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  1. Thanks. Lets hope the finance company show some compassion and don't just preach law. 3 year customer, never missed a payments or caused them any problems at all.
  2. Thanks all. This is causing us a massive head ache at the moment and both the insurance company for our own car (Nissan) and finance company (Money barn) are closed leaving us with the stress of real uncertainty. All I know is the replacement value of the Nissan is not going to cover the debt and its not our fault.. If I crashes etc then fine, but it was caused by by another car spontaneously combustion in our drive after being stationary for 11 hours. We don't have £4k sitting around to pay off the negative equity should Money barn demand this and show no compassion to what we have been through. I have a large family and its totally mission critical that we have a 2nd car for the wife to use for school and general life etc. Just looked at the contract from Money barn and it does say that in the event of total loss we need to give them the insurance money and pay all outstanding sums... We are ..... to put it politely.. My ideal solution would be to get the payout money, purchase a new car as a cash buyer and continue to pay monthly payments for the remainder of the loan but that simple solution I not looking like being a reality.. God this is stressful.
  3. cheers - proper stressing about this - not so much the BMW replacement as thats a company car but I need to know the best way to proceed with Money Barn. My hope is that any replacement market value will be paid to me for a get a new car and I will just continue the finance payment but history has taught me that things don't always go to plan.
  4. Hey, This is going to be a long winded post so please bear with me whilst I try and put my issue into some form of logically forum post..here goes.. My 4-month-old BMW 420D caught fire on my drive in the early hours of yesterday morning through what appears to have been an electrical fault which started under the bonnet and quickly engulfed the car, melting the engine, melding the front of my wife's park which was parked in front of it (nose to nose) and even damaged the side of the neighbor’s car which was parked approx. 3 meters away. Now I say that this was an electrical fire based on the opinion of the fire investigator who came out to inspect. There were no signs of "foul play" and no accelerants were used. The evidence under the bonnet shows where the fire started so they are satisfied that it was a manufacturing defect. The BMW was a lease car from Arval and had company insurance from RSA, my boss has been made aware of what happened and told me to pass the insurance details to the neighbor’s as well as my own insurance company who cover my wife’s car (One Call) . It looks like 3 claims will be going in against RSA as the BMW was responsible for the damage on the 3 cars. I have uploaded some photos of the damage and have yet not really done anything with these pictures - the link for the images are here . https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/BMWFireRescure11.08.2017.jpg https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/BMWAfterFireBrigade.jpg https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/TowedBMW11.08.2017.jpg https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/BothCars11.08.2017.jpg https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/NissanDamage11.08.2017.jpg https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/BMWEngine11.08.2017.jpg https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2017/08/12/BMWSide11.08.2017.jpg So that's the background of my issue. Now here comes the questions. 1) All the signs and the experts say that this was an electrical fire leading me to believe that there should be some involvement from the manufacturer - can or should I approach them for help and do they have a responsibility? 2) My wife's car is a Nissan that is on HP - we used a 3rd party finance company (Money Barn) to lend us the money to buy the vehicle from a Nissan dealership. As far as the dealership was concerned we were cash buyers and repay monthly repayment to Money Barn as part of a 60-month agreement. When we spoke to the insurance company on the Nissan they advised the car was worth £9750, however, the outstanding finance on the Nissan is approx £15000 leaving us with some rather nasty negative equity. What can we do about this in the event of the Nissan being wrote off ? Do I just accept the insurance write off, use the payout money to purchase a new car as cash and continue to repay the same monthly payments essentially not telling Money Barn what has happened or will the insurance go to them, we have the replay the negative equity still and end up car less but still making payments (as situation I really do need to avoid like the plague)? 3) The BMW catching fire issue is actually more common than I assumed, a quick Google search showed pages of hits with BMW's catching fire whilst parked leading me to believe that this is a known issue that BMW are / having been keen quiet on. Should I challenge this with BMW or do anything about this issue at this stage? Fully appreciate that anything mass produced will have an acceptable failure rate but this is my life and the lives of my family that was in immediate danger here. We were woken at 4am yesterday to the sound of the fire brigade on the verge of kicking in my front door to wake us all up as they thought the cars were going to explode. Metal and plastic can be replaced but my family can’t so I do very particularly bitter about what has happened. Right now, I am left without a car, the BMW was collected yesterday by a company called Copart on behalf of the business insurance, my wife’s car is being collected today on behalf of our own car insurance and the neighbor is sorting their car out themselves with their dealership. What are my options? Sorry to ramble on as there will no doubt be spelling mistakes within this post, I have tried to make it as factual as possible but I am sure some emotion will have been added. Cheers
  5. Hi, I am having a problem with a car purchased from ACF Car Finance on 28/12/11. have been number of issues recently which have caused 4 trips to various garages to put things right, these include a broken water pump, engine leaking coolant, misfiring cylinder and most recently a failed clutch. Each time I have asked the garage if the car appears to be as well looked after as the service book states and the answer is always the same...a big fat no.. I have long suspected there the entries in the service book were made up as the 2nd and 3rd service appear to have been written by the same person, with the same pen and none of the fields showing what has been checked or changed have been completed. This issue was raised with ACF recently when I called and said that I felt that the car would not last another 4 years (duration of outstanding finance) as well as my thoughts on the service book. Their response was that it was nothing to do with them and they carry out no background checks on the vehicles they acquire which I find a little strange. I have involved Vauxhall who manufacture my car, they have been emailed a photo of the service book back within 12 hours to say that the entries were bogus, which backs me up and say that no service was carried out at the time stated prior to my purchase of the car. Even though the service book of my "full service history car" is stamped with a Vauxhall stamp it was not serviced... Vauxhall confirmed that they would always have a service of the service if it was done at a vauxhall dealership and they are the ones who would have stamped my book.. So here I am... is there anything that I can do as I feel that my car is rapidly going down hill and will no long the next 2 years let alone the 4 years left on the finance agreement. My perception is that someone has forged this service history and I dont know what to do about it. Help
  6. Hi guys, perhaps I could get some help here with dealing with Bristow & Sudor ref my council tax. We have had a letter from them saying that they have been ordered to commence recover action for my council tax, this is after we have been paying £120 per month for the council tax directly to them via their website payments screen. B&S are saying that we have 14 days to pay the full balance before they start proceeding which we are unable to do. What is the best / correct way of dealing with them in regards to setting up a payment plan that does not financially cripple us yet stops any nasty door stop visits ? Hope someone can help. Thanks Scott
  7. Hi, I have just had my car's MOT and a problem has been flagged up by the technician where my engine has a intermittent revving problem where idle, as this is intermittent its very difficult to plan when its going to happen however this has always been on the car and its not now after owning it for 2 years that its been flagged up as being a fault. The car is showing no faults as far as the codes are concerned and everything else is running as it should do. Is there any help that I can get from the finance company to help with repair etc or the fault as it was there when I purchased it. Not sure what I am asking for really. I guess the question I want to know the answer too is does the dealer & finance company have any responsibility as the car still has 4 years left to run on the finance? Thanks Scott
  8. Hey guys, I have an ongoing problem with O2 where the data speed within approx 3 miles of my home post code has all but stopped, everything was running fine for about 5 months until 6 weeks ago when the problems started rearing their ugly little head. Number calls and complaint emails to O2 have solved nothing and left me very frustrated, the last communication I had with them went along the line of "there is nothing that we can do and we wont give you a dead lock letter as we have 8 weeks to investigate the problem even though we don't think there s a problem" What can I do? I emailed their complaints address 5 days ago and asked that my account be marked as in "dispute" and that I will not be making any more bill payments until the problem is resolved. They have not acknowledged my email or replied back . Not impressed with them at all. Their whole attitude is very bullish... Thanks Scott
  9. no court order and living in Englland. they are approx 5 years old
  10. Hey, I have just come home from work and found a hand delivered note from Scotcall to say that they have just tried contacting me again about some money I apparently know on a couple of old mobile phone accounts.. There is a phone number and a polite but firm note telling me to call them urgently or else (paraphrased the letter) Is this allowed ? the note suggests that they will be back later... I dont know a great deal about the law however am I in my rights to tell them to go away etc? Any suggestions on how to handle them? Thanks
  11. H this may have been asked before however I have had a letter from Virgin Mobile to say that the monthly cost of my fixed tariff is increasing due to the RPI along with the excess on my insurance increasing from £50 to £80 for any successful claim. I know there is not a massive increase in money however it's there anything that can be done as i feel this is a little harsh bearing in mind my tariff is supposed to be fixed.
  12. Hello, Can I get some advise here please? Basically there is an ongoing network problem within the area where the data network runs unhealthy slow or doesn't actually function at all. After fighting with Orange for 3 months and then with VirginMobile for the last 2,they have finally admitted that there is a network fault with some dead cells in my area which have no resolution time for a fix. As this has resulted in me being unable to use my phone as it was meant to, Virgin have ended my contact as they have failed to provide a service. My question is that the wife is having the same problems with T-mobile, would she be able to terminate also under the same grounds. She upgraded 2 months ago and her service has got progressively worse. Cheers
  13. Hey, I was originally with Virgin Media on their mobile service for 4 months before porting out to three as I had a handset which supported their "ultrafast" service. After being with three for 1 week I realised how terrible the network was and ported back over to Virgin Media but on a new contracted deal with their premier plan. After using the phone and service for a week my account was suddenly cut off. After calling 789 from my work phone and being on hold for 30 minutes I managed to speak to someone in the offshore team who told me that my phone was disconnected as it ported out. I tried to explain how I had ported back in a week ago and had been using the service successfully for that time however the adviser was having none of it and said that I couldn't have been. What do I do now ? the online account shows my number as being active and a direct debit for line rental has gone out however the number is dead, I cant make or accept any calls and currently don't have any working service with VM. I am at the start of a 2 year contract and my number has been dead for 10 days now, there has been no offer of support or solution from VM so what now? Anyone got any advise? Cheers
  14. its just really annoying as no matter what you say then will not back down and accept that perhaps you as a customer are in the right. Sorry to go on about it DX - just worried that they are somehow going to screw up my credit file now that I have rejected their terrible products and its exactly 1 week tomorrow since the order was placed.
  15. Three has issued my first bill and now say I am liable for paying it whilst my requests to cancel are being argued? What are they playing at?
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