeing as the car was faulty when i bought it? as the 3 month warranty supplied by the trader has run out, i have to fork out £500 to the garage to get the pump fixed when he should have done it in the first place!!! Please help guys!! Thank You
  6. Hi first post please help I have a property I have owned for 12 years and was made into to flats the gable wall had to be demolished and the property lay empty for 7years I had to move in 5 years ago and and have been making do with the small part I could make for my family so I'm now making the place into 1 house and have received a bill from the council for 12 years council tax for one of the flats can they do this ?
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